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 Creativity Calling

The Newsletter of the Creativity Coaching Association

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the January issue of Creativity Calling!

Good wishes are still flowing to you for your new beginnings in 2011. January was named after Janus, the Roman god of doors and gateways, thus making January our door to the new year.

The Chinese begin their new year in the spring, and essentially, all of our calendars are manmade, so each of us gets to decide when our new beginnings launch and what that will look like. How do you see your creative life during 2011? What doorways do you want to pass through this year to usher in more joy and fulfillment?

Although I no longer make "resolutions", I do love to seize invitations to begin anew. My birthday is next week, so this is my favorite time of the year to re-align with my highest purpose, to design and set intentions for the coming year. I'm grateful every day for the choices that life offers.

This month our CCA coaches offer special invitations to choose the life of our dreams. Melissa urges us to look at the importance our dreams hold for the betterment of all. John shares interesting perspectives on the rhythm of our dance with creativity. And Barbara asks that our wise future selves might lend a hand in setting our new intentions. Wonderful things have a way of manifesting when our intentions/goals are in alignment with our authentic selves. Let's leave behind what no longer serves us, gracefully walking through the doorway to our best lives.

Please continue to send us your comments and suggestions for future newsletter topics--we want your input and love your feedback!

All the best,

Beverly Down

Beverly Down , President & CEO, Creativity Coaching Association

Eagle in flight2011--A Year of Living Dangerously

 By Melissa A. Rosati

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke these words not framed in the majestic shadow of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. but from the dank shadow of a jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama four months prior to the march on our nation's capital.

 Dr. King was called to Birmingham to fulfill a promise of aid to the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights in their struggle for equality and freedom. His ministry could be characterized as one of creative chaos. Challenging the status quo to reach deep within their hearts and minds to purge our society of segregation, Dr. King stood on the precipice of a new social order. The march continues.

 This month, let us honor Dr. King (born January 15, 1929) by considering our own dreams. Is yours a dream of comfort or a compelling dream of difference?  

One perspective on this question is to think in terms of passion and adversary. What's your deepest passion? This is literally the fire in your belly. Then consider the adversary that is most disturbing to you. It might be hunger, social injustice, poverty, illiteracy, the treatment of the environment, etc. How can you use your passion to eradicate your adversary? When you have the answer to that question, you have your compelling dream.  

"There is a fierce urgency of Now," Dr. King proclaimed in his I Have a Dream speech on August 28, 1963. This sense of urgency has always been a part of the human condition. Facing the threat of violence, character assassination, and hatred, he gave voice to the urgency of now. This is his legacy and his call to action. Without voice, a dream is one of comfort. When you give your dream its voice, no danger is too great to overcome.  

What will be your legacy?

~Melissa A. Rosati, CPCC, is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute and accredited with the International Coach Federation. She coaches writers and artists. www.melissascoachingstudio.com

The Dance Between Edge and Center

By John MacDonald

Why is it that, even under the best of circumstances, living a creative life is so often difficult, so often full of angst? Much of the difficulty can be attributed to one simple fact: creative thinking, working, and learning can only take place on our edge, when we've journeyed out of our safe and secure center and jumped into the unknown. By definition, if we stay in our center, surrounding ourselves by only those things we already know and doing only those things we already know how to do, learning becomes impossible. We can learn only when we're on our edge. But it's not easy being there. Staying on our edge will always trigger feelings of discomfort or fear. Wouldn't life be so much easier and more pleasant if we could stay in our center, in the place where we're surrounded by things we already know so well? Do we have to choose between either a creative but fearful life or a safe but boring life? No, we can have both. In fact, we need both. To learn, we must be on our edge. To make sense of what we've learned, we need to be in our center.

 The creative life is a dance, a never-ending movement between taking risks, trying new techniques, throwing ourselves into the unknown fearlessly, and then gathering what we've learned, retreating to our strengths, and fitting it into the body of knowledge we already have. Like a pendulum, we must spend time on our edge, tolerating the discomfort while we explore, and then we must swing back to center, integrating what we've learned. We stay on our edge until the discomfort becomes too much for us; we remain in our center until our itch to "try something new" becomes greater than our desire for comfort. How long we can stay in either place will differ from other artists and will change over time. We may be content working in one style, one medium, or one form of expression for years before we feel the need to change. Or we may blaze through a succession of different ways of working in a few weeks. Both are part of the creative life. Understanding this dynamic, we can more easily let go of the comfort of our center, we can throw ourselves into the unknown with greater peace of mind, and we can reconnect with the joy of living a creative life, wherever we are.

~John MacDonald is a freelance illustrator, painter, and certified creativity coach, who specializes in working with visual artists and particularly around issues of anxiety and fear. To learn more, visit www.thecreativewell.com © 2011

Fire Light

Five 'Inspiring Quotes'

From Bev Down

The optimist sees opportunity in every danger; the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity.  ~Winston Churchill

It is never too late to be what you might have been. ~George Eliot

Expect abundance. The stream of plenty always flows towards the open, expectant mind. ~Bob Proctor

You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.
~Oprah Winfrey

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Creativity Coaching Certification Program for 2011

Life is not about finding yourself...
Life is about Creating yourself. ~ E.W. Wilcox

If you've been thinking about becoming a creativity coach, or adding creativity coaching to your existing life coaching, consulting, or therapy practice, we invite you to explore CCA's Certification Program. Our program includes a variety of basic and advanced coaching courses that can be done online or through telecourses in a reasonable period of time. The knowledge and skills you will develop in this program will serve your own work and open up opportunities for you to professionally coach others.

For details, please visit our Certification Program web page for a full explanation of the courses offered and requirements.

Barbara Martin

Congratulations to Barbara Martin, CCA's Newest Certified Creativity Coach!

Encountering the New Year: Note to Self
By Barbara Martin  

Have you ever written a letter to yourself? For example, your future self could write a letter to your current self. How about something along these lines:

"Dear Self at the beginning of the new year 2011, 

I hope you are looking forward to 2011. You will have an exciting year and you will discover so many new things about being you!

You'll learn new things about the people you already know, and you'll gain new perspective through all the new people you will meet this year.

Each day you will take in so much inspiration from the world all around you, just as you share your creativity and your you-ness with the world. 

The coming year holds so much to anticipate. Yes, you will work hard. You will play hard, too. And sometimes life might seem hard, but it will turn out okay.  (You are allowed to ask for help from your friends when it is needed. The occasional nap is fine.  And laughter? It's a necessity.)

You have tremendous passion and energy, inner strength and resilience, smarts and skills, and a great sense of humor, too. These all serve you well in getting through each day, each week, each month. This year you'll do more than just get by or get through. Some days you will sail! leap! float! soar!

And your creativity will shine all year long. Be sure to give it a good buff and spit polish each and every day so it gleams brightly no matter the weather. There's just no substitute for that daily creative workout habit: even a quick five minutes here and ten minutes there can make a big difference over the course of an entire year.

Smile warmly--and/or wink--at yourself in the mirror each morning. Yes, halloo you!

There's so much to look forward to! Enjoy your year!

Fondly with Love, Genuine Encouragement, a Strong Backbone, and Great Kindness,

(signed) The You-of-December-31, 2011

PS IMPORTANT:  Take yourself on those weekly Artist Dates!  

Your own letter might be a little different from this one. What good things would you like to say to yourself?

~Barbara Martin, MBA is a writer, artist and certified creativity coach. She blogs sporadically at http://reptitude.com/ and can be reached at BarbaraMartin2@gmail.com or @Reptitude on Twitter.

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