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 Creativity Calling

The Newsletter of the Creativity Coaching Association

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the June issue of Creativity Calling! I'm certain this month's articles will resonate with you. Why? Because they do with me!

Do you know what you want, and what you don't want in your life? That's great. We can only change the things we're aware of, so awareness is half the battle. It's conditioned, unconscious thinking that gets us "stuck" every time.

This month's articles, written by CCA member coaches, zero in on day-to-day situations where any one of us is likely to encounter inner and outer saboteurs. As we change our thinking, we will indeed change our lives. Here's for making more room for what we most desire!

And now, I am pleased to announce open registration for The Creativity Coaching Association's 1st Annual Creativity Conference to be held October 4-5, 2008 in Lake George, New York. The entire weekend has been fashioned with you in mind— including the special speakers, workshops and activities. Plan now to attend! We have kept the price unbelievably low so you can be with us! See all the details at www.creativityconference2008.com

Continue to write us with your questions and areas of interest—we love your suggestions and feedback!

Beverly Down

Beverly Down, President & CEO, Creativity Coaching Association

The Power of 'No'Pink Rose

by Lynn Wyvill

Many people think of "no" as a negative word. But let's be creative. Let's look at "no" from a different perspective. Let's look at the positive side of "no".

"No" is a short word, but it packs a powerful punch. When we say 'no" to something that will take our time, energy, and focus away from our creative work, we are using the positive power of "no". We only have 24 hours in a day. We have choices to make about how we spend that time. We all have things we must do—earn a living, pay taxes, sleep, eat, nurture our relationships. Those are a definite "yes". But there are other situations where we truly have a choice. Do we really need to chair the PTA this year, host the big holiday dinner, etc.? As good and worthwhile as these activities are, do you really need to do them now? Be honest. Saying "no" can be difficult; it requires courage, discipline, and practice. But think of what "no" will do for you. A "no" to something that you don't really need to do will give you time to spend on what is really important to you—your creative work. So before you are tempted to say "yes" to a request for your time, take a deep breath and ask yourself if you should exercise the positive power of "no".

Lynn Wyvill is a creativity coach who works with artists, entrepreneurs, and retirees who want to develop their creative expression. She is also a business presentation coach and trainer. Her website is www.grantstreetcom.com and she can be reached at 703-299-0848 or lynn@grantstreetcom.com.

Keeping your head above water when the world keeps
pushing you down

by Ron Jacobson

Seal head above waterWhy don't you have energy for your art? Why is everyone so critical about what you are doing? As much as we try, human nature is hard to comprehend and to predict. It's been proven that negativism is the biggest destroyer of energy and creativity in this world. So getting away from negativism is our ultimate goal. That is easier said than done in a world where news of gloom and doom are everywhere. We've all met individuals who feel the need to put down anything and everything anyone else is doing to make their life seems meaningful.

Throughout history mankind has proven how frail we are. We have witnessed how the mere intimidating words of, "that's no good"; can break and crush a person's self esteem. If you let it. And those four words are the key. Don't let it!

Right or wrong, good or bad; what you are doing with your art is ultimately for yourself. Your art is for your existence and your very well being. Being a person of integrity, you will naturally persevere to be better—to learn everything you can about your craft, whether that be writing, painting or performing in some form like singing or acting. Failures and road bumps have always been stepping stones to growth. Not letting others push you off of those stones is the challenge.

So I challenge each of you to write down your current goals. Put an action plan into place and work it. By going forward toward your goals, you can accept encouragement and words of criticism from others, because you now know what your own goals are. Some will gladly volunteer to tell you what they think. Others may have to be asked. Listen to all; then throw out the worst and the best like some sporting events have done for years. You still get the input on what's not working; but more importantly, you don't get an inflated head and lose sight of your goals.

Negativism destroys. Creativity is a building and growing process. The two are like oil and water; never to be mixed. Control your energy and creativity by controlling your negativity filter. Don't let any more negativism into your life than you can handle.

Ron Jacobson is a Professional Photographer and currently has two studios that he manages, with his wife Toni. He has added creativity coaching and is working towards CCA certification. To reach Ron: www.jacobsonstudio.com or www.ronjacobsoncreativecoach.com

Banish the Myth, Discover Your Choices

by Quinn McDonald

SunflowerWe grow up with certain ideas—we can grow up to be anything we want; if we just try hard enough, we can accomplish anything; and that women of this generation have finally reached the ability to have it all. These are myths. Your coach can't encourage you to believe them. But there is a bright side—other wonderful things are just behind those myths, waiting to delight you. Here are the truths behind the myths.

  1. You cannot have it all. And you don't want it all because you will need a place to keep it and you'll have to dust it regularly. Having it all causes financial, time, and relationship strain. Instead of having it all, pick what you really want and go after it with all your effort.
  2. Even in America, you cannot be anything you want. You may not have the talent to be a ballerina, singer, or theoretical mathematician, even if you practice seven hours a day. Here's the good news: half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb at and not doing it. Then take the extra time and get better at something you are already good at.
  3. Change happens, wanted or unwanted. Practice flexibility. Figure out how to negotiate your way when the ground shifts under you. (Working with a coach is excellent for dealing with change.) This is as true in jobs as in personal relationships. You can't live only in your comfort zone. Get out there and be uncomfortable. You'll learn about yourself.
  4. Being a loner or introvert is OK. Some people are exhausted by group activities, others get energy from them. Being alone is a skill that's important to learn. As we grow older, our friends and family die. If you are a woman you will probably outlive your mate. Practice being alone and happy. You'll be glad you figured it out when you need it. Finding yourself alone and having no idea how to handle it is a preventable double shock.
  5. Danger is not lurking at every corner. Making decisions out of fear creates an ugly life, not a safe one. Fear leads to wrinkles, paranoia, and other unwelcome emotions. Fear is a way people use to manipulate you into their tight little views. Give up fear and watch the sun come out, brighten your life, warm your soul.

Quinn McDonald is a certified creativity coach and workshop leader. See her work at QuinnCreative.com © 2008 All rights reserved.

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