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 Creativity Calling

The Newsletter of the Creativity Coaching Association

Dear Friends,

Our newsletter is back, after a brief hiatus due to technical and logistical problems. But we're pleased to present to you now another issue of Creativity Calling to help inspire you in your creative work and provide new ideas, tips, and fun.

April is a month of renewal for many of us (though for our subscribers who live down under, we are aware that your sense of seasonal movement is reversed!). What are you up to? What type of creative work are you doing?

We would certainly like to hear from any of you regarding the types of articles you might enjoy reading in this newsletter. Please drop us an email soon with your feedback and suggestions.


Rick Benzel, Executive Director

A Creative Linguistic Note

The Relationship Between Deciding and Stonecutting 
The Relationship Between Deciding and Stonecutting

by Etta Mology

Etta was having trouble deciding what word to explore this month, so I said to her, "Why not see what the word decide means?

She liked that suggestion and this is what she found. Decide is from the Latin decidere whose literaral meaning was actually "to cut off," from de- "off" + cædere "to cut." Oddly enough, cædere is also the root of the word "cement," which as we all know is made from many small pieces of cut or shaved stone.

Etta figures that this is perhaps why people who have difficulty deciding as they work on their creative projects always feel that they have cement on the brain. The act of deciding can be so onerous that we feel weighed down, unable to think, perceive, or move.

But as Etta realized, the Latin word for decide can become a true call to arms. If you think about it, deciding is, as the word's origin suggests, a process of cutting off your alternatives one by one. You might even think of deciding as a youthful whittling game, in which you lop off your alternatives one by one, until you arrive at the only option left. This process reminds Etta of the way that Michelangelo was said to have created his statues: he could see the final statue embedded in the raw stone, and all he had to do was cut and chip away to reveal it. How's that for decisiveness?

So, if you are having trouble deciding between one project and another, or between options within a single project, unload that cement from your brain and learn to enjoy the whittling or stonecutting your mind can really accomplish.

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Wabi Sabi

Wabi-Sabi and the Dance of Life

Contributed by Quinn McDonald of Quinn Creative

The tree had been invisible all winter. Now, with the sun up earlier, it popped into view as soon as I rounded the uphill corner of my early-morning walk. The sun just tipped into bright green the first fragile leaf tips unfurling on the swaying branches of the willow. Yesterday it was too dark, today the old tree was revealed as new. In that fraction of an instant, there was a flash of knowledge, tied in the leaf, the sun, the dew. Then the moment was gone. I walked on, changed.

That fragile moment of recognition is part of Wabi- sabi, a Japanese word. Wabi-sabi is the beauty of things impermanent and incomplete. It contains a poignant ache and a profound appreciation for things modest and humble.

As an esthetic, it honors things imperfect and unconventional. Wabi-sabi is a term hard to define and beautiful to live. There is an inside and outside to Wabi-sabi. The outside is the beauty we see, feel, hear, touch and taste in things fleeting, seasonal, natural and imperfect. A piece of silvery barn wood, a river rock that time and running water has smoothed, a simple meal with a good friend.

The inside of wabi-sabi is the release of control and the relentless beating up of our psyches for not achieving and creating perfection. It is the letting go of the excesses of competition, achievement, and a willingness to let life find its own pace and place, to allow the world to unfurl without having to control it and everyone around us. It is a life stripped down to what is valuable, rather than randomly acquired. It is not living without, but rather within.

A wabi-sabi life doesn’t dehydrate the inner life by filling every second with activities and stimulation. Instead, it conforms to natural talents and abilities. I plan and organize, but if something crushes the plans, I will not be crushed. I am flexible enough to make choices that create new plans with what turns up.

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