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The Creativity Coaching Association is pleased to spotlight our member-coaches as a FREE coach referral service for you. Our goal is to help you identify and select a coach who can meet your needs in whatever creative endeavor you undertake. You can find a coach in three ways: by name, by geographic location, or by specialization.

Please be aware that the coaches listed here have provided information about their coaching businesses. Given the subjective nature of coaching, CCA has not and cannot perform any verification of a coach's background or qualifications. We therefore recommend that when you contact a potential coach, you must assess their qualifications to your own satisfaction and standards. As a result, by your utilizing the CCA referral database, you agree to hold the Creativity Coaching Association harmless from any and all claims which may arise as a result of your work with any coach included herein.

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Steevie Jane Parks, Ph.D. | Full Profile

CCA LogoDr. Steevie Jane Parks brings many diverse areas of experience into her Creativity Coaching Business. She has a background in Art, Theater, and Voice as well as over 27 years of experience as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice. Steevie provides both individual and group Creativity Coaching to performing Artists of all kinds either over the phone, in person or over the internet.

Location: Chapel Hill, North Carolina. United States

Bonnie Perry | Full Profile

CCA LogoBonnie is a Mid-Wife of Possibilities. She views creativity as a holistic process involving the mind, body and spirit. Her specialty is igniting and nurturing creative sparks not only as a means of producing art, but also as an important way to enhance daily life and move towards one’s soul purpose. She guides creators of all types in balancing Doing and Being - Maintaining the creative flow (getting the work done) in a way that enhances daily life.

Location: Cape Cod, Massachusetts. United States

Marj Penley | Full ProfileCCA Logo

As a late bloomer into creativity myself, I really enjoy helping other people wind their way into various creative adventures. These are people who didn't have time or were told they didn't have talent or were discouraged in some other way from being creative early in life. My clients and I form a strong, caring, supportive alliance as we dig into the bag of techniques and exercises I've collected over the years, choosing the one that feels perfect to them at the time.

Location: Chester, California & Sedona, Arizona United States.

Dr. Robert J. Petrausch | Full Profile

A Columbia-trained organizational learning expert with extensive experience in communication related creativity projects, presentation skills training, and career advice for individuals and groups from all enterprises and walks of life. He believes that all individuals can achieve their goals in career and life with adequate support, commitment, and learning. He supports a learning-centered approach to coaching for important projects and life goals. He can also provide public relations counseling to coaches.

Location: Westchester County, NY. United States

Janet Allyson Pfeiffer | Full Profile

I work with budding artists and those re-visiting their creative journey. Understanding, encouraging and supporting them is necessary as they explore this exciting ‘calling’ in their life. We concentrate on carving out time for their creative work, setting achievable goals and step-by-step we work through the many obstacles that can often hold back the artist. As self-esteem and self-confidence grow in my clients, their dreams of a creative life become a daily working reality.

Location: Perth. Australia

Doreen Marcial Poreba, APR | Full Profile

Do you feel like you’re always “bringing up the rear” when it comes to being creative or perhaps you think you’re not creative at all? Or maybe you’re aware of your talents, but you’re feeling stuck, “off track,” or simply need a boost. I invite you to hop aboard the “Creative Caboose,” where I’ll serve as your Creativity Coach to heCCA Logolp you become your own Creative Conductor. I am devoted to empowering my clients to uncover, recover and discover their creativity, ultimately realizing their creative potential. I focus on coaching both individuals and groups who earn their living in a creative field, emerging artists, serious and recreational hobbyists, business professionals and entrepreneurs — anyone with a desire to create something new or different in his or her life!

Location: Stuart, Florida. United States

Josephine Pina Sbrocca | Full Profile

Performers, Writers and all those who wish to live their life Creatively

Location: Phoenix, Arizona. United States

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