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The Creativity Coaching Association is pleased to spotlight our member-coaches as a FREE coach referral service for you. Our goal is to help you identify and select a coach who can meet your needs in whatever creative endeavor you undertake. You can find a coach in three ways: by name, by geographic location, or by specialization.

Please be aware that the coaches listed here have provided information about their coaching businesses. Given the subjective nature of coaching, CCA has not and cannot perform any verification of a coach's background or qualifications. We therefore recommend that when you contact a potential coach, you must assess their qualifications to your own satisfaction and standards. As a result, by your utilizing the CCA referral database, you agree to hold the Creativity Coaching Association harmless from any and all claims which may arise as a result of your work with any coach included herein.

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Iveta Havlova | Full Profile

With a background in law, I have served for many years as a Deputy Director of The American Chamber of Commerce. One day, I finally took the risk to plunge into the creative waters. Three years later, a coach, writer and publisher reached a shore. Today, I work with people who wish to find more meaning and joy in life, as well as with artists who want to be in good creative health, keep motivation, focus, expand their practice and much more.

Location: Prague, The Czech Republic

Steve Harper | Full ProfileCCA Logo

Creative Guide. Story Liberator.
If you’re a smart, talented, focused writer who wants to sharpen your script writing skills and/or up your professional game, I can help you. I’ve written for series television, been published and produced as a playwright, written films and created and produced a web series. I help clients navigate a wide variety of issues as they get traction, build momentum, and share their stories with the world. Believe me when I say Your Script Could Change Everything!

Location: Los Angeles, California. United States.

Denise J. Hart | Full Profile

Bold, inspiring and motivational is what you'll get when you sign up for any of Denise's workshops or courses or when you bring her on board to speak at your conference, retreat or to lead an in-house workshop. As a Coach Denise J. Hart is known as The Motivated Mindset Coach!, she specializes in training and coaching women, new coaches, performing artists and newbie entrepreneurs to create a sustainable success mindset so they can grow their business, increase their ability to achieve their goals and dreams through focusing on strengthening beliefs and possibilities.

Location: Washington DC, Dist. of Columbia. United States

Laura Hegfield | Full Profile

Do you look at your life as a soulful journey? Do you believe that personal creative expression is essential to following that path? Do you sometimes feel disheartened because you find yourself stumbling into these familiar pitfalls: fear, perfectionism, procrastination, resistance, overwhelm and self-sabotage? I can assist you in learning to leave these constricting habits behind while developing healing, playful, expansive practices to fill in the ruts and create a road that supports you as you travel through life and fully experience the joy, success, peace and wholeness you desire.

Location: Amherst, New Hampshire. United States

Miranda Hersey | Full Profile

CCA LogoAre you a creative mother running in a dozen directions? Do you often feel like there's nothing left over for your creative work? When distanced from your art, do you feel unhappy or resentful? If yes, there's good news: it doesn't have to be that way. I help women live their creative dreams while raising children. With a lifetime in the arts and five children of my own, I understand the challenges of maintaining a creative identity — and career — while raising a family.

Location: Groton, Massachusetts. United States

Charise M. Hoge | Full Profile

For over twenty years I have worked in the field of health and healing with an emphasis on how the arts and self- expression are essential to well-being. My own path began as a dance/movement therapist and dance performer, then as a social worker who gravitated to leading workshops, consulting and writing, and then to coaching. I also teach yoga and dance, and believe that coaching is about movement – coaching aligns with the movement of your imagination from the wellspring of your self.

Location: Bethesda, Maryland. United States

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