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CCA Coach Profiles

Donaleen Saul

Focus: Writers, Small Businesses, Feng Shui, Women Creatives, All Creativity
Business Name: Donaleen Saul
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Phone: 518-798-6933
Web Site:
Philosophy: Our creativity is our birthright, we are all gifted, and we all have something distinctive to offer. A creativity coach’s role is to illuminate her clients’ creative gifts, to help them discover whatever stands in the way of sharing these gifts, and to develop practical strategies to express them, to give them form, and to share them with the world – in whatever way has meaning. As a creativity coach, my role is to advocate for my client’s creative dreams.
Methods of Working:

I work by phone/skype, email, and in-person, depending on the client’s needs. Phone/skype and email are generally preferred because they make it possible to work at a distance. I find a voice-to-voice connection to be particularly powerful.


Coaching Writers – I’ve been a professional writer/editor for over thirty years and have several publications to my credit. I’ve also taught journal-writing, creative writing, and screenwriting classes and workshops.

Feng Shui – As a certified Essential Feng Shui™ practitioner trained at the Western School of Feng Shui, I specialize in using Feng Shui to support creative expression, prosperity, and productivity.

Coaching women – I have led a number of creative writing workshops for women over the past 20 years. Women’s unique creative challenges have been a lifelong personal and professional focus, and were a significant aspect of my coursework in achieving my certification from the Creativity Coaching Association.
Individual Services:

It’s a privilege to help creative people in a range of fields (artistic, scientific, entrepreneurial, etc.) to clarify their intentions, to recognize what might stand in the way of realizing them, to identify their strengths, to define what success means to them, to set goals, and to chart a practical and inspiring pathway to fulfilling them. Apart from my own listening/intuitive/communication skills, I use journaling, questionnaires and other self-administered assessment tools, visualization, meditation/spiritual practices, etc. I am continually developing exercises and tools in response to my clients’ needs.

I also help writers overcome blocks, access their source, recognize their strengths and challenges, improve their craft, and find inspiration to keep going. I also provide feedback on works in progress, and assist in structuring nonfiction books and screenplays.

A third area of specialty involves combining Feng Shui with Creativity Coaching to assist artists, writers, and creatives in other disciplines to create work environments that support their creative intentions.

An Introduction to Essential Feng Shui – a one-day workshop that provides practical tools with which to adjust our home and/or business environments to support health, prosperity, and creativity.

Feng Shui and Prosperity – a half-day workshop that demonstrates how to enhance home and workplace to support a sense of abundance, gratitude, and financial well-being.


Claiming Your Creative Birthright

What the heck is Fung Shooey Anyway? – Introducing Feng Shui, the Ancient Chinese Art of Placement

Why Do I Need an Editor?

Classes offered:

Stoking Your Creative Fire – the creative process, from wishing to doing to showing your creative work.

Feng Shui for Creatives – arranging working environments that support creativity, productivity, and joy.

Scribing Your Spiritual Journey – using journal-writing techniques to explore the mystical journey and to support heightened creativity.

Retreats offered:

Returning to the Source – an opportunity for women writers to take time away from ordinary concerns and to go deep, to traverse their inner tributaries, and to connect with their creative Source.

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