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The Creativity Coaching Association is pleased to spotlight our member-coaches as a FREE coach referral service for you. Our goal is to help you identify and select a coach who can meet your needs in whatever creative endeavor you undertake. You can find a coach in three ways: by name, by geographic location, or by specialization.

Please be aware that the coaches listed here have provided information about their coaching businesses. Given the subjective nature of coaching, CCA has not and cannot perform any verification of a coach's background or qualifications. We therefore recommend that when you contact a potential coach, you must assess their qualifications to your own satisfaction and standards. As a result, by your utilizing the CCA referral database, you agree to hold the Creativity Coaching Association harmless from any and all claims which may arise as a result of your work with any coach included herein.

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Stacey Rasfeld | Full Profile

We are all creative beings and have a unique story to share. Participating in the arts is a transcendent experience–– art helps us overcome the worst in Life, and allow us to celebrate the best in Life. I support my students and clients in their creative explorations by offering my open ear, strong shoulder, clear eye and true heart as ready resources in the creative journey.

Location: West Los Angeles, California. United States

Julie Regan | Full Profile

I am creativity coach providing coaching services to artists across all mediums designed to bring your ideas to life. Tapping into your existing skills, passion and imagination I work with you to set creative targets, discover possibilities, uncover barriers, and create practices to stay on course. Be the artist you want to be.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Kris Reichart-Anderson | Full Profile

CCA LogoCreative ideas are as plentiful as the stars in the West Texas sky. Bringing them to earth and giving them form can be another matter entirely.. Are you looking for ways to move from thinking to doing? Do you want to say "I am..." instead of "I'd like to ..." Are you tired of saying "Someday, ..." and ready to say "Now ..."?

Location: Del Rio, Texas. United States

Lesley Riley | Full Profile

Are you stuck somewhere between creative dreaming and creative doing? I call it the Creativity Gap. The study of creativity has focused on the process and not the person...until now. After years of study, personal experience and professional teaching and coaching, I guide baby-boomer women not just through the process of understanding, creating and sustaining a creative practice abut also how to navigate and bridge the gap created by the ever-present obstacles of time, confidence, relationships, health, uncertainty and more.

Location: Cascade, Maryland. United States

Briana Riskin | Full Profile

Briana Riskin is an artist, writer, teacher and creativity coach living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She will have a Masters in Human Development in the spring of 2006.  Her focus with clients is helping them express their inner creativity either professionally or personally, based on each client’s individual needs.

Location: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. United States

Ischa Ropert  | Full Profile

As Creative Coach, I work with clients who wish to use creativity as a source for greater intelligence and power in their lives. I assume being creative is not limited to traditional definitions of artist, musician, actor and so on. Everyday across the world people in every profession demonstrate creativity in dreaming up new possibilities, solutions and ways of expressing themselves. I specialize in helping clients access their unique creative process so they can live from full potential.

Location: Paris, France

Melissa A. Rosati | Full Profile

At heart, I'm a curious person who enjoys being with people in a variety of places and events, connecting with them through language, creativity and with a dash of Zen. As your coach or consultant, I will bring my skills, business and life experiences to our relationship to help you gain the self-realizations that will propel you forward with the goals you want to achieve within the next several months.

Location: New York, New York. United States

Gabrielle Roux | Full Profile

As a German Native, having lived in Ireland for 15 Years, I am fluent in German and English. I am passionate about creativity and the creative process and like to work in the context of story, in my coaching as well as in my art.

Location: Frauenfeld, Switzerland

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