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CCA Coach Profiles

Terri Sterling, M.A

Focus: All Creativity, Getting Unstuck, Graphic designers, Life Transitions, Visual Artists, Writers
Business Name: Inspiration
Location: Hatfield, Pennsylvania. United States
Phone: 215- 853-2615
Web Site:
Philosophy: I believe we can all increase the creativity in our lives and that our society calls for us to create flexibility in our lives in order to have successful careers.  Artists and other creative people have special traits, need special tools, and need added support, which can be explored with a creativity coach.  Discipline can be taught but passion needs to be cultivated. Come explore and build a creative life in a safe place.  Let me help you follow your passion, so you can have a happy and fulfilled life.
Methods of Working: I use email, phone, and in person sessions to help creative people.  I prefer to use email and phone sessions.
Specializations: I am a creativity coach who specializes in working with artists, established authors, writers, and creative people who want to increase their creativity. I am a trained artist and poet who combines gestalt psychology, prints, and paintings with poetry. I have had several art shows, have helped raise money for a non-profit agency through art, and have engaged in pre-press work for several printing firms.  I have taken Eric Masel''s creativity coaching workshop. I have a MA and BA both in psychology, with over 70 college credits in fine arts and graphic arts. I have 13 years of experience counseling clients including those who have experienced trauma, have been adopted, lost someone they love, are creative, or are in a life transition.
Individual Services: I help clients clarify their goals and career objectives, and increase their creativity  and self-esteem by establishing writing schedules, using  imagery, affirmations, exercises, brainstorming, education,  active listening, and feedback.

Getting Unstuck Workshop -- Improve your creative productivity by getting unstuck and finding inspiration through a series of interactive exercises and brainstorming techniques. This is a half-day workshop at your location.


I have 3 talks available, as follows:


Communication Styles --- Creative people have a unique communication style, which often leads us to feel the spirit behind the words but not grasp all the details. Perhaps your spouse or boss has a different communication style where they focus on the details in a logical fashion and are less likely to take off with a flight of ideas. I can teach you how to increase your success by recognizing communication styles and how to blend two styles together when that happens.


Creative Personalities --   A talk on artist personalities focusing on their creative and intellectual strengths.


Healing through the Power of Art -- Art can be a powerful gift for people who have experienced traumatic events, chronic illness, the death of a loved one, or the loss of a job. I can help you heal through the power of art.

Training and Experience:

I have taken Eric Masiel’s creativity coaching workshops and am working on my Creativity Coaching Association certification. I have a Masters degree and a BA both in psychology, and over 70 college credits in fine art and graphic art.  I also have numerous college credits in printmaking.  


I am currently working on a book of poetry.

Pricing: Please contact me at the email address above for pricing, as it depends upon the combination of services you request. However, your first coaching session is free.
Availability: I have several spaces available for individual clients.
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