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The Creativity Coaching Association is pleased to spotlight our member-coaches as a FREE coach referral service for you. Our goal is to help you identify and select a coach who can meet your needs in whatever creative endeavor you undertake.

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Consuelo Meux, Ph.D | Full Profile

The goal of my coaching/consulting is to assist you to design a holistic life that is as creative, healthy, and complete as possible. I work with executives, creative professionals, entrepreneurs and other successful individuals. I also work with individuals and teams in mid-size corporations and non-profits. My work is particularly appropriate for those that are in high stress positions and need more life balance to achieve a creative lifestyle.

Sandy Nelson | Full Profile

Grant yourself permission to have fun while fulfilling your dreams. Coaching from my heart, listening with empathy and compassion, I provide my clients an inspirational experience. My specialties include finding permission, playability, collaboration, the creative process and creating resilience. As an artist myself, I understand both the pitfalls and joys of a creative life. Discover how you can make your life a playful celebration.

Marcia Randall DeBard  | Full Profile

During over 20 years of teaching/coaching, Marcia has developed a multi-faceted coaching process which can include elements such as art projects, movement exercises, writing prompts, and visualization techniques. Marcia has coached visual artists, actors, and writers to awaken/deepen each person’s relationship with creativity, which can provide the nurturing support needed to prepare for a single audition or create an entire body of work. It can also ease life transitions such as college, career change, mid-life, retirement, divorce, or recovery from a loss.

Kris Reichart-Anderson | Full Profile

Creative ideas are as plentiful as the stars in the West Texas sky. Bringing them to earth and giving them form can be another matter entirely.. Are you looking for ways to move from thinking to doing? Do you want to say "I am..." instead of "I'd like to ..." Are you tired of saying "Someday, ..." and ready to say "Now ..."?

David Smith, M.Ed. | Full ProfileCCA Logo

For more than 30 years David has helped creative individuals to set goals, work through stuck places, and celebrate achievements. He is a published author and an award-winning playwright. David has also written scripts for New York children’s television and award-winning video projects for Simon and Schuster Publishers. He has developed a journaling method call Experiential Journaling, which he teaches through workshops and Writing the River, a book/audio publication.

Location: Groton, Massachusetts. United States

Cathy Stechschulte | Full ProfileCCA Logo

As a Creativity Coach, I am here to help visual artists of all ages and levels, those who are beginning, re-entering or practicing artists. Creativity coaching is about guiding and supporting you to identify your own creative art journey, finding how to turn dreams into realities.

Location: Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania United States

Dave Storer | Full Profile

If you feel it’s time to stop spinning your wheels and start to establish a strong creative practice, I’m here with focused coaching to help you crystallize your goals, overcome life-long blocks, and establish effective habits. All that matters to me is what works for you.

Nan Weed | Full Profile

I am a practicing visual artist who has daily gratitude for the magic of creative transformation in my life and the lives of all who maintain a creative practice. My passion in coaching others in creativity is to help expand possibility for growth and ground dreams in action. Beginning the search for a creative focus, returning to one after time away, or struggling with the ongoing issues we all face.…..each phase holds the seeds to your creative dreams and your self-expression.

Lynn Wyvill  | Full Profile

When the opportunity to delve deeper into our creativity presents itself, we must respond. I am currently taking a break to work on my own writing and painting.

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