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Focus: All Creativity, Chronic Illness, Creative Process, Self-Confidence
Business Name: Monstre Sacré
Location: San Francisco, California. United States
Phone: 415-806-3907
Web Site:
Philosophy: I think that, each day, we have to first decide or remember that we matter (a premise I discovered through the work of Eric Maisel). Then we take it day by day and do our best. Not being alone in our struggle is crucial. I guess I agree with the writer Ray Bradbury who said that each day we wake up and step on a landmine and that landmine is ourselves. I’m a good explosives expert.
Methods of Working: Flexible. Can do email, phone or, if in San Francisco, in person. I also can work with you by the minute if that’s what you need.
Specializations: The overwhelmed, disorganized, the high-maintenance, alternative/fringe crowd, the resentful “I hate capitalism” set. I’m open.
Individual Services: We correspond first by phone or email and see if we can work together. Then we figure out the best form (phone, email, in-person) and the frequency based on your need and income. Can be in small increments.
Workshops: If I have several or more people who, due to low income, can’t afford a lot of money, I am game for us all getting together and doing a group coaching. I’ll be moving into an office at Activspace ( here in San Francisco, which is an artist-centric community. We’d meet there.
Training and Experience: I am a working artist, a writer and filmmaker who has assisted people for decades in overcoming the obstacles in their lives. Deeply embedded in the San Francisco alternative artistic community, I hold a Masters in Education and Counseling from Antioch University East and am a member of the Creative Coaching Association and San Francisco State University’s Core Strength Coaching Program.

Having started out with an intense background in community work—from mental health care to the movement to establish the first women’s shelters—I radically changed course 20 years ago: I decided to commit myself to my own creative life, and took the plunge to become a working writer. Through a strange and wonderful hodgepodge of jobs, from alligator-meat cleaner to executive editor of funky magazines, trampoline-ride salesgirl to award-winning author and screenwriter, I escaped the alligators’ clutches and now assist fellow travellers in pursuing their visions (and hopefully not their hallucinations). I’ve assisted hip hop artists and burned-out rocker chicks, lawyers and graphic designers, shamans and coffee brewers who are trying to balance art with the rest of their lives.
Pricing: Let’s talk. I have a sliding scale.
Availability: Have a shifting schedule so let’s talk.
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