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CCA Coach Profiles

Diane Eastham, M. Ed.

Focus: All Creativity, All Creativity, All Creativity, Finding Your Voice, Fine Arts, Visual Artists
Business Name: Diane Eastham - Creativity Coaching and Mentorship
Location: Waterloo, Ontario. Canada
E-mail: deastham@sympatico.ca
Web Site: http://www.dianeeastham.com
Philosophy: I believe everyone has the capacity to live creatively and knows intuitively how to best express what is within. I assist clients to bring their dreams into concrete form and to carry current projects forward. Together we will work out a plan which best suits your individual needs and offers you the support and encouragement to do this. Creating is a hands-on, daily process and so is managing it. Having support and encouragement along the way eases the process.
Methods of Working:

One-on-one appointments as well as phone discussions and e-mail.


I love to work with the creative process, whatever the dream, whether in visual arts, writing, or another medium of expression. I am a practicing artist, photographer and writer. I also have experience in dance and theatre and interest in a wide range of creative outlets.

Workshops: I can custom design workshops on a wide variety of topics to suit a particular group or individual. See my website for further information.
Classes: Check my website for more information
Training and Experience: As an award-winning artist, teacher and writer, I have experience in most of the Fine Arts. I also have extensive experience in the corporate world and know how difficult combining one’s own creative interests with the demands of that world can be. I have a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Toronto and completed my B.A. (Hons.) in English and Drama at Queen’s University. I am licensed by the Ontario College of Teachers and I have a certificate in Counseling skills from WLU. I am a member of the Canadian Authors’ Association, the Kitchener-Waterloo Society of Artists as well as a number of other professional organizations.
Publications: My art, photos, articles and poems have been published in various newspapers and magazines including Somerset Studio and The Rubber Stamper. I am currently engaged in writing a book.
Pricing: Initial consultation is free. Contact me to discuss rates.
Availability: Subject to availability
Additional Comments: Signing up for creativity coaching is a gift you give yourself. It takes some initial curiosity and a small leap of faith in your own potential. I look forward to working with you!
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