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 Creativity Calling

The Newsletter of the Creativity Coaching Association

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the June issue of Creativity Calling!

I hope the month of June has been fun and fulfilling for you. For me, it has flown by as I've traveled coast to coast. My first trip was to the beautiful coastal area of Northwestern Washington state (I highly recommend exploring the North Cascades National Park with its mountains and glacial lakes), and the second was a week spent in my beloved hometown on the northern coast of Ohio.

Following an especially long and cold winter in upstate New York, it felt wonderful to be moving about outdoors. And just as seasonal climate changes come and go, all of us are continuously presented with challenges and opportunities for keeping our creative lives moving forward.

This month we have four CCA creativity coaches--all residing in North America--offering inspirational ideas and practical tools for staying productive and balanced in one's creative work. Mary reminds us to keep our dream alive and focused, whether it be a new goal or sharpening our current vision. Gary gives us valuable tips for keeping ourselves on track when our creativity is confronted with roadblocks. You'll appreciate the useful strategies from Miranda on how to enjoy the summer without losing creative momentum. And finally, our newest certified coach, Nan Weed, shares her wisdom and insights on how she sailed through her fears to become the person she was meant to be.

Do mark your calendars for the CCA's next "Transformational Tuesdays" live call: I'll be speaking with creativity coach Quinn McDonald at 11:00 AM (EST) on Tuesday, July 12. Also, my interview with Mary Beall Adler was rescheduled for Tuesday, August 2 (you'll find more information on both calls within this newsletter). These one-hour live calls are loaded with helpful information and are "free" because we appreciate you!

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Enjoy Your Self!


Beverly Down

Beverly Down , President & CEO,
Creativity Coaching Association

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painting toolsCreate Your Dream

 By Mary Beall Adler

It all begins with a dream. We allow ourselves to imagine, believe, and create beyond our wildest expectations when we accept the possibility of building our "castles in the air". As Henry David Thoreau said, " Of course we build our castles in the air. That's where they should be. Then we have to build a foundation under them."

We can dramatically transform our artistic areas of expertise and business by embracing creativity, and establishing the resonance of our soul. It's important to know your subject matter well and realize what makes you an expert. There is nothing more attractive and productive then your own uniqueness and authenticity. Know what that is and be willing to articulate and share it.

First, imagine exactly what you want to create. Make that vision your plan. Collaborate with associates and partners through the process of putting these ideas down on paper. Evaluate your resources and put in place financial controls that work for you. Next, take your easily understood steps and keep moving forward, because your course toward creating your dream has begun.

Once a stranger experiences part of your energy and creation they will become clients, associates, and partners. Engage them. Build a strong base and listen to your heart. This foundation will ground and affirm that the most interesting thing about art and being creative is that it can be done.

~ Mary Beall Adler is a certified creativity coach and can be found at:
http://www.marybealladler.com/http://www.georgetownbagelry.com; MaryBeallAdler on LinkedIn; Facebook; & Twitter and mary@marybealladler.com

Getting Back on the Path When Life Pushes Us Off

By Gary Goodwin 

No matter how well things are going or how well we plan, we can be knocked off our path because life intervenes. That's reality. There is no trick to learn to make sure that this never happens. Instead the secret lies with knowing how to react when it does.

Distractions are the little things we can live without but sure are compelling. Watching one rerun of Seinfeld is o.k. but if you make watching a weekend marathon a priority ahead of your creative projects, we've got problems. Compared to dips and dives, distractions are something we can deal with. First, we need to list all of our distractions, large or small. Next, we can set a "diet" of work and distractions in proper proportion. Before sitting down to work, we need to "cut a deal" to decide which distraction we can indulge in later, after our creative session is over. Do the work, and then go play.

Dips are changes that knock us off our path for a week, a few weeks, or a month. A new puppy, out of town visitors, or a cold are dips. Dips are demanding and, we can still keep one toe in our creative lives. We can take a few minutes most days to revise, polish, or actually work on something. We keep our projects alive during the dip by doing small steps, and keeping continuity in our daily lives, across the dip, onto more detailed work after the dip.

Dives hit us in profound ways. A death, a divorce, or other major events will drive our creative lives away for lengthy periods. All we can do in a dive is deal with the dive. Being so immersed can cause us to forget our creative lives not only for that moment but for a long time after the dive. So we don't forget that we had a life before the dive, we need to open our calendar and pick a possible date on which we can return to our creative work. We must get a date down. If that date comes and we are not ready, we pick another. Regardless if it takes a month or year, we declare our return to creativity.

~ Gary Goodwin, is a coach to creatives and to people who are stressed out. See: www.TheStuckCreative.com and www.WildStress.com

The Art of Summer

By Miranda Hersey 

If summer has come to your part of the world, your daily routines have probably changed. Whether it's the longer days, kids out of school, vacation plans, or simply the warmer weather, you may be finding it difficult to focus on your creative work. Here's how to get the most out of the summer months without losing creative momentum.

Use the outdoors to your advantage. If your creative work is portable, take it outside. Paint outside, play music outside, work on your laptop outside. Allow yourself to soak up the intensity of summer and invite the season to permeate your creative work. For those in northern climates, summer is gone in the blink of an eye-so get out there and enjoy it, while being creative to boot.

Choose a creative goal to complete before autumn. Consider the framework of your summer and decide on a reasonable objective. Your goal might be "finish five chapters in my novel," "complete three canvases," or simply "be creative every day." Share your goal with others, as accountability will help you stay on track. You might also consider an external endpoint, such as a contest deadline, to add focus.

Set a minimum daily requirement. Summer seems to require an extra dose of flexibility-and the last thing you want is more "shoulds" in your life. That said, it's helpful to set a "bare minimum" daily requirement. Being creative every day keeps the pump primed and will make it much easier for you to resume your regular creative practice when the time comes. So decide that no matter what, every day you will write 100 words, sketch for 10 minutes, sing for half an hour-whatever makes sense.

Take a creative staycation. If budget and/or logistics prohibit going on a creative retreat, make your own. Pick a long weekend, design your own program, and send the kids to grandma's. Your retreat can include a trip to a museum, a long solitary walk, browsing art magazines or an inspiring book, and of course, plenty of creative practice.

~ Miranda Hersey is a writer, artist, creativity coach, and host of the group blog Studio Mothers. As a business owner and the mother of five, Miranda is passionate about helping others live deeply satisfying, creative lives. You can reach Miranda at miranda@penandpress.com and www.penandpress.com

Creativity Coaching Certification Program for 2011

Life is not about finding yourself...
Life is about Creating yourself. ~ E.W. Wilcox

If you've been thinking about becoming a creativity coach, or adding creativity coaching to your existing life coaching, consulting, or therapy practice, we invite you to explore CCA's Certification Program. Our program includes a variety of basic and advanced coaching courses that can be done online or through telecourses in a reasonable period of time. The knowledge and skills you will develop in this program will serve your own work and open up opportunities for you to professionally coach others.

For details, please visit our Certification Program web page for a full explanation of the courses offered and requirements.

Congratulations to Nan Weed,
CCA's newest Certified Creativity Coach!

Learning To Sail
By Nan Weed

One thing that has really helped me discover how to push out my edges has been learning to sail and buying my own sailboat. I have a real love-fear of water, stemming from childhood experiences; it's not rational, and I accept that. My husband fell in love with sailing over ten years ago and proceeded to prove himself to be a natural sailor and quite intent on making it the most important part of his life. So, of course, I too wanted to learn, but my progress was impeded by things like hyperventilating every time the boat heeled over five degrees. It took me a few years to realize that I had to find a way to grow into my desire to sail at my own pace, feeling safe enough to push out my edges slowly and under my control.

This long process of moving from a hyperventilating, terrified first mate to the skipper of my own ship has been wonderfully empowering. It has become my personal metaphor for tackling something I want, in spite of fear.

A partial list of what it has taught me? -- patience, persistence, humor, remembering to breathe, help from smart people who believe in my abilities when I doubt that I have any, value of trial and error, willingness to "try it on" even when I'm not totally sure of myself, deep belief in teamwork, finding the "fun" for restoring energy, and holding close the belief that what I am doing has meaning to me.

All of these experiences in my ongoing and never completed adventure of learning to sail transfers well to what I consider my more formal "creative practice" in painting and drawing and in how I view coaching clients and their struggles in finding and developing their own creative practice.

My point here? Sometimes I find that an entirely separate part of my life has answers about how to transform those big, serious objectives that threaten to obscure the fun and creative energy which can fuel growth. Sometimes the path is not straight but meanders across the lake out back when I thought I should be hanging out on the front porch.

~ Nan Weed is a practicing visual artist and creativity coach who can be found at www.nanweedstudio.com 

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Silencing the Inner Critic
Join Bev Down, CEO of the Creativity Coaching Association, as she interviews CCA certified coach, Quinn McDonald, about the positive and negative effects of feeling "not enough" in our creative work and lives. How do we claim our creativity back from "not enough"? Some stress can be motivating, whereas too much is not. Tune in to hear more on this fascinating subject.

Quinn McDonald is a certified creativity coach. Her newly-released book, Raw Art Journaling: Making Meaning, Making Art is already an Amazon.com Best-Seller in the categories of Creativity, Mixed Media and Crafts and Hobbies. She can be reached through her website, QuinnCreative.com

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Embracing Creativity to Transform Your Business
Join Bev Down, CEO of the Creativity Coaching Association, as she speaks with CCA certified coach, Mary Beall Adler, on how she used creativity as a business strategy to transform her traditional business to stand out from the crowd. Mary believes you must first take the time to develop your creative ideas fully, using the right tools and expanding your understanding of who you are, where you are going, and what you want to do, in order to connect with others and create an awesome business.

Mary Beall Adler, as a small business owner and certified creativity coach, feels that baking, like music, dance, and the arts, requires form, function, consistency and aesthetics. She and her team of Master Bagel Bakers have created a consistent tradition of excellence and innovation at the Georgetown Bagelry in Bethesda, MD. www.GeorgetownBagelry.com

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