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 Creativity Calling

The Newsletter of the Creativity Coaching Association

Dear Friends

Welcome to the February issue of Creativity Calling! In this designated month of Amore, I've been thinking about you, our readers, with much affection.

You know, I think my definition of love is slightly larger than what the folks at Hallmark are promoting. I see love as a way of viewing the world... a positive, connecting and uplifting perspective. Many of our CCA creativity coaches would agree. In this month's articles you'll see several loving perspectives: from choosing the right creative projects that permit our passions to soar; to exploring and accepting—moment to moment—the relationship we have with our creative self; to tips for more fully embracing our individual, unique creative processes.

As I'm writing this, I'm looking at a framed quote (by Cherie Carter Scott) on my wall that reads, Love Yourself ~ Trust Your Choices...and Everything is Possible.
How true!

We also love your continued feedback and suggestions! Keep it coming!

Beverly Down

Beverly Down , President & CEO, Creativity Coaching Association

Matchmaker, matchmaker...
Tips for finding the creative project of your dreams

Purple Flowersby Liz Massey

Have you ever noticed how some people are able to find the love of their lives and stay in a relationship with him or her, while others struggle with love—either flitting aimlessly from one paramour to another, or repeatedly picking partners who bring out the worst in both parties?

Those who are happily coupled aren't just lucky. They've developed their powers of discernment. They understand that building a lasting love takes work, but that if they've chosen wisely, the path will hold many pleasant surprises along the way.

Artists who experience creative satisfaction also discover that discernment is crucial. But instead of seeking the relationship of their dreams, happy artists use this skill to find what I call a "worthy project."

Worthy projects can be anything from the very first song a musician learns on his or her instrument to a proposal developed by an author moving from writing magazine articles to books. A worthy project is highly individualized—that is, it is the perfect one for you,right now, right where you're at in terms of technique, approach and interests.

Like a successful relationship, worthy projects have boundaries, or parameters, that define the edges of interaction with them. Perhaps those parameters look like this: "I will learn to improvise three jazz standards well enough to play in a jam session held at the community center next month." Or, "I will focus my current charcoal sketch work on improving my ability to shade effectively." The point is not to bruise the ego with inappropriate criticism, or to discourage free play and experimentation, only to give your process-based explorations a direction and a goal.

Finally, like love, a worthy project is one that ignites in you a long-burning passion—one that lasts well past the initial rush of attraction, and keeps you warm and excited about it even when you hit a setback.

The road to love, whether with your beloved partner or your worthy project, can be thrilling, energizing, and ecstatic, as well as frustrating, confusing and difficult. But if you've found the right "one," you are unlikely to regret taking the journey.

Liz Massey is a professional editor and creativity coach whose coaching practice, Creative Liberty, is located in the Phoenix metropolitan area. For more information, see her business profile.

puppy Creativity and Self Acceptance
by Stacia Moore

Creativity or living creatively is deeply woven with self acceptance. Rejection is a common experience in life. It happens in many ways and it can be a root cause that cripples creativity. Often we are the one doing the rejecting, we are rejecting our self.

Holding a creative attitude is a choice. Being creative now may mean that in this very moment we don't feel up to the task, yet most likely we are only facing a challenge. When we experience this feeling of 'self doubt' therein lies an opportunity! In this moment of self doubt the polar, positive choice is self acceptance.

Our immediate response might feel like a crisis; we might sense an urge to flee... instead, STOP. Exercise your breath and seize this moment for all the glory and wonder that has arrived. ..this is a moment in which to accept that we are up to this challenge. Perhaps we need "some thing" in order to rise in the style that we dream and are capable of—we then must seek the elements which will support us to rise. All the while holding the knowledge that with a quiet confidence and some tender self nurturing we will proceed! Likely we will again stumble but we are moving, trying... we are creating!


  • N-choose to be aware of your self NOW, in this moment. Through each day, keep checking in with your self, quiet your self so that you can be aware, be accepting.

  • O-seize the OPPORTUNITY that is present, now, in this moment. Quiet your self to see what is right here in this moment; choose the most important action, the behavior that will reap the most benefit.

  • W-celebrate the WIN. We must be our strongest advocate, our best cheerleader. When we are creating we need to be encouraging; reinforce our conscious choice to be present, acknowledge that we are choosing the positive.

Our most vital relationship is with our self—it is in this relationship that we come to our soul... our guide. We reach this relationship when we are clear and full of energy. The way to be full of energy is to be aware, to live and share our light.

Stacia Davis Moore is an artist and creativity coach who facilitates personal, creative and spiritual growth for people through workshops and trainings. She can be reached through her web site at www.o2cre8.com

Love your creative process

by Beth Barany

Writing in Sand - LoveThis month of chocolate and love declarations is a great time to embrace your creative process. But what if you don't know your creative process that well, or at all? Then this is a fabulous time to awaken to the wonderful ways in which you create. Fall in love with your creative process by examining each stage of the creative process: Readiness, Cutting Through the Crust and Phase Shift.

Getting ready means your actions as well as the thoughts and feelings that run through your head when you prepare to work on your creative project. Getting ready is also the conscious or unconscious rituals you use to prepare yourself for your easel, blank screen, loom, dance floor. One of my clients prepares by washing her dishes then by grabbing a cup of coffee before starting her writing.

Questions: How do you prepare for your creative projects? What actions and thoughts propel you to a state of creative readiness? What do you tell yourself as the appointment for creative work approaches? Observe yourself for the next week and note how you get ready or not for your creativity.

Cutting Through the Crust
This is the moment when you pick up the pen, the paint brush, the thread and are aware of how hard this endeavor really is. You may even want to leave the creative space and call it quits before you've even begun.

Questions: What is cutting through the crust like for you? What resources do you call up from within to keep going and enter into the next stage, the creative flow?

In The Flow
You're writing, painting, weaving, making digital art. Time stands still or flows. The richness of the moment gives you a deep satisfaction.

Question: What does this phase feel like? How do you know you're in the grove?

Phase Shift
Your time at your project is ending for now. You need to transition into your daily affairs, other projects.

Questions: How do you handle this transition? Are you prepared to end your creative work? How do you make plans for the next time you create?

Love your creative process by getting acquainted. Happy Creating!

Certified Creativity Coach, Beth Barany coaches and consults nationally and internationally. She also speaks to groups on the creative process. For more resources, visit her site: www.BethBarany.com. © 2008. All rights reserved.

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