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Creativity Calling

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the July issue of Creativity Calling!

It is summertime here in the USA, and for many of us in the states, it's a season that can pass by very quickly. Especially for those of us residing in the northern part of the country!

So, the question is: how can we more fully embrace this season--seizing the summer's delights--without completely derailing our creative work?

For me, it begins and ends with awareness, with consciously shifting/tweaking my thoughts and attitudes. "Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes, nothing ever stays quite the same..." is the sage advice from singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffet.

Then, once we have made that shift, deciding (or committing) to follow through with the plan generally does ensure success!

This month's articles bring to us light, breezy, helpful suggestions for staying inspired while moving forward with our gifts and creative passions. Barbara poses compelling questions to assist with re-envisioning and re-defining what success might look like to us during the seasonal changes. Jocelyn offers 5 tips for adding some creative sizzle to your summer. Diane shares reasons for staying open to new inspirations and why capturing these ideas is crucial to our work. And we also are featuring Diane's new book: Blaze of Colour: Embracing Creativity in this month's newsletter.

Lastly, we celebrate Marin Magat as the newest CCA Certified Creativity Coach! Marin shares her step-by-step path of reaching her creative goals alongside creating a family.

There you have it--lots of great ideas for you to enjoy and implement for creative living!

As always, don't hesitate to contact us with topics you'd like to see featured in future newsletters. We love your input and suggestions!Feel free to forward our newsletters to your creative friends & colleagues.

All the best,


Beverly Down

Beverly Down , President & CEO,
Creativity Coaching Association

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Sugaring: Tapping into our CreativitySeason of Possibilities
By Barbara Martin

We've passed the solstice. Somehow, each new season seems to change everything. Accept that things will be different. If you have children, the household shifts gears. Weather extremes may force changes in your daily routine. You might even drop everything and head out on vacation.

Some of us face these forced changes with sad frustration. We can't work like this! Yet others experience break-throughs, sabbatical style learning, and joyful re-entry at the season's end.

Could we consciously encourage the latter, more invigorating result for ourselves? Sure.

As long as things are going to be different regardless of your preferences, why not imagine ways to channel or influence the "different" so that it works for you, so it is both different AND better?

Re-envision change as an opportunity and consider other ways things might happen, other directions you could take. Experiment with your routine, refine or change up your methods, tweak your working style. Search for inspiration in new places.

What if you discover a new line of inquiry? Revive an exciting idea you set aside earlier? Recast your technique to accommodate micro-bursts of effort?

What if you redefine success--what does success look like in this new and different reality? What else could it look like? How might it feel to succeed in an other way?

By operating under different assumptions, by opening our awareness to allow a hairline of light to shine through, we may find ourselves leaping ahead. Or falling temporarily into the abyss, though let's not linger there. Instead, find ways to cast the line, stake out your rightful place, fasten your seat belt and blast off. Whether we land with a thump or a promise, we can be thankful for the brilliant opportunity to experience the creative process in a new way. After all, aren't we most likely to encounter serendipity when we are open to possibilities?

~ Barbara Martin is a CCA certified creativity coach, Right Brain Business Plan facilitator, writer, and artist working in collage, acrylic and encaustic. She is co-founder of Creative Hillsboro in Hillsboro,Oregon. You can connect with her at http://www.barbaramartinart.com or via BarbaraMartinArt on Facebook.

Adding Sizzle to Your Summer: what a little creative play can do for you during the heat.
By Jocelyn Paige Kelly

Summer is here and so is the heat. How does this affect your creativity?

Momentum can be a challenge when you're battling against hot weather. It's easy to blow off your projects when it's hard to cool down. Also, the gravity of nice summer weather might be pulling you towards the pool rather than inspiring you to take the time to do the work.

Here are a few tips on how to add some sizzle to your summer creativity:
Bring a notebook with you while spending time outdoors. Take notice of things that spark your interest and write them down for later.
Schedule yourself time to enjoy the weather and time to do the work. Planning ahead and making a commitment will help keep you track.

If you enjoy a few good summer reads, then add that into your plans for the summer. Read books that fuel your ideas and add to your motivation as well as your knowledge and skills.
Gather friends and kindred spirits and have a creative party. Make it a theme or just have people bring their own creative projects to share.

Work with a partner on a short-term creative project. The synergy might inspire you in your other projects and goals.
Remember, passion is at the very center of all creativity. It's the fuel that sparks our spirit. Listen to your passions. Nurture them and they will nurture you even during a summer heat wave.

~ Jocelyn Paige Kelly is a CCA certified creativity coach and writing coach who understands the vulnerable relationship between creativity and wellness. Her passion and joy in life is in helping others realize their creative life by understanding their own creative rhythm. Visit her blog for tips on creativity and wellness: http://realizingyourcreativelife.com/blog.html.

Be Inspired!
By Diane Eastham

Inspiration is that lovely burst of energy as the pulse of an idea zings through the mind, capturing and engaging our attention in a positive ways. We watch a cooking show, discover a new recipe and try it out for dinner. We pull into our driveway after a difficult day, and decide to give the front door a new coat of paint in a welcoming color. Or we see an image, perhaps a photograph, in a magazine, on-line, on a bulletin board that captures our attention. We ask that all-important question: "What if..." Then we daydream a little. Our perspective shifts, we see new possibilities, a way forward in our creative work. We become inspired.

It's surprising how often such moments contain wisdom for our creative work. If we get into the habit of capturing these ideas as they occur, jotting them down, we can ensure that we have them for future reference and build an inventory of inspirations to draw on. That way we never need to wait for inspiration to begin our creative work. Experience has shown me that even skimming through my list of "jots" can re-inspire me. Such jots have worked their way into all aspects of my creative work: writing, art, photography and teaching.

Use whatever you are comfortable with to capture these fleeting ideas and moments of inspiration. These days there are lots of portable devices that can be used to record ideas (tablets, digital phones with photographic capabilities, video recorders etc.) Or keep a notebook beside your bed, in a pocket or purse...and jot down ideas as they flit through your mind. Jots can even take the form of small doodled drawings.

Having a portfolio of ideas for a rainy day means never working in an idea vacuum; we never have to invent completely from scratch. Over time, as we build our list, we may see a pattern developing: our creative vision is emerging as we learn what kinds of things appeal to us, capture our attention and inspire us.

~ Diane Eastham is a Creativity Coach, artist, photographer, teacher and author of Blaze of Colour: Embracing Creativity. You can reach her at www.dianeeastham.com.


Congratulations to Marin Magat,
CCA's Newest Certified Creativity Coach!

My Creative Journey--Art, Motherhood, and the CCA

By Marin Magat

Discovering the CCA came after my first year as a "recovering creative" after a 2-year illness. That year I called myself an artist and had my first show in 10 years. I also became pregnant with my daughter. I credit Julia Cameron's Artist Way with my creative and physical recovery and was so grateful that I began to think about ways to support others to do the same. Around that time I learned I could extend my unemployment benefits through an educational opportunity. What would I most love to do? I asked myself. I searched the internet for "life coaching + creativity" and found the CCA Certification Program.

At the time my daughter, Wesley, was a few months old. I assumed the certification would take 1 year. Now, nearly 3-years later a more seasoned (and realistic) mother with a second child, 9-month old Bernard, I have completed it.

The CCA courses helped me focus on the aspects of creativity coaching where I had most passion and personal experience. I decided to work with women who also wanted to recover their fertility by recovering their creativity. My first client in this endeavor birthed a miraculous daughter 2 months ago. I also used my interest in brain research to develop a class which combined this and child development to teach about the Creative Brain. I help students embody their right and left hemisphere through experiential activities. Using the two hemispheres together allows them to achieve maximum creativity.

Making time to seek clients and coach while care-taking my 2 children has been challenging. What I practice is continuing to take small steps towards my coaching goals as time allows. In this way I will teach in 1-2 new venues this Fall. Also, I never lose track of my gratitude for my children and try to integrate all aspects of my life. What I learn from their brain development and creative growth fuels what I am able to offer clients and students.

~ Marin Magat is a mother, artist, CCA certified creativity coach and a teacher. For more information or to reach Marin please go to marinmagat.com , or for Creativity Life Coaching go to depth-coach.com.

Blaze of Colour:
Embracing Creativity
By Diane Eastham

Blaze of Colour: Embracing Creativity is the perfect book for anyone wishing to nurture creativity. This book weaves together six content strands: personal narrative explores the creative process in action, current research and best practice; strategies are offered for developing creativity; 90+ exercises offer hands-on experience and 18 colour book plates of original art provide visual inspiration. 17 chapters in length, this is a beautiful book to read, look at and savour.

Available through Diane's website www.dianeeastham.com

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