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 Creativity Calling

The Newsletter of the Creativity Coaching Association

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the October issue of Creativity Calling!

Over a week has passed since the CCA's 2nd International Creativity Conference. What can I say? It was fabulous! What a fantastic incubator for new creative ideas and projects, newfound friendships (with many participants finding their true "tribe") and an incredible celebration of the creative gifts we all have to contribute to our world. Stay tuned for exciting CCA announcements in coming months.
I can't say enough about the conference -- thank you to everyone who attended and contributed! I will treasure the memories...the special bonds forged.

It is estimated that each of us has, on average, 80,000+ thoughts a day. And about 90% of those thoughts are the same as the previous day. So, we ask ourselves, "What can I do to break out of the repetitive cycles of thought that are not in my best interest?"  Certainly, awareness is pivotal and often some moment-by-moment vigilance. The good news: each day is fresh and new, holding forth promises of newly birthed creative expression. We can choose each day to view our lives with new eyes!

This month our team of CCA creativity coaches offers transforming thoughts to help us move into the new energy that awaits us. Dave, Brecia and Lavern share ideas on how to more consciously choose what it is we want to create; a reminder to enjoy the journey and take time to celebrate our accomplishments; and an invitation to persevere through our creative obstacles in order to keep the flow going. 

We're grateful for your readership - for the inspiration we receive from you.  Feel free to pass this newsletter along to anyone you know who enjoys an uplifting, inspiring message and will appreciate some tools to enhance and expand their creativity.


Bev Down
Beverly Down

Beverly Down , President & CEO, Creativity Coaching Association

No Green Beans for Us!

Pumpkin Scarecrow By Dave Storer

Out here in Iowa, our vegetable garden has finally released us from its demanding, summer-long grasp. Two years after moving out to the country, we still haven't quite gotten on top of the monster veggie garden we'd been planning for so long back in the city.

So this Fall has been a great time to relax and review the past growing season. It can be an equally good idea, I've learned, to take some time once a year or so to review your creative efforts.

We didn't get around to harvesting the green beans very well this year. When we thought about it, we realized something profound: We don't like green beans! And they don't preserve very well, either. So why in the name of the jolly green you-know-who have we planted them two years in a row? Because we felt we should? Because everyone else does? That's crazy! We're not going to plant any next year and this feels like a major revelation.

How many of us are creating certain things just because we think we must? How often do we even consciously examine why we're creating certain things as opposed to anything else? So take some time this Fall and ask yourself, "Am I creating exactly the sort of thing I want to create? Do I even really like this stuff? Does it preserve well?" (Okay, ignore the last question, unless we're still talking about vegetables.) The answer may surprise you. It may further surprise you how hard it can be to go against what you think or feel you should create, and go ahead and create what you really want to create. I mean, it is honestly going to be hard next year to not to plant green beans. I can feel the Veggie Gods looking at me right now with clear disapproval in their eyes.

So take my advice and ignore the Veggie Gods or anyone else who may be getting between you and the creative work you most want to do. Go, create, and have fun.

~ Dave Storer is taking some time off from creativity coaching to write a novel, and hopefully get in a decent crop of tomatoes. He's still happy to hear from anyone who wants to talk creativity. davestorer@fmctc.com

Musicians dancing with horns
Celebrate your Creative Successes

By Brecia Kralovic-Logan

Party hats; check. Noise makers: check. Victory dance: check.
Do you ever find yourself rushing from one activity to the next, crossing them off your list, but never actually taking the time to honor, appreciate and celebrate the creative things that you have accomplished? Autumn is a season of harvesting and a good time to remind ourselves to slow down and feel the satisfaction of a job well done. Celebrating even our small accomplishments infuses our life with gratitude and fills our days with joy. Taking time to acknowledge our small successes nurtures our confidence and bolsters us as we meet the challenges that are inherent in the creative life.
How do you acknowledge and celebrate your successes? Do you have a celebration ritual that you share with family or friends? Are you willing to "toot your own horn" to share your sense of accomplishment with others?

Marianne Williamson reminds us that sharing our success is an important part of building community. She says: "...as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

Put your party hats on. Make a little noise. Do a little dance. Celebrate your successes and let your light shine bright for all of us today.

~ Brecia Kralovic-Logan is a creativity coach and fiber artist in Santa Barbara, CA. She can be reached by email at: breciakl@gmail.com or visit www.breciacreative.com.

Lavern Bottoms

Congratulations to Lavern Bottoms,
CCA's newest Certified Creativity Coach!

Water on Stone: Eroding Obstacles to Creativity

By Lavern Bottoms  

"In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins - not through strength, but through persistence." (Buddha)

What keeps you from creating? Make a list of obstacles, large or small, that stand between you and your creative desires. Your list might include: too many distractions, not enough time, not organized, creative blocks, procrastination, or a myriad of other reasons. As you make your list, think about how the obstacles are related and adjust your list if necessary. For example, procrastination and not enough time might be symptoms of disorganization.

Now, imagine each item on your list as a rock in whatever size seems appropriate. You could have sizes ranging from pebbles for minor distractions to boulders for major issues. Visualize a stream flowing among the rocks. The stones seem permanent and indestructible by any means except extreme force. The water is constricted and turbulent as it pushes its way between and over the rocks. We've all felt the anxiety and frustration of wanting to create, but a seemingly indestructible obstacle was in the way.

Water on stone. The flowing water breaks off and carries away small pieces of the rocks in its path. Pick one or more items on your list and write down one small step you can do today that will help overcome that obstacle. Water on stone. Then do what you wrote down. Water on stone. Do one small thing each day to overcome the obstacles to your creativity. Water on stone. Over time the rocks change shape and diminish in size until they no longer block the water's path. Within a few weeks of consistent effort, you will notice the obstacles are less intimidating. Water on stone. The water becomes calm and flows smoothly over the sand that was once rocks. Soon you will be able to get to your creating without the turbulence of the obstacles. Water on stone.

~ Lavern Bottoms is an Oklahoma-based certified creativity coach. Check out her CCA profile or email her at ljbottoms@gmail.com.

New CCA Creativity Coaching Classes
begin September!

Life is not about finding yourself...
Life is about Creating yourself. ~ E.W. Wilcox

If you've been thinking about becoming a creativity coach, or adding creativity coaching to your existing life coaching, consulting, or therapy practice, we invite you to explore CCA's Certification Program. Our program includes a variety of basic and advanced coaching courses that can be done online or through telecourses in a reasonable period of time. The knowledge and skills you will develop in this program will serve your own work and open up opportunities for you to professionally coach others.
For details, please visit our Certification Program web page for a full explanation of the courses offered and requirements.

Tap into Our Database of Creativity Coachescca logo

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

--Mark Twain

Are you:

  • just starting out in exploring your creative desires?
  • a working artist who is stuck on a creative project?
  • looking for something new to juice up your creative work?
  • going into midlife and feeling that now is finally the time to do the art you always wanted to do?
  • already a known artist but interested in taking your success to the next level?

For any of these situations, why not hire a creativity coach? Check out our database of over 80 coaches who are ready to work with you and propel you forward. CCA-member coaches specialize in nearly 100 different specialties.

Find a coach here.

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Hope You Enjoyed Our Newsletter!

This is the end of the October 2010 issue. Send us an email and let us know your thoughts and suggestions.  

Note: If you are a life coach, executive coach, literary agent, therapist or any other profession involved with creative people, and you are interested in joining the Creativity Coaching Association, please drop me a note at join@creativitycoachingassociation.com for information.

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