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Creativity Calling

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the October issue of Creativity Calling!

I can hardly believe that a month has passed since the CCA's 3rd International Creativity Conference. What a celebration of creativity! Attendees were filled to the brim with new ideas, inspirations, dreams and goals, then given the strategies and tools needed to achieve them.

Heartfelt thanks extended to everyone who participated: it was true joy spending time with you! Stay tuned for new CCA program offerings during upcoming months...as excitement is building!

Living in an area that's alive with colorful fall foliage, I love the month of October. My September was so packed and busy, that I welcomed the opportunity to bring back balance (Work Hard, Play Hard, is my motto) by traveling about the Northeast for a couple of relaxing getaways.

I checked off one of my "bucket list" entries with a stay at the Mohonk Mountain House Resort in the Hudson Valley of New Paltz, New York. From the first time I saw a picture of this Victorian Castle nestled within a cliff overlooking Lake Mohonk, I knew someday I would go there. It is a National Historic Landmark, and we were not disappointed, especially seeing it encased in the bright reds, oranges and golds of autumn's color show.

We also were fortunate to take a trip to Acadia National Park in northeastern Maine, another place I've wanted to visit, and the trees were at peak colors. Much of the park winds along a gorgeous ocean coastline--craggy and mountainous--just magical! I am filled with gratitude for the beauty that surrounds us!

Speaking of gratitude, this is what we are focusing on for this month's newsletter. We at the CCA are here to assist you in achieving your creative dreams and goals. Fall is an excellent time to reflect on where we have been, where we are now, and where we are headed.

What would you like to wrap up by year's end? What would you like your new year to look like? Are you taking time to reflect and imagine? Does looking at your life fill you with gratitude? The CCA's creativity coaches are here to help you reflect a little deeper and more consciously. Truly, all of us can benefit from a greater understanding of the energy of gratitude! This month we have Barbara Cole, Nanette Saylor, and Barbara Martin to expertly guide us through this journey--Enjoy!

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to your friends, family and colleagues.
Also, do not hesitate to contact us with topics you would like us to explore in future newsletters. We appreciate you and love your feedback!

All the very best,


Beverly Down

Beverly Down , President & CEO,
Creativity Coaching Association

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Gratitude in Flux
Barbara Millman Cole

Conscious choice to meet flux with gratitude supports us through uncertainties. Flux is the constant flow of change, from epiphanies to upheavals, giving rise to a continual flow of questions: Why are these changes happening? How are these changes happening? What can these changes mean for us as artists? How do we respond? Choosing gratitude as a means to traverse the flux we all experience is our best choice. Being grateful for our talents; environment and intuition; and capacity to share what we create, can only propel us forward in our art. Because conscious gratitude yields conscious creativity.

But gratitude may be a misunderstood concept. Being grateful while struggling is not antithetical. Gratitude is our choice to appreciate and embrace what we have, rather than sorrow at what we don't have. Gratefulness does not mean denial, but acceptance that change has occurred, and willingness to adapt to and engage with that change. An act of gratitude spurs the act of creation and opens up mind, rather than closing off thoughts. The idea that we artists must suffer for our art does not exclude the idea that we be thankful for what we are capable of creating in negative flux times. Poignant pieces of art may emerge from our artist psyches when we are able to make sense from changes endured through windows opened by gratitude. The act of being grateful is exactly that, an action taken. To acknowledge and be grateful that creation is possible on any level, guides us through difficulties. Being positive during stressful times allows us to function and create meaningfully.

Gratefulness creates vibrations within us that help us pull meaning from the rubble of suffering. Always in flux, we might not control the negative or positive changes. But, we have the option to choose gratitude and provide ourselves with a positive mental environment in which to create.

Gratitude is a conscious choice. Change is a constant in life. How will you meet flux in your creative life?

~Barbara Millman Cole is an award winning author of Short Literary Fiction, content editor, and creativity coach, who helps writers delve deep to discover their true meaning. Understand why you create so you know what to create. Contributing author of Creativity Coaching Success Stories and author of the forthcoming book, Brief Meditations, Barbara can be reached at bmillmancole@sbcglobal.net. ©2015 All rights reserved.


Contemplation & Conscious Creation--A Fall Reflection
By Nanette Saylor

As thoughts of the year-end loom closer and closer, fall is always a time of deep reflection and contemplation for me.

I can feel the end of the year bringing with it a somewhat frantic energy of furious creation, motivated by my desire to make the year a success.

And sometimes it starts to feel heavy.

That feeling wreaks of my old way of working too hard to validate and measure my success based on my level of effort rather than by who I am in the present moment.

This is the perfect time for me to take inventory of where I am. "Have I reached the milestones I thought I would?" And re-assess where it is I want to go. "What is my biggest vision for my dream life?" [These questions make great journal prompts.]

It's the perfect time for me to get honest with myself and ask... "Are my actions aligned with my stated intentions? Am I passionate about and inspired by the people, places and things I spend my time with? Am I giving the necessary amount of attention to my self-care practices to shift my mindset and continually up-level my life? Do I really believe I can achieve what I've set out to achieve?" [More journal prompts.]

And last, but not least... "At the end of each day, do I lay my head down with gratitude for this glorious, effortless life I'm leading that is the result of the clarity and serenity I have achieved by nurturing my creative self?"

I've learned that by creating space and time to honor my intuitive call to reflect and contemplate, life is good. When I use this inspiration to create a refreshed action plan and use my creative energy to fuel limitless expansion, life is good. And most importantly, amazing results appear--and life is good!

I remember that serenity comes to those who take inspired consistent action with clarity and focus. Most importantly, I remember that my vision needs to be reinforced and strengthened every single day.

This is the power of conscious creation.

~ Nanette Saylor, CCA Certified Creativity Coach, Creativity Champion, Possibility Partner and Founder of Wise Well Women, Inc. She inspires everyone to courageously explore all life's possibilities. www.wisewellwomen.com


Season of Gratitude
By Barbara Martin

Autumn might happen the stereotypical way where you live, with the deciduous trees turning fancy colors and then dropping their leaves. Or you might notice the rain returning, that nod to seasonal change. Or perhaps snowfall is starting for you, a soft beginning to a lengthy winter. Whichever way the natural seasonal change is marked, you know the calendar year is drawing to a close as well.

It's natural then to take a look back and note what we have accomplished creatively, and what we have not. It's natural to wonder what we could have done better, or where we need to improve. Because of the way we tick, it's relatively easy for creative people to focus on flaws and failures, shortcomings and that sad sense of lack. The novel that didn't fly, the painting that didn't sell, the music that didn't hit, the recognition we didn't get.

It's perhaps less natural for creative people to truly notice and celebrate our accomplishments. So often we work in a mode of experimentation where we step into the unknown to create something fresh and new, make it up seemingly out of thin air, imagine a world all our own. This uncertain and risky process may yield a product to share with others--or a series of failed attempts. No matter!

Let now be the year-ending season where we appreciate that what we have been doing through our creativity is remarkable. Let's appreciate how we've stepped up and given our creativity a chance to speak, play, sing, dance, even to live out loud. We've dared to allow our inner voice and heart and soul the freedom to make something altogether unique. This is exciting and bold and courageous and thrilling and just plain wonderful. For this creative energy and expression, I am thankful every single day. And when you share what you have made with each other and with me, I am grateful for that, too.

Thank you to you, and you, and you!

~ Barbara Martin is a writer, artist, and CCA certified creativity coach. Find her at www.BarbaraMartinArt.com or her page, BarbaraMartinArt on Facebook.

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