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 Creativity Calling

The Newsletter of the Creativity Coaching Association

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the August issue of Creativity Calling!

September is right around the corner and for many this means last minute scrambling to pack in some fun events. For others, there's an attitude of, "it's time to get back to business" that signals strategic planning ahead for new fall projects and/or learning environments. Where do you find yourself?

I'm a strong proponent of end of season assessment and re-alignment...for good reason. I want my actions in alignment with my own highest values and looking at where I've been helps me to better choose where I want to go and what's truly best for me! The benefits of setting aside time to do this not only increases my own personal happiness, but also helps me in giving my best self to others. I choose not to live in "should haves or guilts or ought to's" by choosing what is right for me. 

This month we have four CCA Creativity Coaches offering inspirational thoughts and practical tools to unearth our personal best. Brecia asks us to focus our attention on the beauty that surrounds us and shares tips on how to increase our daily awareness. Melissa offers techniques for creating more productive habits in order to live the lives we desire. Shaqe urges us to allow the gifts of "color" to benefit our creative selves both inside and out. And Neomi speaks poignantly of her journey in becoming the first CCA Certified Creativity Coach in Israel--a special congratulations to her!

So, there you have it! Please allow yourself a few minutes to relax, kick your shoes off, grab a cool drink and enjoy our newsletter.We encourage you to forward it to friends, family and colleagues. And, as always, don't hesitate to send us your feedback and suggestions.

Enjoy your creative life!

Beverly Down

Beverly Down , President & CEO,
Creativity Coaching Association

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painting toolsPracticing Beauty

 By Brecia Kralovic-Logan

Have you ever noticed how your body reacts in the presence of something truly beautiful? I have actually felt like running toward something I find beauty in, as if it had a magnetic force drawing me to it. We have a physical reaction when we encounter beauty and a very personal connection to that which we deem beautiful. Whether we are appreciating something exquisite from nature or something crafted by human hands, we can feel a real sense of release of stress, doubt, fear, and judgment when we surrender to beauty. Bringing our awareness to the beauty in our lives helps us to be present to our surroundings, to feel joyfully uplifted, to inspire hope, to appreciate even the smallest bits of color and texture that make our hearts sing. This allows our creative energy to flow freely.

Here are 5 simple ways to tune into our physical sense of beauty in our day-to-day lives. 

  • Bring natural beauty into your home and work space by displaying flowers, stones, twigs, feathers, or photos of natural scenarios that make you feel uplifted.
  • Listen daily to the sounds you love--whether that is the croaking of frogs or your favorite symphony.
  • Bring your awareness to sensations on your skin from the warmth of the sun, to the cool, crispness of clean sheets.
  • Eat slowly and consciously, especially when enjoying foods that you love.
  • Fill your spaces with scents from flowers, candles, oils or the aroma of bakery. Notice the way that the smells rejuvenate your whole sensory system.

In what ways do you incorporate beauty into your creativity practice?

"Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them." ~Marcus Aurelius

 ~ Brecia Kralovic-Logan is a fiber artist and CCA certified creativity coach in Santa Barbara, California. She can be reached by email at: breciakl@gmail.com. Visit her web site at www.breciacreative.com

Habits of Being

By Melissa Rosati

The day begins in typical fashion. I take out my notebook and go to my page of journal prompts. Completed prompts marked with a neat check mark to signal that I am to move forward to the next one. I set the time for 30 minutes and turn to a fresh page in my journal.

The prompt: What am I choosing today?

On cue, the buzzer sounds exactly 30 minutes after I start writing. I stop writing and flip back to the prompt list. But before I place the check mark, my inner voice asks: "is journal writing really productive? Am I engaged in writing as a choice or has this routine become a stale habit?"

Pursuing these questions, I stumbled upon an amazing book: The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg. One Duke University paper cited by Duhigg states that more than 40% of the actions people performed each day weren't actual choices, but habits. In his research, Duhigg learned from scientists that "habits emerge because the brain is constantly looking for ways to save effort."  And with the brain, there are no judgments about good or bad habits. The value of the habit makes no difference. In its efficiency, the brain processes three things: cues, routines, and rewards. This is the habit loop.

With habits, the cue is what switches the brain into autopilot, allowing it to complete the routine and claim the reward. Since cues and rewards are intertwined, the way to change a habit is to focus on changing routines. This process starts by using our observation skills. Cues are subtle and surfacing them can be tricky. Duhigg explains that cues fall into five categories.

  • Location
  • Time
  • Emotional state
  • Other people
  • Preceding action

By keeping basic notes on what you notice about cues in your environment, you are on your way to  re-structuring routines that will change your habits.

~ Melissa A. Rosati, CPCC, is a CCA member based in New York City.  You can contact her at www.melissascoachingstudio.com

Eat Your Colors!
... for aesthetics and health

By Shaqe Kalaj 

I have always found painting to be one of the best ways to access the benefits of colors. When you paint with green you can instantly feel soothed by the color. But when I paint with magenta its as if my energy reawakens. Yellow can provide for me access similar to that of a child's happiness. So if we can choose to use colors in life to alter our personal disposition and change are perspective, just imagine what colors can do for you when you digest them. 

Just with fruit we can access so many colors. I love cantaloupe for its peachy-orange interior, I find it so delightful to look at cantaloupe and then digesting them is utter sweetness. Know if you really want to excite your eyes and taste buds mangoes are not only bright but are filled with many nutrients. It's super high on Vitamin A, C, and B12.  So the benefits of digesting colors can aesthetically and physically increase your vitality.

Another one of my favorite fruits during the summer time is watermelon, it has the high water content that cools you on a warm day, while also increasing your fiber content. It also provides you with the right sugar to increase your brain power. And I find that when I am working on a creative project I definitely need my brain energized.

As you see colors provide us many benefits. First, it's a source of aesthetic pleasure to enrich our lives. But when we digest various colors we can receive all of what nature provides for us physically as well. So enjoy some of nature with your eyes and with your mouth and you may find that it affects you creatively.

~ Shaqe Kalaj (pronounced shacha call-eye) is a CCA certified creativity coach, creativity consultant, working artist, and teaching artist, who is based in Hudson Valley, New York. She can be reached at shacha@imshacha.com  and http://www.mentoringyourcreativity.com/coachingconcepts/wellbeing.html

Congratulations to Neomi Adar, CCA's Newest Certified Creativity Coach!

My Coach-In Journey

By Neomi Adar Hoffmann

This past year has been the most challenging year of my life...

I've always deeply believed that only when one plans his future, DO things happen--only when you have aims and goals, can you move forward.

I define myself as person driven by assignments, unafraid of challenges--au contraire! Hence it's easy to understand my big surprise when one fine day I found myself totally drained from energy, with no ability to go forward, or any motivation to plan even the smallest step towards my previous goals.

Upon self-examination, I understand what led to this perplexing situation: I had moved my family to a temporary small house while the work on our new house continues. Along with this inconvenient move, our eldest daughter left home and moved to the big city. Our son was recruited to the Israeli Defense Force; it felt like we'd raised him for 19 years, only to "deposit" him temporarily into the hands of the army--it was very hard. Our youngest daughter graduated high school and joined a special pre-army gap year program.

The emotional stress caused by so many changes left its mark even physically, and the tests I took, do prove it... even though the "empty nest" is a normal stage in life, it is devastating when it all happens at the same time.

I have chosen to share this with you, because what helped me get out of the never-ending circle was the tools I acquired in the creativity coaching association's training program.

On one gloomy day, I reflected on the many tools I'd gained from the program, the people I'd coached who successfully moved forward in their goals and dreams, and I had an epiphany--I decided  to coach ME.

Immediately, I felt a little better. I thought, I know how to coach other people, so why not try? I didn't tell anyone, but took all that I learned and applied it on ME. I vowed not to be judgmental or critical and gave myself the time I needed.

Little by little, I moved through my barriers, my energy came back and I moved forward. It was not simple--but I got back on track, got my smile back, and felt the familiar rhythm of life again. I was back!

I hope you can understand that being your own self-coach does takes a bit of creativity. I can only thank the CCA creativity coaching program--I have now experienced it personally!

~ Neomi Adar Hoffmann is a CCA certified creativity coach who manages the Ashdod museums and art institutions in Israel. She is also a writer, life coach and group facilitator. You can reach her at neomiadar@walla.com 

New CCA Coaching Certification Courses Starting Soon!

Life is not about finding yourself...
Life is about Creating yourself.

~ E.W. Wilcox

If you've been thinking about becoming a creativity coach, or adding creativity coaching to your existing life coaching, consulting, or therapy practice, we invite you to explore CCA's Certification Program. Our program includes a variety of basic and advanced coaching courses that can be done online or through telecourses in a reasonable period of time. The knowledge and skills you will develop in this program will serve your own work and open up opportunities for you to professionally coach others.

For details, please visit our Certification Program web page for a full explanation of the courses offered and requirements.

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This is the end of the August 2013 issue. Send us an email and let us know your thoughts and suggestions. 
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