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Creativity Coaching Success Stories

The Creativity Coaching Association (CCA) Press proudly presents the first in a series
of E-books on Creativity Coaching Partnerships.

"Now, Professional Creativity Coaches Reveal Their Secrets to Using Creativity Techniques and Innovation to Boost Opportunities, Enhance Creative Problem Solving, and Inspire Outstanding Results in Business and the Creative Arts.”

Get Ready to
  • Discover how to live the creative life you’ve always wanted as you find out how artists and business professionals overcome issues similar to yours….

  • Make life altering changes that let you move towards your dream of living your life with creativity and innovation…

  • Open yourself to methods that will unlock your creative desires and bring them alive in your life!

Creativity Coaching Association Press is Pleased to Announce its First Book!

Get Inspiring Creativity!

  • Is there a creative urge in you?
  • Are you trying to write a novel, compose a song, or become an actor, painter, or artist?
  • Are you finding yourself in a quagmire about your creative work?

Well, here’s a book that will change your life and get you going in the right direction on all your creative efforts. Stop wasting time and energy spinning your wheels.

Inspiring Creativity will show you the way to greater creative energy, motivation, self-esteem, and productivity. And here's your chance to buy the book — just click the PayPal button below to begin changing your creative life for the better.

Inspiring Creativity Book
Only $14.95 + $6.00 US Priority Mail / Handling

(No account necessary — use your charge card)

Can you really afford to wait years to release your creative talent? Don’t you want to publish that book now? Get a gallery show? Become a professional performer?

Well, wait no longer. Inspiring Creativity will help you understand the blocks that may be interfering with your creative work. You’ll find provocative inspiring readings such as:

  • Why it doesn’t matter what you create — because what’s important is that you begin creating.
  • How to stop perfectionism from halting your creative work.
  • How to give yourself permission to create.

Inspiring Creativity consists of 22 truly amazing articles by professional creativity coaches. These are people who are trained to work with artists and thinkers, coaches who understand the challenges that creative people face day in and day out. They know how difficult it can be to come up with new ideas, to produce truly great creative work. For example, if you are lacking in good ideas, you can read articles about:

  • How to create new ideas in dozens of different ways.
  • How to find a “muse” — an inspiration of some kind — who can guide and motivate you to create.
  • How to avoid procrastination and get away from the “flying monkeys” — those little critters that, like gremlins, keep you from accomplishing your creative goals.

And if you are looking to deepen your work, to find truly “big” ideas that will help you achieve a new level of sophistication and elegance in your art, be sure to read the section on Creating Big Ideas and Working Successfully. Here you will be inspired by the articles on:

  • How to find the “mother lode” of ideas, those big ideas that the artistic world truly respects — and pays for!!!!
  • How to get focused and stay focused on your best ideas.
  • How to get out of “creativity-halting” goo — that gunk that holds you back and keeps you from honing an idea and turning it into a great project.
  • How to have a “threshold” experience where your ideas take on new importance and brilliance.

Another important lesson to learn about being creative is how to ensure that you practice your craft every day. Sure, most of us just don’t have time and end up telling ourselves something like, “OK, I’ll write (paint, compose, sculpt, etc) TOMORROW; I just don’t have time today….”

But you know what happens then — you never get around to doing your work. Inspiring Creativity will teach you how to overcome this silly mind-game you play with what is actually your most profound desire to accomplish something important in your life. There’s a whole section on living your creativity every day. You’ll read great articles on:

  • How to carve out time and space to practice your creativity despite all your other obligations.
  • How to eliminate negativity from your thinking and how to neutralize rejection.
  • How to find time to be creative if you are person with a chronic illness.
  • How to profit from your creativity by selling your products.

And if that is not enough, there is also a wonderful section on how to honor yourself. You are, after all, a creative being — and you might as well treat yourself with dignity and respect. This is the way to further your creativity. Read articles on:

  • How to become a STAR in your own life rather than blindly worshipping other celebrities.
  • How to “write your own pages” and not let other people dictate the path of your life.
  • How to write a memoir as a creative exercise to enhance your feelings about the special events in your own life.
  • How to make small collages as way to see into your inner soul and your unconscious.

Finally, Inspiring Creativity will take you on the all-important journey to self-understanding.

  • You will learn how you can recognize your creative work as a “hero’s journey,” in the same way that the famous author Joseph Campbell realized that all people are truly hero’s in their own lives.
  • You will see learn how to connect with your “inner guide” — the deepest part of you that drives your creative soul.
  • And you will read how you can find your “creative essence” mirrored in nature; a simple walk will show you how to pinpoint the true meaning of your creative desires.

Inspiring Creativity is a unique book — there is nothing like it out there in the publishing world. This is the first and only Anthology of its kind, written intelligently and designed to make reading a pleasure.

Treat yourself today to a learning experience you will not regret. Buy Inspiring Creativity now.

Inspiring Creativity Book
Only $14.95 + $6.00 US Priority Mail / Handling

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