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 Creativity Calling

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the February issue of Creativity Calling!

For many of us, this month of amore places a special focus on the subject of love. But when we speak of love in all of its many expressions, we aren't limiting ourselves only to "romantic love" or one specific relationship.

My favorite topic is love--in all of its facets! Allow me to share: I believe that within each of us is a core of love and creativity and this presence of unlimited creativity and love is our real self...the essence of our being. I believe that the more fully we can align with our true essence, the brighter our light shines for all to see.

The late Leo Buscaglia said, "To live in love is life's greatest challenge." I agree, and feel pursuit of this challenge a worthy lifelong effort. Don't you?

What a beautiful bouquet of inspirational articles our CCA creativity coaches have to share with you this month! Kate speaks eloquently of trusting the creative force that is ever running through each of us, even when seemingly dormant. Barbara urges us to go deeper and recapture a love-filled relationship with our self, our creativity and our life. Sunday gives us a practical checklist of action steps for taking our creative ideas into physical reality. And last, congratulations to Gioya McRae, the newest CCA certified creativity coach! Gioya shares her evolution into creativity coaching, including her soul growth along the journey.

Give yourself an inspirational gift, perhaps preparing a tasty beverage to sip as you read this newsletter as you drink in and celebrate who you are as a creative and loving person

We encourage you to forward this newsletter to friends, family and colleagues. And we covet your feedback, so keep sending the CCA your feedback and suggestions.

Enjoy your self!

Beverly Down

Beverly Down , President & CEO,
Creativity Coaching Association

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Sugaring: Tapping into our CreativitySugaring: Tapping into our Creativity

 By Kate Longmaid

How do we trust that the creative force flows through us, even when our creative impulses feel dormant or frozen, as if they have gone underground? How do we tap into flow? How do we distill the essence in our work?

While winter lingers in hushed silence, deep within the trees the sap begins to run. Beneath the surface, invisible to the eye, life surges with the renewed promise of spring. This return of life to the northern woods ushers in sugaring season, a tradition of boiling maple sap down into maple syrup. Sugaring is a labor intensive process, requiring 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.

Just as in nature, there is a natural ebb and flow to the creative process. How do we let the sap, our creative life force, flow unobstructed through our lives, ourselves, and our work? How do we avoid constriction and blockage? What enables our creative energy to run freely?

We begin by making a commitment to showing up for our creative work. We do so by scheduling regular times during our day and week to create and protecting those times from interruption. Lighting a candle, playing music, engaging in movement, or offering a prayer, we can experiment with rituals to mark the transition into creative work. We can create on our own or in the company of others, tapping into opportunities for creative collaboration. We can recognize that time and effort are required for our work to develop and even then there are no guarantees. Grace resides in the moments, often unexpected, when we lose ourselves in the process or experience some measure of satisfaction in the work. Asking ourselves what lies at the heart of our work, we can distill its essence, bringing it as an intention each time we start anew.

No matter how remote the creative force feels, we can trust that it resides within us, ceaseless, flowing, even during the coldest seasons. Over time we can refine our taps, develop rituals to set the stage for creative work, and celebrate the sweet returns when we show up for our creative work.

~ Kate Longmaid, Ph.D. is a psychologist, CCA certified creativity coach, and visual artist who helps people lead more creative, fulfilling, and vibrant lives. You can visit her web sites at www.katelongmaidphd.com and www.katelongmaid.com. You can reach Kate at kate@katelongmaidphd.com.

Fall Deeper In Love

By Barbara Millman Cole

Good relationships sustain an even, emotional level of love and respect. Great relationships go deeper, continually creating themselves, seeking elements of surprise and wonder through exploration.

I am in a good relationship with my art as I write this. But I yearn for a great relationship. It came to me, as I sat down to my work, that I felt somewhat bored, somewhat lackluster, the joy had simmered to an uneasy contentment. My sentences lacked interest. This made me wonder, when had I stopped paying attention? Where had my love for my writing gone?

Many interruptions of life had gotten in my way over the past year. And I had let them. Gone were those opportunities to record, to reflect my experiences in my writing. Sitting here now, it hits me that I have neglected my love, my art. With neglect comes estrangement. And estrangement can lead to separation. This woke me up.

Without my art, I am incomplete. I want the elation and ecstasy I once felt. So far distanced am I, how will I recover that spark, that magnetism, my amour for my work?

Any good relationship requires labor. Every great relationship requires focused, dedicated, love-filled effort. Commitment to a great relationship is a start. But beyond commitment I must reflect upon my priorities and acknowledge my art as being the most important part of my life. Everything will flourish from the runoff of joy I feel in my heart. Family and friends will be nourished by the fruits reaped from my ardent devotion.

Fall deeper in love with your art. For when you complete a piece of writing, a painting, a dance, a glass figurine, or a sculpture, the joy you feel, not only for the completed work but the process it took to make these works of art, will fill your heart and lead you to sublime contentment. Don't settle for a good relationship. Forge a great relationship and live a fuller, joyful life.

~ Barbara Millman Cole is an award winning author of Short Literary Fiction, editor, and creativity coach, who helps writers delve deep to discover their true meaning. Understand why you create so you know what to create. Contributing author of Creativity Coaching Success Stories and author of the forthcoming book, The Painted Woman and Other Short Stories, she can be reached at bmillmancole@sbcglobal.net

9 Keys for Doing What You're Yearning to Do
By Sunday Larson

In my professional experience and in my own creative life, I've discovered there's no shortage of creative ideas, however, there is a dearth of willingness to do the work. I keep a poster of these golden keys above my desk. And yes, because of them I do deliver.

  1. Dream: Don't ignore the dream. Heeding the call initiates the creative process.
  2. Desire: Desire might lag. Or it might become greedy. Embrace the lonely gifts of yearning, craving, longing, and aspiring; they are the impetus of all creation.
  3. Decision: Know who you are, decide what you want to say and who your message is designed for. And always, it's a decision to begin and a decision to stay on the path from inspiration to manifestation, regardless the cost.
  4. Descent: You have no choice but to make the descent to the goddess, she who stirs the cauldron of creation. She suffers no complainers, whiners, excuse makers or those who hesitate interminably. She welcomes only those foolish enough to make the journey.
  5. Discover: One must take action to get to the bottom of an idea. To dig means to explore, to search for more, to educate yourself, to research and ask the big questions, to quest for buried treasure, to seek the hidden answers.
  6. Dedication: Do, redo, keep doing, sacrifice, work, sweat, and cry. Petition your muse. Muster your grit, resilience and fortitude, perseverance and endurance in order to stay on the path until you reach the faraway goal.
    Discipline: Stay on task. Be accountable to yourself and your dream. Be congruent. Be prepared. Be in alignment. Say no often to the draws of distraction. Restrain yourself and allow the work to just sit.
  7. Devotion: Daily attendance creates sacred space. Devotion creates meaning. Your dream is your prayer, altar, oracle, treasure chest, lover.
  8. Deliver: Share or sell. The world awaits your gift.
~ ©2014 Sunday Larson is an author, CCA certified creativity coach, and founder of Life Charmed, the New Worth of ReAlchemy® ~where two letters on the Wheel of Fortune promise that henceforth there will be infinite choices and evermore chances~ She can be reached at www.SundayLarson.com

Gioya McRae

Congratulations to Gioya McRae, CCA's Newest Certified Creativity Coach!

Open Heart Certification
By Gioya McRae

I had been publishing books and articles, and conducting seminars for years. My efforts tangled and twisted, reaching out to all areas, but something was missing.

When I began my journey into Creativity Coaching, I had no idea where this path would lead me. I knew I was making a significant life change because the moment I signed up for the certification program, I broke down and cried. As anticipated, my transformation began and changed my life in a most unexpected way.

Although I communicated well when I conducted seminars, I evaded one-on-one interactions. You see, in a workshop scenario, I could share well-honed skills and knowledge to groups of willing participants. In personal conversations, I would need to listen and react to what a person was saying. I would have to speak off the cuff. This was not my forte and in fact, I had shunned this skill from adolescence where, being a shy child, I was often picked on and belittled. Over the years I carefully evaded sharing my opinions based on these painful childhood memories.

By adulthood, avoidance was ingrained in me. I loved my privacy and quiet time, and in fact, still do. I shunned phone conversations in favor of email where I could share a quick thought and move on without personal entanglements. How could I coach without connecting with others?

As I delved into my first CCA course, I quickly understood that to reach and help others, I would have to genuinely connect with people. Through this process, not only did my relationships blossom, my creativity burst forth with the richness of the new energies I had allowed into my essence. My life is now fuller as this harmony is naturally integrated into my personal and professional daily life.

Of the many gifts I've acquired through CCA's certification program, the most treasured is the reciprocal creative exchange I've received from the gifted visionaries I meet daily. If you're shy or introverted, set aside your fears. I encourage you to open your life to this reward. You'll never be the same.

©2014 Gioya McRae, CCA Certified Creativity Coach, founded Mocha Mind Communications: Coaching for Write-Brained People. She coaches people in writing and self-publishing. http://mochamind.com and info@mochamind.com

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Life is not about finding yourself...
Life is about Creating yourself.

~ E.W. Wilcox

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For details, please visit our Certification Program web page for a full explanation of the courses offered and requirements.

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