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 Creativity Calling

Welcome to the January issue of Creativity Calling!

Did you know that the Chinese New Year begins on January 31, 2014? I find it interesting and inspiring that many in China take off several weeks of work in preparation for their celebrations and making plans to move into the new year.

For many of us in America, the New Year's celebration comes and goes quickly, along with "resolutions" and the commitment required for following through on them. But each new year--each day, for that matter--is bright and sparkling with potential! Let's take a closer look at how we view new beginnings and goal setting. Are you up for it? Allow our CCA creativity coaches to re-inspire your efforts for the fantastic year that's ahead!

Brecia invites us to view our creative journey using a specific image or symbol that resonates with our deeper intuitive wisdom. David re-introduces us to Janus, the Roman god who was associated with the 'doorway' into a new year, giving us fresh perspectives for opening doors that lead to our success all year long. Barbara reminds us that our journey to optimum creative potential is taken one step at a time. And lastly, we congratulate Doreen Marcial Poreba in becoming the newest CCA certified creativity coach; Doreen shares insights into how one's past can motivate and inspire creativity!

Also important in new beginnings is action, committing to one's goals and dreams. Why not check out the assistance available to you from our team of professional and caring creativity coaches? The resources you tap might be in the form of a workshop or book (several are highlighted in our CCA Marketplace), or working one-to-one with a creativity coach (see our 'find a coach' database). There is no need to be alone in your creative journey--we are here for you. Make 2014 an enjoyable, productive, fulfilling and prosperous year! Your creativity matters more than you know!

Thank you so much for subscribing to Creativity Calling! Feel free to pass this newsletter along to your friends and colleagues. And, continue to write us with your questions and areas of interest, as we love your input!

All the very best,

Bev Down 

Beverly Down

Beverly Down , President & CEO,
Creativity Coaching Association

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Soul SymbolsSoul Symbols

 By Brecia Kralovic-Logan

At this time of new beginnings, I like to imagine my continuing creative path as a spiral with ever expanding new perspectives achieved as each year passes. While we review where we have been and where we are going in regards to our creative goals, we may find it helpful to use the symbol of the spiral to remind us that our creativity does not follow a linear model.

The image of the spiral has long been used to symbolize our creative unfolding. It is found in the design of our DNA, in the galaxies and ever present in nature. The spiral connects us with the natural process of focusing inward to access our intuition and individual spirit, and then focusing outward to our creative expressions.

At my studio, I use the spiral in a variety of ways when working with others. I use chalk to draw a large spiral out in front of my studio entrance and create rituals for entering the space. Walking a spiral path, inward to the center, and then back out again becomes a centering exercise or form of meditation. I also have many spiral images around my workspace to remind me to take the time to listen to my internal guidance.

Have you ever noticed how strongly you connect with certain images and symbols? Depth psychology tells us that symbols, images, rituals and metaphors speak to that part of us that we are not conscious of. As creative people we may find that some symbols help us to tune into our intuitive wisdom in a way that is profound and very different than just using words. For me, the spiral is a treasured symbol that holds a myriad of meanings.

As you begin 2014 you might like to ask yourself: What symbols are important to me? What lessons do those symbols hold for me as I set my goals and intentions? How can I incorporate those symbols into my creativity practice as I begin a new year? The spiral and other symbols can help us to tune into our deepest wisdom.

Use the symbols that speak to you as a way to bring a fuller presence to your work this year.

May your new year be joyously and creatively successful!

~ Brecia Kralovic-Logan is a CCA Certified Creativity Coach and artist. She is the owner of pebble in the pond art studio in Santa Barbara, Ca. You can reach Brecia at breciakl@gmail.com or via her website : www.breaciacreative.com

The Front Door

By David Smith

The month of January is named for the Roman god Janus. Among the Roman's many gods, Janus was the household god who watched over the entrance to the home. He is easily recognizable as the one with two faces, one looking forward and one looking back, watching over entrances and exits. It makes sense that his name would become attached to the turning of the year, a time for reflecting on the past and looking forward to things to come. It's no wonder that we make January the time of resolutions to make things better.

Oh, but don't we know how easily we slip away from our best intentions! I once asked an athletic trainer friend of mine to help me get on the road to better fitness. After he had introduced me to the various gym contraptions, he turned to me and said, "But, David, do you know what the heaviest piece of equipment is?"

"No," I said, not knowing what to expect.

"It's the front door."

How right he is. As much as we desire change, we seem to have so much trouble opening the door to and taking the first step to make change happen.

What's your New Year's resolution for creativity? To paint? To dance? To write? To compose? What stops you from walking through the front door of your creativity and making your best resolution a reality in the coming year?

For most of us, the front door to creativity is simply going to our work space with the promise that we will remain with the tools of our craft for a set period of time--an hour is not unrealistic. Often the simple act of committing to a regular routine--free of the expectation that we must produce--is enough to get the creative juices flowing. Will we produce our masterpiece on any particular day--maybe, maybe not. But will we be more satisfied and fulfilled for having fed our creative side. Absolutely!

January, the doorway into the New Year, is a wonderful time to think about all of the other doors you want to open this year. The front door is the heaviest piece of equipment.

Leave it shut and it's likely that not too much will be different next January. Resolve to go through the door and miracles can happen.

Brrrrrinnnng! There's the doorbell. Creativity calling!

~ David Smith, M.Ed. coaches writers, artists and other creatives through Creativity Smith, his on-line coaching practice. He is a published and award-wining playwright and has also written for children's television. David can be contacted at david@creativitysmith.com or www.creativitysmith.com

What if.... by Barbara Martin

In this much hyped and packaged yearly time to "take stock" and "set goals" and "plan for results" and be measurable and accountable and linear, what if we consider another approach.

What could happen if we conceive of our "progress" as a journey along a pathway, a soft and gentle pathway where our dreams beckon us forward by gleaming, so we are pulled along effortlessly. We might discover the path is not linear at all, but instead it is a generous spiral where we may feel drawn to the left or to the right, gently curving in until the next bit of the journey-way becomes visible and clear. Thus we need know only each next step, and we move ahead on trust to find secure ground beneath each foot one step at a time.

We trust ourselves to know the way and we are guided by the beacon of our dream combined with our innate sense of knowing, an intuitive compass pointing us to our own true north. The path may twist unexpectedly, there may be dead ends (or short-cuts!) but as in a spiral there are multiple bends and turns and a gentle rise or slope. We will return again and again to the touch-points that keep us on the route we know in our heart to be true.

For this coming year, keep your mind's eye focused on the dream and your feet firmly planted on the solid path where each step consists of a real life action to be taken in the here and now, each step moving toward making that glowing dream real.

You need only make the one next step, for this journey consists of single steps. Size does not matter: an inch ahead, a mile ahead, every single step counts. Should you stumble, let the dream pull you to your feet ... and take the next step. Do this faithfully and your dream will become real, perhaps sooner than you think.

Here's to your magical--and grounded--2014 journey.

~ Barbara Martin is a CCA Certified Creativity Coach, Right Brain Business Plan facilitator, writer and mixed media artist based in the Portland, OR area. Find Barbara via http://www.barbaramartinart.com/ or at barbaramartin2@gmail.com

Doreen Marcial Poreba

Congratulations to Doreen Marcial Poreba, CCA's Newest Certified Creativity Coach!

I've been fortunate in being supported by my parents as a child to pursue several creative ventures. I remember in the third grade collecting enough "Sugar Daddy" candy wrappers to send in to the company to get my first camera. I quickly developed a love for taking photos. The following year, I joined the elementary school band and my parents enrolled me in private clarinet lessons followed by piano lessons. Since then, my creative work has grown professionally in the areas work grew of public relations, music, photography and writing. But I wasn't always that public about my creative talents.

It took the death of a good friend to bring me out of the musical closet, which then inspired me to pursue the path of a certified creativity coach so I can help others to emerge sooner than I did. For 28 years, I wrote songs and sang them behind closed doors. Some little voice kept telling me, "You're not good enough." Or, "Who do you think you are? You haven't been properly trained." My friend, Bob, kept encouraging me to join the church band but I held onto those voices ... until Bob unexpectedly died.

Shortly after, another voice came to me insisting I write a song in Bob's honor and perform it--publicly--at his funeral. I resisted, but followed the inner creative voice and within two years released my first CD featuring several original songs.

I firmly believe I would have shared my musical gifts much sooner had I worked with a creativity coach. Before discovering the Creativity Coaching Association and its certification program, I didn't even realize there was such a thing as a creativity coach--and boy have I flourished since entering the program! Now I am humbled and honored to work with creative people who are committed to growing in their creative lives.

Dr. Wayne Dyer once said: "Don't let the music die within you." I am grateful that I found a way to literally allow the notes to flow freely now and I'm looking forward to helping others to overcome the voices in their head through the wonderful process of creativity coaching!

~ Doreen Marcial Poreba is a CCA Certified Creativity Coach, founder and president of The PR Czar® Inc., freelance writer and photographer and a singer-songwriter-musician. She lives in (mostly) bright and sunny South Florida. Contact her at Doreen@creativecaboose.com or visit her websites, www.creativecaboose.com and www.prczar.com.

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