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 Creativity Calling

The Newsletter of the Creativity Coaching Association

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the March issue of Creativity Calling!

I love spring! Spring ushers in new growth and ideas and is also a great time to look with fresh eyes at our creative lives. What is it that we love and cherish? What matters most to us? As we reflect on our answers to these questions we can purpose to step in that direction, rather than just wait to see what comes our way.

This month our CCA coaches share their views regarding ways each of us can make room for new growth. I believe a person's attitude and focus is the key. I alone choose my perspective and whether I will look for the abundant gifts that fill each of my days.

An aside: I'd like to recommend that anyone interested in building his/her creative career take a few minutes to check out an upcoming teleseminar. The March 21, 2009 event offers six one-hour sessions with the leading experts in platform building, web-based businesses, social networking, marketing and more?all geared specifically to a career in the arts. To learn all about it, click here.

We appreciate your readership and always love your feedback and suggestions.

All the best,
Beverly Down

Beverly Down , President & CEO, Creativity Coaching Association

Beginner's Mind

by Beth Barany

I was recently reminded of being a beginner again when I started tutoring elementary school kids. These eight and nine year olds are learning many things for the first time.When the kids delight in using "Obama" in a Hangman spelling game, or express glee at a rearrange-the-letter phonics exercise, their wonder is contagious.

Ah-- to have that joy and pleasure again! Well, I'm here to tell you can!

What is beginner's mind? And how can it help you in your creative projects? Someone with a beginner's mind approaches the world through fresh eyes. This state of mind can have a tremendous positive impact on your creative work.

A Thought Experiment: Imagine your life is an unwritten book. Imagine that you can paint your tomorrow just by the simple flick of your wrist. Imagine that you can choose blue or green or orange for the sky. Play, have fun, and color outside the lines. Now, imagine your current creative project on a projection screen in your mind's eye. Watch it slowly rotate 360º. Imagine you've never seen this project before. And play the "What if" game.

  • What if you created in a totally different way than you normally do? Instead of sketching before painting, try painting first.
  • What if you used material you don't normally use? Instead of using pastel threads in your tapestry, use bold colors. Or use pastels instead of bolds.
  • What if you randomly picked elements for your story from five words your friends gave you?
  • What if you composed a song in a day instead of a week?
  • What if no one was watching?
  • What if you expressed what you really, really meant to say?

Open your eyes to your blank canvas or quiet studio and dare to leap into a moment where this is the newest moment you've ever experienced. Create into this newness where you don't know, and let that be okay.

Jumping into the unknown can be scary. Being a beginner takes courage and risk. And joy. In your creative work, explore what it's like to not know, and to hold curiosity for what's next around the corner.

Happy Creating!

~© 2009 A Certified Creativity Coach, Beth Barany is specializes in helping individuals and organizations transform their ideas into books and in making the writing process fun. More at www.bethbarany.com.

Humbleness and Confidence

by Tiffany Bisconer

The idea is, in the world of creation, a choice between humbleness and confidence does not need to be made. The interplay between humbleness and confidence is a continuous balancing system apparent within the life of an artist. Humble confidence helps to keep an artist honest about their abilities, and assured enough to continue to put forth the effort inherent in creating. It also allows a person to be aware enough to know that being humble is what ensures continued growth.

Humbleness is thought to be reflective of a willingness to learn, to listen and a display of quiet compassion. To show humility is to admit to being human in an interconnected circuit of existence that is not simply isolated to one's own accomplishments, abilities and goals. Admitting mistakes is a positive side-effect of humbleness, a sign of humility that can allow an artist to overcome short-fallings and continue to improve their craft and ultimately refine their message. Humbleness is not weakness or self-depreciation; rather, it is truly wisdom in action.

To feel secure with a knowledge base after having worked hard to accomplish a level of mastery within a field, is a fundamental task towards the development of confidence. Confidence should not be confused with arrogance, ego, or a feeling of superiority. Confidence is belief in one's abilities. The more confident a person, the more capable of humbleness they become. The sacrifice of ego can open up doors of learning, which ultimately leaves a person open to the calls of inspiration that can motivate future work. Being as though art is created as a form of dialogue, the projection of true confidence can be a vehicle that drives an artist to succeed in communicating their vision.

When to be humble? When to be confident? Know that these are not opposing roles or conflicting concepts, they have the capability of being accomplished within the same moment. If a person believes in themselves and can bring forth the combination of confidence and humility, that interplay can be the most powerful sounding board in projecting an artist's intent. Ultimately, to have the most impact and to continue treading towards a higher level of work, confidence will need the support of humbleness each step of the way.

~Tiffany Bisconer is the founder and director of Beauty ConspiracyTM Artistry. She is a multi-faceted artist who finds her passion in cultivating creative thought and action in her own artistic path and in the lives of those she has the honor to work with. www.tiffanybisconer.com

Preparing For Spring Growth

by Diane Germanowski

It is amazing to me how our lives continue to be in tune with the seasons, the months, the days of the year, as were our ancestors for thousands of years. We are now in March, a time when we return to the soil, to our gardens, to prepare them for the growing season. And how do we prepare for that growth so that the results are bountiful, beautiful, and fulfilling?

We begin by clearing away any debris twisted around our plants left over from the winds of the winter months. We pull any broken stems and twigs and cut back dead growth from the prior fallow season. We then rake and aerate the soil allowing needed air and reception of water. We split and replant overabundant, overcrowded, and dying plants choking the life out of plants overcome by a need for the available resources. We fertilize and anxiously await our spring and summer results, knowing each month will now bring its rewards.

Our creativity demands, and deserves, the same attention. Now is the time to clear out dead, unworkable ideas. Ideas which for whatever reason have not been able to come to fruition, at least in their present form. Clear the space for new inspiration to have room to expand and germinate and root...Cultivate the sprouts, giving them air, water, and the light of day, so that they may develop as fresh inspiration and ideas, sometimes gestated from the old.

Continue the rituals of watering and fertilizing, perhaps new brushes, notebooks, strings, tuning, as part of the rite of spring. Have the tools you need and have them handy. And be there, show up to prepare, and nurture YOUR creative garden. Be amazed at how much you will reap from your garden and the bountiful harvest that will continue, with constant nurturing, of your creative life.

~Diane Germanowski is a multi faceted artist and creativity coach who focuses on reawakening, refreshing, and recharging her client's creative lives. View her bio at CCA,or contact her at dgermanow@yahoo.com, or visit, her soon to be released new web site, www.creativityandmeaning.com.

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Twenty years from now you will be more dissapointed by the things you didn't do than the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. " --Mark Twain

Are you:
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  • already a known artist but interested in taking your success to the next level?

For any of these situations, why not hire a creativity coach? Check out our database of nearly 50 coaches who are ready to work with you and propel you forward. CCA-member coaches specialize in nearly 100 different specialties.

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New CCA Creativity Coaching Classes
Beginning in April 2009!

" Life is not about finding yourself... Life is about Creating yourself. ~ E.W. Wilcox

If you've been thinking about becoming a creativity coach, or adding creativity coaching to your existing life coaching, consulting, or therapy practice, we invite you to explore CCA's Certification Program. Our program includes a variety of basic and advanced coaching courses that can be done online or through telecourses in a reasonable period of time. The knowledge and skills you will develop in this program will serve your own work and open up opportunities for you to professionally coach others.

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Hope You Enjoyed Our Newsletter!

This is the end of the March 2009 issue. Send us an email and let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

Note: If you are a life coach, executive coach, literary agent, therapist or any other profession involved with creative people, and you are interested in joining the Creativity Coaching Association, please drop me a note at join@creativitycoachingassociation.com for information.

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