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CCA Coach Profiles

Barb Kobe

Focus: Emotion
Business Name: Visualize
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota. United States
E-mail: barbkobe@gmail.com
Phone: 763-535-7713
Web Site: http://www.barbkobe.com
Philosophy: My coaching is a unique hybrid of inspiring coach, creativity teacher, workshop leader, and spiritual guide. My unique training allows me to greatly assist clients in accessing and using their creativity in powerful ways to catalyze greater awareness, joy, prosperity, and meaning in life. I invite my clients to awaken to their energizing and healing forces of creativity. I believe that the art making process heals by activating the medicines of the creative imagination. I coach my clients to confront limiting beliefs and break through creative blocks by using artmaking activities such as collage, visual journaling, watercolor and dollmaking
Methods of Working: One-on-one coaching in person, through email or over phone
Group coaching
Online classes and group coaching available
I ask all clients to engage in art journaling
Specializations: Statement

I specialize in using the expressive arts in my coaching. My goal for my clients is to reach a new level of understanding of themselves and their creative process; empowerment through the creative process.

Individual Services: Expressive arts coaching in which the client process his or her goals and issues by making visual art projects during coaching session and as assignments outside of coaching session.

The Dollmaking Circle Retreat
A process for personal growth and healing The act of making a doll can take a person through a process of creative imagination, growth and healing. This weekend retreat focuses on the growth and healing aspects of dollmaking. The Dollmaking Circle is a creative process based on the organizing principle the Native American medicine wheel. Participants will be invited and encouraged to explore their range of perceptions through the doll they will create and in doing so will reach a deeper understanding of themselves and their dollmaking process.

Designing Your Field of Dreams Game is a creative, art-filled, playful way of planning for the coming year.
Online group coaching through NING
Ebook available for self-direction with coaching available

This process is a way of creating a framework for the journey you will take in the coming year in which you look for insight as you create a game board and game figures. The process is designed around a gardening theme in which you:

  • Name your goals, dreams, and wishes for the coming year in times of introspection and hibernation of Winter
  • Prepare the soil and plant your dream seeds in Spring
  • Nurture and feed your dreams in Summer
  • Harvest and give thanks for dreams come true in the Fall

This takes the idea behind creating a vision board to the next level. The Designing Your Field of Dreams Game invites you to move a step further. As you design the game board and game pieces you define the steps toward your future dreams and when you will take those steps. Immersing yourself in the art and the play allows you to engage with your strategic intuition.

The Creative Journey Game - based on the Hero's Journey –
Retreat and online class with group coaching
Ebook available for self-direction with coaching available

You will design your game board and personal game pieces as you play the game. This creative game process, based on “The Hero's Journey” can help open doors to self knowledge and understanding, see patterns and move you through your life adventure of discovery and awareness.

Medicine Dolls Online class – available as ebook for self-direction
Dolls have a history of being used for healing purposes in many cultures. Medicine dolls can bring comfort, hope and inspiration to their creators. When you create a medicine doll you create a visual symbol that becomes an avenue for communication between your inner healer and the part of you that needs healing. Medicine dolls can be used to celebrate a life event, work through pain and/or illness, or connect with your intuition and creative self. This is an ongoing class environment that is offered through yahoogroups. You can join at any time.

The Heroine's Journey – Coming in 2010 Reclaiming the Power of Your Wisdom Stories
Who is this voice that speaks to you between the words that you read and write? That illusive voice that, when you decide to be silent and listen, disappears into some hidden corner of your mind…. Many call her intuition, grace, spirit or God. I suggest that she is your voice, the heartfelt knowing that honors your life; your wisdom keeper. You are invited to experience a creative journey toward discovering and sharing your wisdom amongst a gathering of wise women who come, along with you, to learn how to deeply listen to wisdom stories, as well as share their own. The short presentations, group interactions, communication and storytelling exercises will assist you in discovering at least one of your wisdom stories. All participants will have the opportunity to make a wisdom keeper storyteller art doll. Upcoming


The Creative Process in Art and in Life
The Nuts and Bolts of Art and Healing
What is Healing, Really?
The Healing Doll Project – What I learned about coaching a person through a creative, healing process.

Classes: See WORKSHOPS
Retreats: See WORKSHOPS
Training and Experience:

BA in Psychology, minor in art therapy
Group Facilitation Training
NLP Practitioner Certification
Cognitive Coaching Certification
Creativity Coaching Certification
Level II Reiki Practitioner
ARTbundance Creativity Coach through Artella.com

40 years graphic artist
10 years facilitating self esteem and parenting groups
15 years presenting workshops and trainings on emotional intelligence
20 years curriculum design and development 15 years puppet design and production
20 years professional artist and art teacher
10 years coaching and judging Odyssey of the Mind/Destination Imagination which is creativity competition for students in grades K-12
5 years facilitating business groups for entrepreneurs
5 years web site design
10 group coaching and teaching experience at retreat centers and online 3 years experience teaching teleclasses

Publications: Create A Healthy You from Natural Health Magazine July 2002
The Endangered Feeling Animals in Whole Brain Consortium Newsletter
Endangered Feelings in Counselor Journal Jan/Feb 1995
Igniting Your Creative Euphoria:
part of the Euphoria! Personal Learning Course
Learning Strategies Corporation ©2000
$35.00 an hour plus supply costs (usually run $10-15)
.50 cents/mile mileage
5 students per class minimum/10 maximum
Most classes are 6 or 8 hours in length
Retreats are either two or three days over a weekend.

Long Distance Teaching
$50.00 an hour minimum plus supply costs
Class participants or organizer of conference pay for costs for travel and room

One month commitment is required.
Client determines the length we work together after that.
Coaching support as you make one or more artful self expressions

Introduction/first meeting free

$250/month email coaching (approximately 10 exchanges)
$300/month of email coaching (10 exchanges) and two 30-minute phone sessions. Client schedules time with me and makes the call

$60.00/hour individual in person coaching with $100 initial coaching session.

Contact me to arrange payment.
Accept Paypal
Availability: Currently seeking students for classes listed on my website at a variety of locations
Currently open to new coaching clients
Currently seeking people to test my new curriculum
Designing Your ARTfield of Dreams 2010. Contact me at barbkobe@gmail.com before February 1, 2010.
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