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CCA Coach Profiles

Maureen Fiorelli, MFT

Focus: 1. Visual Artists
2. Creative Blocks
3. Writers
4. Life Coaching
5. Musicians
Business Name: Mo Fiorelli Creative Coaching
Location: San Francisco, California. United States
E-mail: maureenfiorelli@yahoo.com
Phone: 415-516-7064
Web Site: www.mfiorelli.com
Philosophy: I work from a holistic perspective including mind, body and spirit. I am a painter and writer and I have also been a licensed therapist for 15 years in San Francisco and Oakland. Combining my interest in psychology and the creative mind, I help folks move through creative blocks, get 'unstuck', get inspired and express their true inner voice. Sometimes this means using cognitive techniques to get out of the head and into the heart. My goal is to help people find what resonates for them and truly makes them feel creatively fulfilled and alive.
Methods of Working: I offer individual in person sessions in Oakland and San Francisco and also offer Skype sessions, phone sessions and email coaching depending on what my clients feel is most convenient (especially for clients who live in a different time zone or outside US)
Specializations: I specialize in: Artistic blocks, writers block, mindfulness techniques, cognitive exercises to decrease negative thinking, decreasing procrastination, time management - I've worked with artists and writers for 18 years in my therapy practice and helped them with all of these issues.
Individual Services: I let my clients guide our conversations and formulate their own goals for the future - my job is to help them reach and complete those goals.
Training and Experience: I received my Bachelors in Humanities in San Francisco and my Masters in Clinical Psychology from New College of CA in San Francisco. I've been a licensed mental health clinician for the last 15 years and have been counseling for 18 years. I also studied Creativity Coaching with Eric Maisel, PhD, one of the pioneers of Creativity Coaching.
Pricing: Please refer to my Website for pricing: www.mfiorelli.com or contact me at the email above.
Availability: Currently accepting new clients - I look forward to hearing from you!
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