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Creativity Calling

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the June issue of Creativity Calling!

Summer has arrived here in North America! This month's articles, in a word, are "inspiring", encouraging each of us to more fully enjoy this precious season. Learning from Mother Nature...becoming more playful...learning to fully embrace our creative vision for ourselves...and then, allowing our creativity to blossom, regardless our age. The articles are brimming with fun! Grab a cup of coffee and glean through them with me, won't you? Our CCA creativity coaches wrote the articles with you in mind!

Jill shares five aspects of the natural world and translates them into ideas that apply to our creative pursuits. Kate suggests we look at ways to recapture the joy of play as we once experienced. Zoe gives us a process and questions to connect us with a bigger vision for ourselves as an artist/creator. And congratulations go out to Bonnie Perry, the newest CCA certified creativity coach! Bonnie reflects on her creative journey towards becoming a creativity coach, one who delights in assisting others in blossoming creatively. Great reading.

In a couple days, we'll unveil the details about the CCA's 3rd International Creativity Coaching Conference and on our website, be open for registrations. Look for an announcement (with early bird savings) by the end of this month. We have a fantastic conference planned for ALL creative folks and would love to meet you there. We hope you'll do your best to clear your schedule and join us!

Feel free to share our newsletter with others and as always, don't hesitate to contact us with topics you'd like to see featured in future newsletters. We love your input and suggestions.

Enjoy Your Self!

Beverly Down

Beverly Down , President & CEO,
Creativity Coaching Association

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Reminders from Mother Nature
By Jill Jones

Here comes summer!

Time to shake off the last vestiges of hibernation and warm up to the inspirations provided by nature's growth spurt. Here are five aspects of nature translated into ideas to apply to creative pursuits.

  1. Beautiful Imperfection
    We think we see perfection, yet close examination reveals there are imperfections and anomalies everywhere in the natural world. Beauty in nature includes a gorgeous symphony of irregularities. Mother Nature teaches us to aim for the best while celebrating the 'happy accidents' that lend character and even beauty to human endeavors.

  2. It's a Process
    It takes a process of steps for nature to develop, evolve, decompose and be re-generated. Our favorite shade tree takes years from seed pod to a lovely green canopy. The same is true of our creative projects. They take time to incubate, to take hold and sprout. There may be set backs and detours along the way, but the whole winding process is the gift. Learn to revel in the process, not just the end result.

  3. Diversity is Dazzling
    Nature is a bounty of flora and fauna from minute microscopic organisms to ancient giant redwoods, from single cell organisms to highly evolved, complex creatures. There are many options open to us in our creative pursuits and in our lives. Celebrating diversity and learning from variations enriches us. Explore and embrace different approaches and results.

  4. Survival Demands Balance
    Growth requires the balance of air, water, sunlight, nutrients, space and time. Apply the same balance to creative work and life. What are all the components your project needs to thrive? What elements are required to keep you in tune in mind, body and creatively? Seek and nurture your best balance of elements to grow.

  5. Love the Forest and the Trees
    Sometimes we see the forest, sometimes the tree and other times we focus on every vein and blotch of color on a single leaf. Our creative work is best when we pay attention to the small details and also to the overall big picture. Attention at all levels creates the totality.

So while we hike a mountain trail, picnic lakeside or slip into the backyard hammock, let Mother Nature's wisdom feed our creative spirits. Apply these five lessons to achieve creative growth, and search for even more connections between nature and creativity. Yes 'our mother' is truly very wise.

~ Jill Jones is a CCA certified creativity coach, visual artist and writer. Contact Jill at JillKJones@sbcglobal.net, www.coachthearts.com, www.brainwavesart.com.


Cultivating the Spirit of Play
By Kate Longmaid

The arrival of summer heralds a sense of freedom and possibility. It reminds us of childhood when the expanse of summer days seemed endless and there were infinite possibilities for adventure. Summer, in all its abundance, offers us opportunities to recapture the spirit of play in our creative work and lives.

For many of us, play has become a forgotten art. Once second nature, we struggle as adults with feelings of self-consciousness, discomfort, and fear that interfere with our ability to play. Recently, I took a workshop in experimental painting. I experimented with mediums ranging from diluted coffee to enamel house paint. I brushed, poured, spattered, sprayed, and blew paint over a variety of surfaces with fresh and unexpected results. I stepped out of my comfort zone, took risks, and abandoned desired outcomes.Like childhood memories of diving into the waves at the Jersey shore, I let go and reveled in the fluidity and freedom of movement. I left the workshop newly invigorated, reconnected with the joy of painting.

As summer gathers momentum, contemplate ways you can embrace the expansive spirit of summer in your creative work. Consider taking a class or workshop that invites exploration and experimentation in your medium or a new medium. Arm yourself with a camera and capture the world in all its vivid color. Change things up with your creative practice. Deepen your capacity to be present by using all your senses to take in your surroundings. Look for fresh ways to improvise and to collaborate. Take in new work and experiences that invite you to stretch and expand your perception. Get out in nature. Observe children at play. Surrender to flow.

Plunge in and ride the waves with all the exhilaration and buoyancy of childhood. Let the endless days of summer envelop you. Give yourself time to play, to explore, to experience anew. Look for ways to rekindle the curiosity and pleasure that initially drew you to your art form. Create your own excellent adventures. Skip if it fills you with joy.

~ Kate Longmaid Ph.D. is a psychologist, CCA certified creativity coach, and visual artist who helps people lead more creative, fulfilling, and vibrant lives. You can visit her web sites at www.katelongmaidphd.com and www.katelongmaid.com. You can reach Kate at kate@katelongmaidphd.com.


Your Big Artist's Vision
By Zoe Tirosh-Polk

Creating your Big Artist's Vision is an opportunity to explore what is really calling you as an artist and a creative being. The title 'Big Artist' allows for space and expansiveness. Your Big Artist's Vision is uniquely yours. It stems solely from your artist's soul and therefore, it can be detached from financial concerns, market realities, and competition. Although, if you want to add some of these factors in, you can. Your Big Artist's Vision is a way to remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing as well as a way to show you where you want to go. Your Big Artist's Vision will continue to serve as a reminder on good days and on bad days too.

Step one:
Put on music that inspires you.

Step two:
Answer the questions below:

  1. If there were no rules and I had all the money in the world, what would I be doing?
  2. What am I truly passionate about?
  3. Why am I passionate about this?
  4. What kind of impact do I want to have on the world?
  5. What would I like my legacy to be?
  6. What's truly important to me?
  7. When I was a child I really wanted to ..............
  8. When I was a teenager I really wanted to ..........
  9. What are three things I love doing and I haven't done in a while?
  10. Write a short paragraph that sums up your new vision.
Step Three:
Gather magazines.
Find images that delight, inspire and call out to you.
Make sure to have: scissors, glue, a poster board, crayons and markers.
Let your soul guide this process. Listen, truly listen. Ask yourself what it is that you truly want. Let yourself play. Let yourself get explore. Let yourself get messy.
Cut and paste colors and images that inspire you.
Take your markers and add a few words or sentences from your written vision.

When you're done, sit with your Big Artist's Vision and take it in. Ask yourself if it's big enough. If not, add what's missing. If it is, hang it somewhere visible so it can continue to inspire and guide you.

~ Zohar (Zoe) Tirosh-Polk is a possibilitarian, playwright, peace lover and creativity coach. Contact her at www.growcreativecoaching.com or ztirosh@yahoo.com.


Congratulations to Bonnie Perry,
CCA's Newest Certified Creativity Coach!

It's All About Blossoming
by Bonnie Perry

The flowers in my garden are coming into their full beauty and remind me of the blossoming of my creative self. I am a late bloomer. For my first 50 years I believed that I was analytical - not creative. I thought that one either was artistic and creative or not - a black and white view.

Today my life has a vivid, panoramic view and is based upon living from an imaginative, fun-loving, and full out expressive place. That feeling of pent up energy was like a seed waiting for water and sunlight. The urge to blossom was as dormant as a seed in winter, but is always there.

Slowly my creative self began to burst forth - bit by bit. First I discovered textiles and quilting. I played with color, design and texture. Something awoke as I moved from rote production to free-spirited creation. I began to flourish.

My passion for glass enabled me to play with color and texture in the heat of the flame. Creating wearable glass art merged science and art - another layer of petals unfolding. Each layer supports the one before.

Somewhere along the way my love of words burst forth, and my writing stepped to the front. Expressing myself using words served to further awaken my ability to see myself as a creator. Step by step, layer by layer the flower of who I am opened into something beautiful.

My training and experiences as a creativity coach serves as a firm foundation. These are the roots that enable me to continue to grow. Assisting others as they awaken to their own magnificence seems to strengthen my sense of awe in the dynamic possibilities that lie within us all. Witnessing a creator blossom into their own magnificence reminds me that there is a kernel of creativity that exists within each of us that is simply waiting to be nurtured.

~ Bonnie Perry M.A. is a CCA Certified Creativity Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Integrated Imagery Past-Life Regressionist and a Mid-Wife of Possibilities. She makes her home on Cape Cod Massachusetts where she conducts workshops and facilitates groups. Contact Bonnie at baperry444@gmail.com or visit www.bonnieperry.net


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