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CCA Creativity Coaching Conference 2015
Featured Speakers, Panel of CCA Creativity Coaching Program Instructors, and CCA Creativity Expo & Fair


Views of Lake George Courtesy of Carl Heilman II

Saturday Presentations

Presentation # 1


Catch the Creativity Wave: Be the STAR That You Are!
Presenter: Beverly R. Down

Creativity has become the new buzz word in all areas of personal life and business affairs today. The Creativity Coaching Association has seen amazing growth since we began ten years ago, and we have been at the forefront of developing creative potential in artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders worldwide. Now is the time to truly own our full creative abilities. It’s time to let go of the belief in the struggling artist/creative person and learn to work smarter, not harder. Each of us has something to give that only we can give. It begins with owning our originality and truly understanding that what makes us different is where we shine. Learn to ride the creativity wave and become a star that lights the way for others!

~ Beverly R. Down is President and CEO of the Creativity Coaching Association (CCA). The CCA is an international network of creativity coaches dedicated to helping artists, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers achieve creative success. She is editor and publisher of Creativity Calling, the Association’s online newsletter, is a CCA certified Creativity Coach, and trainer of creativity coaches. Beverly is an award winning speaker, workshop developer, and is the “Creativity: Let it Be Life!” event founder and organizer, living in Lake George, New York. She presents workshops nationally and internationally. or

Presentation # 2

The Courage to Dream: Powerful Questions and Practices to Illuminate our Creative Path
Presenter: Kate Longmaid

Limiting beliefs and underlying assumptions hold us back in our lives and our creative work, giving rise to fear and self-doubt. Unexamined, they become the lens through which we see our world and unconsciously shape our view of what’s possible. How do we move from constriction to expansion, limitation to freedom, and fear to courage in our creative work? In this presentation, we will explore powerful questions and practices that challenge limiting assumptions and create new possibilities to live the life we have imagined.

~ Kate Longmaid, PhD is a psychologist, CCA certified Creativity Coach, and visual artist who helps individuals lead more vibrant and fulfilling lives. Her artwork has been exhibited in the U.S. and Canada, including The National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. or

Presentation # 3

Success Strategies for Building a Creative Business
Presenter: Rob Fortier

Whether you are just starting out, or you are already making money, it’s important to have a solid base for your creative enterprise. When you can learn to run your art more like a business, and less like a hobby, you put yourself on the path to building the creative income you’ve always imagined. In this workshop, we’ll cover ten action steps for developing a solid foundation, along with strategies for overcoming the ‘icky’ factor of selling and promoting your work.

~ Rob Fortier, Creative Talent Wrangler, helps creative entrepreneurs focus their ideas so they can make money with their talents. In addition to being a CCA certified Creativity Coach, Rob draws on nearly ten years of creative design and greeting card industry experience, as well as a former career in theater. or

Presentation # 4

Creating without Inspiration: Merging Ritual and Routine to Advance Your Project
Presenter: David Smith

The surest route to disappointment is to wait for the Muse to return your calls. By merging ritual with routine, you can design a work style to keep your project moving, with or without inspiration. Learn the dynamics of creativity, and receive hand-outs for personalized exercises to unify the two dimensions of your thinking – the reflective and the structured –for greater productivity. When you take control and stop leaving those desperate messages, the Muse is more likely to come knocking at your door.

~ David Smith, M.Ed. is a published author and an award-winning playwright. He has written scripts for New York children’s television and award-winning marketing projects for Simon and Schuster Publishers. “I am awed by the creative spirit as the foundation of human life. My love is to help imaginative people to set goals, work through creative blocks, and celebrate their achievements.” David is also a CCA certified Creativity Coach or

Presentation #5

$hifting Your Money Mind$et: $trategie$ for Building a $ix-Figure Mind$et Around Your Creative Bu$ine$$
Presenter: Dr. Dominique Chlup

Imagine building a money mindset around your creative business that includes believing you actually could build a six-figure (or more!) enterprise. Abundance, prosperity, wealth – many of us creatives struggle with our limiting beliefs when it comes to imagining having a sustainable, lucrative creative business. In this presentation, you’ll not only learn about the power of changing your belief system, but you’ll also learn how understanding your money mindset informs your business success. Plus, you’ll learn, firsthand, several techniques for driving new business your way and strategies for creating a successful, creative business model that works for you.

~ Dr. Dominique Chlup is an Artist, Writer, and tenured University professor turned Creativity & Writing Coach (completing CCA certification in September, 2015). She is President, Founder, and Chief Creative Officer of Inspiring the Creative Within™, LLC. What she does best – she takes you from BLOCKED to BREAKTHROUGH, teaching you the Art of STRESS-FREE creating. She welcomes connecting with all types of creatives through email at and at

Presentation #6

The Evolution of Creativity Coaching: Where we are now, Where we are going and Hot Topics.
Presenter: Sharon Good, Dolly Muzer & Beverly R. Down

Our CCA Instructor Panel will share their insights and speak to a wide variety of interesting topics such as: What are the trends in the coaching industry and where does creativity coaching fit in, what are frequent issues instructors deal with in the classes (what do most coaches & clients grapple with), what are the benefits of working with a creativity coach ( they'll share some success stories), why become a certified creativity coach, what is the next phase for the CCA in bringing forth more personal fulfillment, prosperity and worldwide service, expanding the current narrow definitions of what it means to be a creative person, etc. There will be plenty of time for Q & A with conference participants, as well.


CCA Creativity Coaching Certification Program Instructor Panel

~ Sharon Good is a certified Life, Career, and Creativity Coach based in New York City. She has been coaching since 1997 and training and mentoring coaches since 2004. She is the author of several books, including Creative Marketing Tools for Coaches and The Tortoise Workbook: Strategies for Getting Ahead at Your Own Pace, with Good Life Press. or

~ Dolly Muzer, MA, LPC, is a licensed psychotherapist, a teacher, and CCA certified Creativity Coach based in Boulder, Colorado. She is the owner of The Creative Pioneer in Colorado and currently specializes in life and creativity coaching. She is also a practicing visual artist. Dolly is fiercely committed to empowering men and women to reignite their creative spark, dream big, and go for it!

~ Beverly R. Down is President and CEO of the Creativity Coaching Association.
She is a visionary and trendsetter in the field of creativity coaching. Over the years, Bev has worked with thousands of creative people (artists & entrepreneurs) helping them to create sustainable businesses. She has been self employed for over 20 years and understands first hand the challenges facing creative entrepreneurs.

Sunday CCA Creativity Expo & Fair
Featuring a bounty of CCA Member Creativity Coaches

Sunday features a 6 hour "celebration of creativity" highlighting the talents of CCA Creativity Coaches from around the world.

There will be a Creativity Bookstore (with meet the author & book signings) , CD's, DVD's, Art & Creative Offerings, Professional Head Shots available, Creativity Coaching Lazer Sessions available, Live Music, Mini-Massages with professional therapists, Refreshments and much more.

Ongoing presentations on Sunday given by CCA Creativity Coaches – Best Practices: Tips, Tools, & Secrets for Creative Business Success.




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