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Creativity Calling

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the November issue of Creativity Calling!

I extend heartfelt gratitude to the CCA community. Working daily with folks who honor individual creative expression and are creatively fulfilled (or in the process of becoming so), is joy-filled.

Many thanks to the CCA's diverse array of member creativity coaches, to the instructors of the CCA coach training courses, to our administrative helpers, and last but not least - to YOU, our newsletter subscribers. You are appreciated more than you know!

This month, our CCA coaches share uplifting articles about raising and shifting our thinking to create what we desire most in our creative lives! It's about focus! It can be a challenge to look at the beliefs we hold to clearly see how they affect our results (or lack thereof). Yet this must be considered each and every day. Change your thinking...change your life. This is where it begins.

Lynn reminds us of the importance of being a support to one another, and provides examples of how simple it is to offer others. Dianne shows us a fresh perspective for tackling creative blocks, often a prickly challenge to artists and creators.

A big congratulations to Steevie Jane Parks for being the CCA's newest certified creativity coach! Steevie shares a look at the thinking she experienced before she began her journey of training for creativity coaching and expanding her creative life. And, please, do scroll down and read about the special 5-week course the CCA , along with the multi-talented Steve Harper, will be offering in January 2016. "Your Story Unlocks Everything", will be a fantastic way to kick off the new year!

For those of you who observe the Thanksgiving holiday---enjoy!

Feel free to share this newsletter with others and do keep sending us your ideas for future newsletter topics. We love your input and suggestions!

In thanks-giving,


Beverly Down

Beverly Down , President & CEO,
Creativity Coaching Association

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The Gift of Support
Lynn Wyvill

One of the basic principles in improvisation is supporting your scene partners. When you are creating a scene, you put the focus on making others look good, rather than worrying about your own performance. With everyone supporting each other, the scenes are stronger, and you never have to worry about carrying the load alone.

Supporting one another seems like a good thing to do on or off the stage.

In this season of giving thanks, counting blessings, sharing and exchanging gifts, it seems right to think about how we support each other's creative endeavors. We might be a coach or teacher, or not, but everyone can offer encouragement to fellow travelers on the creative journey.

Several months ago, I was walking through the halls in a retirement community where my mother lives. A woman was pulling a cart that contained a painting that was in progress. I stopped to admire the bright colors and lovely composition of her beautiful picture. I asked her about it, and she enthusiastically told me how she got the idea and how it was progressing. She even invited me to join her painting group.

I saw her a few weeks later when her painting was nearly done. She told me how she had worked through a few problems, and how pleased she was with how it was coming along. I told her I thought it looked terrific and asked her if she was having fun. I knew the answer; her face was a big grin.

Giving the gift of support is taking the time to be present for someone else's creativity.

Go to an art opening, reading, or concert to support others.

Leave a thoughtful comment on a blog.

Put the art supplies or craft kit into the toy drive this year.

Check in with the friend who writes, paints, or creates culinary masterpieces. Ask them what they're working on, encourage their effort, recognize their development.

Who wouldn't be thrilled to know that their work, their creative effort, was enjoyed by someone or that it touched them in some way?

Supporting each other, sharing our work, responding to that work, inspires and encourages all of us. It makes us all look good. What a great gift for all of us!

~ Lynn Wyvill, a CCA Certified Creativity Coach, is a writer and improviser. You can reach her at lwyvill@comcast.net


Overcoming Creative Blocks: Working in a Series
by Dianne Martia

As creative beings, we strive to do new and exciting things. But occasionally we reach a creative block when the new and exciting becomes old and mundane. One way to overcome a block is to work in a series.

This process involves creating multiple works that are different, but share a set of common denominators, which you determine from the start. Using these common denominators to develop the work makes the process much easier and helps answer the question "What do I do next?"

In terms of visual art, the common denominators can refer to theme, size, color palette, composition, subject matter, concept -- anything that allows a core idea to be expressed in a variety of ways. For example, you could create a series of paintings using the same size and subject matter, but with different colors or viewpoints (think of Monet's haystack paintings, or Rembrandt's self-portraits). Keep in mind that each contributing work must be able to stand alone while maintaining the core idea of the series.

If your creative block prevents you from even determining which common denominators to explore, try using one of your completed works as inspiration for creating your series. Start by selecting a piece you had successfully completed, and change one or more aspects of it, then create your series based on that altered version.

In addition to allowing you to maintain a level of focus that helps you work through those creative blocks, working in a series has other benefits. It allows you to explore something from a variety of viewpoints in a deeper, more meaningful way; it helps you produce a cohesive, coherent body of work; and it helps you further develop your style and artistic expression. Create a series, and you will tie your new work in with old work, and generate inspiration for future works to come.

~ Dianne Martia is an award-winning mixed media artist, instructor and creativity coach. Find her at www.diannemartia.com

Congratulations to Steevie Jane Parks, the newest CCA Certified Creativity Coach!

Are You Ready for a Change?
by Steevie Jane Parks, Ph.D.

How can we tell when we are ready to make a substantial change in our creative lives? We all know that these kinds of changes are most likely to happen in mid life or after a person has been doing the same kind of work for many years. But in reality, change can happen at any age and at any time.

What are some of the signs that can indicate that you may be ready for a change in your creative life:

  1. You avoid going to work and dread the idea of working in your studio or office.
  2. You find yourself going through the motions when you are working and not really invested in either the process nor the outcome of your work.
  3. You find yourself feeling envious of others who are doing the kind of work that you would rather have.
  4. You feel tired, run down and non-plussed during the workweek, but great on the weekends or your days off.
  5. No matter how hard or well you work, you don't experience pleasure or excitement from your efforts.
If you have been feeling any of the above, you may well be ready for a change!

Here are some suggested 'powerful questions' to ask yourself that might help you to discover a new path towards your creative fulfillment!
  1. What would you want to work on if you had all the time, money and energy in the world?
  2. What creative activities have brought you the most intense and sustained pleasure, starting from your childhood to the present time?
  3. When you are old and look back on your creative life, what accomplishments do you suspect you will be most proud of?
  4. What changes would have to occur in order for you to be able to pursue your new creative dreams?
  5. What support will you need to either further explore the changes you want to make or to actually forge your new path towards greater creative fulfillment?
  • If you can sit down and really think about the answers to the above questions, you may be well on your way to creating a more satisfying and fulfilling creative life for yourself!

    Let's celebrate ourselves for acknowledging when we feel stuck, and then, for being willing to search within ourselves to find the keys to a more fulfilling creative future!

    ~ Steevie Jane Parks, Ph.D., is a CCA Certified Creativity Coach and a Licensed Psychologist.You can reach Steevie at sjpcreativitycoach@gmail.com, phone: 914-918-1014, or through her website: creatingwithoutfear.com

    Special CCA Tele-Course for
    2016---Save These Dates!

    In January 2016, the CCA will be offering a special 5 week tele-course (Your Story Unlocks Everything!) led by Steve Harper, one of CCA's finest Certified Creativity Coaches.

    Here is a short description of the 5-week online tele-class: Your Story Unlocks Everything!

    Manifest your core truth and learn to use your story in life, your business and your art.

    This class takes you through a series of exercises to uncover a seminal story about your life. Connect with your authentic self and find new approaches to your projects and new ways to communicate with the world. Knowing and owning your story is a valuable tool in your personal evolution. This is not a class about creating a rambling narrative or over-sharing. While everything personal is not relevant, learning to crystallize what is key to your work/life and art can move you ahead in a variety of areas and facilitate deep connection with clients and colleagues. Owning your story is a key tool for everyone, particularly self-employed people and artists.

    A little about Steve:
    ~ Steve Harper specializes in helping people write dramatic scripts and has coached artists of all kinds since 2008. Steve is a TV writer, playwright and actor and a graduate of Yale, The A.R.T. Institute at Harvard, the playwriting program at Juilliard and is a CCA certified coach. www.yourcreativelife.com and coachsteve@yourcreativelife.com

    NOTE: There will be a free preview class on January 4, 2016 from 8 - 9pm EDT
    The 5-week class will run January 18th - February 15th. 8 - 9:30pm EDT -- All Mondays!
    Look for sign- up information ( for the free call and for the 5 week tele-class) to be available in December 2015 -- for now, save the dates!

    New CCA Coaching
    Certification Courses
    Begin on January 2016!

    Life is not about finding yourself...
    Life is about Creating yourself.
    ~ E.W. Wilcox

    If you've been thinking about becoming a creativity coach, or adding creativity coaching to your existing life coaching, consulting, or therapy practice, we invite you to explore CCA's Certification Program. Our program includes a variety of basic and advanced coaching courses that can be done online or through telecourses in a reasonable period of time. The knowledge and skills you will develop in this program will serve your own work and open up opportunities for you to professionally coach others.

    For details, please visit our Certification Program web page for a full explanation of the courses offered and requirements.


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    Are you:

    • just starting out in exploring your creative desires?
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    For any of these situations, why not hire a creativity coach? Check out our database of over 100 coaches who are ready to work with you and propel you forward. CCA-member coaches specialize in nearly 100 different specialties.

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