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The Creativity Coaching Association is pleased to spotlight our member-coaches as a FREE coach referral service for you. Our goal is to help you identify and select a coach who can meet your needs in whatever creative endeavor you undertake. You can find a coach in three ways: by name, by geographic location, or by specialization.

Please be aware that the coaches listed here have provided information about their coaching businesses. Given the subjective nature of coaching, CCA has not and cannot perform any verification of a coach's background or qualifications. We therefore recommend that when you contact a potential coach, you must assess their qualifications to your own satisfaction and standards. As a result, by your utilizing the CCA referral database, you agree to hold the Creativity Coaching Association harmless from any and all claims which may arise as a result of your work with any coach included herein.

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Jerry Ann Fenter | Full Profile

I have many years of experience as both a full-time self- supporting working artist and as a teacher and a counselor. Creativity coaching makes it possible for me to assist other creatives to find their desired path and purpose. I offer psychological support, emotional support, and practical solutions to obstacles that can block growth and success.

Location: Appleton, Washington. United States

Maureen Fiorelli, MFT | Full Profile

Coaching for Artists, Writers, Musicians and other Creatives who want to find and express their unique voice. Your creative expression is so important and valuable- I work to help you give it the time and attention it deserves.

Location: San Francisco, CA United States

Rob Fortier | Full Profile

Rob Fortier, Creative Talent Wrangler, works with creatives as well as CCA Logoundiscovered creatives, both in the art and business world, helping individuals to bring out their passion and do their best work, whether that be in the studio, on the stage, or in the board room. He is ready to be your guide as you work through finishing or starting your creative projects, figure out what's really important to you, and launch your work out into the world.

Location: New York, New York. United States


Annie Baillargeon Fortin | Full Profile

Je travaille avec des artistes et des entrepreneurs dans des organisations culturelles et des PME. J´accompagne leur demarche professionnelle avec du coaching créatif. J´utilise l´écriture et le théãtre comme outils de changement, d´observation de soi. Je pense que la créativité et une clé forminable pour accompagner le changement personnel et professionnel.

Location: Montréal / Longueuil, Québec (Canada)


Darlene Frank | Full ProfileCCA Logo

Do you long to write in a way that expresses your unique creative heartbeat? To merge your vision and desire with practical action that brings your creative dreams into reality? As a professional writer and editor for over 30 years, I will help you demystify the writing process and bring forth your most powerful creative work. As a creativity and writing coach, I offer compassionate support and guidance to spark your creativity and keep you moving in the direction of your dreams.

Location: San Francisco, California. United States.


Nicoletta Freti | Full Profile

Nicoletta Freti is a visual artist and a creativity coach, living in Italy. She has been teaching for 9 years in the Academy of Fine Arts of Bergamo, Italy. She has helped many students find their personal way to creativity. She trained in Business Corporate Coaching, she is in training in Creativity Coaching with Dr. Eric Maisel. She is a co-founder of Dià-Dialogic-Dialectical Association, in which she supervises the creativity section and leads creativity groups, classes and workshops. She also works with private clients, including visual artists, via email and in-person.

Location: Bergamo. Italy


Magda Fres, Ph.D. | Full Profile

I am a life coach, a psychologist, a mother, a businesswoman and a writer. Do you wish to experience a creative change in your life? Do you wish your business developed in a unique way? I can help you find energy you need to get what you desire and discover the artist within you. And I will accompany you in your quest for self-fulfillment, in business or private life.

Location: Katowice, Poland

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