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Creativity Calling

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the January issue of Creativity Calling!

How is your new year moving along? Has the transition from the holidays been a smooth one? Are you feeling excited and motivated about your goals and the possibilities that lie ahead of you?

Some of my creative associates have commented that they feel a bit sluggish, as if things were drug along from last year into the present, robbing them of joy and excitement.

So this month a couple of our CCA creativity coaches shed light on recognizing this perspective in ourselves, and share tweaking tips for reviving our enthusiasm! Do take some time to reflect on these suggestions, for a lack of motivation or initiative hits all of us eventually.

Barbara Cole has words of wisdom to offer about releasing the past in order to move forward with the new. And Barbara Martin encourages us to open our hearts and imaginations in order to live our best lives.

Isn't this what we all desire?

We have a couple openings left in the 5-week course that Steve Harper is instructing. Learn to see yourself with appreciative new eyes, presenting yourself and your creative work in an irresistible, authentic fashion. The course information is based on Steve's life experiences in TV, live theatre, and motion pictures (acting, directing, producing, writing, coaching), as well as his in-depth 5-month study (regarding sharing your personal stories) while working for CBS. Being able to compellingly share and communicate who you are, what you do and how it is relevant to the world, is a skill that is highly sought after! The course starts on February 8. For additional information: http://www.creativitycoachingassociation.com/coachtrainingprograms.shtml

Lastly, you'll want to take a few minutes and check out our database of over 100 professional creativity coaches. Now is the best time to bring someone on your team to help you achieve your dreams...and have fun doing it. Truly, your best IS yet to come!

We're grateful for your readership and love your feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to forward our newsletter to your friends, family and colleagues.



Beverly Down

Beverly Down , President & CEO,
Creativity Coaching Association

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In this issue:

  • Release and Burgeon Anew ~ By Barbara Millman Cole
  • Let's all go to Tahiti! ~ By Barbara Martin
  • Your Story Unlocks Everything! ~ Replay of tele-call on 1/4/16
  • 2016 CCA Creativity Coaching Certification Courses
  • Tap into Our Database of Creativity Coaches

Release and Burgeon Anew
By Barbara Millman Cole

Burgeoning meaningful art demands artists release past experiences. Before we can create distinct, purposeful art, we must first allow ourselves to discover the pathway to its origin. That passageway opens up to us when we learn to release pent-up anxieties, doubts, and excuses.

Releasing the shadows of negativity in our thoughts, our actions, our very beings, gives us the potential to reach far beyond our initial imaginings, to burgeon them into something new that may astonish even ourselves. We never know how truly creative we are until we let ourselves freely explore, elementally discover, and then fearlessly create from that foundation of newly gleaned knowledge.

Contrariwise, we must also release the praise, self-aggrandizement, and pride we feel for ourselves, having produced well-received pieces of art in our past. Such thoughts can stall our productivity, paralyze our creative will, or induce a feeling of artistic impotence that we can never reproduce or recapture or regain that level of achievement again. Releasing these roadblocks of positivity that cloud our vision of a future path divergent from one we have traveled long without hindrance or risk is essential to finding the fork in the road that will lead us to new avenues of creativity. But how?

Through meditation, a syncing of mind, body, and spirit, we find our means. Meditative practices clear the mind, body, and soul of clutter that might stand in the way of pure artistic thought. Tai Chi, a moving meditation, allows the mind and body to relax through deep breathing and slow, though specific, movement, enabling existing thoughts to flow through and pass beyond, thus creating a conduit through which new thoughts may enter our psyches. While the usual purpose of meditation is to empty the mind, some experience meditation as an awakening, or opening of the mind, creating space to experience inklings, ideas, and concepts that perhaps have been developing in one's subconscious--creating pathways to new growth.

Release past energies and burgeon future channels, passages through which you can grow your innermost impassioned imaginings, your deepest philosophic beliefs, and your own unique creative visions.

~ Barbara Millman Cole is an award winning author of Short Literary Fiction, content editor, and creativity coach, who helps writers delve deep to discover their true meaning. Contributing author of CCA Creativity Coaching Success Stories, she can be reached at bmillmancole@sbcglobal.net. ©2016 All rights reserved.

Let's all go to Tahiti!
By Barbara Martin

New Year, new goals, blah blah blah. So many detailed "should do" plans are ditched or tossed under the desk and forgotten by February. So sad. Let's not go that route.

The key here is to finally act on that wiggly voice that says, "Hey, I WANT to go to Tahiti!--insert your own allegedly outlandish dream. Listen to your heart of hearts, you totally know what you'd love to do. Maybe you've squelched it for years (or decades). No matter. Your dream/desire/yearning will continue begging to be heard and loved. So love it up a little for crying out loud. In other words, do something!

Truism: If you think you can't, you can't. Rule it out categorically, and you won't even begin to try. Note, this path leads to continued misery and frustration. Like unreturned love.

But if you consider that your dream just might maybe be possible, then maybe you really can make it so. Because for even the remotely possible, you can begin finding and taking steps---small ones are perfect---towards making it happen. This is how dreams become real: one grounded-in-real-life step at a time.

So let's admit we dearly want that trip to Tahiti and all it represents. Our heart's desire. We can taste it, smell it, feel it, see it, hear it! Oh, to be in Tahiti! (You can play along, replace "Tahiti" with your own version of the story.) Not sure what Tahiti is like? Chat with people, google it up. Experience it vicariously.

Tahiti is already more familiar, right? Actively step toward it and things do begin to change. Your ultimate path may spiral, bend left or right, or detour grandly, but as it stretches before you, you will grow into that person-who-goes-to-Tahiti.

By assuming that role and identifying with it, the more real your actions become. You begin to prepare for and experience the essence of your dream, and your life is richer for it.

Notice I'm not saying drop everything, whip out the credit card and go today! Instead, I might suggest you pull up a travel site and eyeball ticket pricing, get a map, read a travel memoir, and hang a Tahiti photo on the fridge. This touchstone helps focus your full mind so it locates options, seeks ways and means, recognizes unexpected opportunities and basically scans 24/7 for myriad ways to take you there.

Stating "I'm travelling to Tahiti," and taking some loving action sets a non-linear plan in motion. You don't have to know exactly how or any details yet. When are you going? "Soon" is enough, for now.

Wondering where to begin? Pick a simple, easy-peasy, step that you can do NOW. Take another do-able, little step; rinse and repeat.... Tiny steps accumulate, building the momentum of an unstoppable train.
See you in Tahiti!

Oregon based artist and writer Barbara Martin is a CCA certified creativity coach and licensed Right Brain Business Plan facilitator. Find her at BarbaraMartinArt.com or as BarbaraMartinArt on facebook.

Your Story Unlocks Everything!

If you missed the CCA 1 hour tele-call event
on January 4, 2016, you can listen to the streamed playback which was tape.


Note: using the above link you will see two offerings regarding "Your Story Unlocks Everything" :
1) a 5-week course led by Steve Harper
2) the free 1 hour streamed tele-call with Bev Down and Steve Harper

The free 1 hour tele-call streamed playback: This tele-call explores the power of storytelling from a personal and creative perspective. People will discover the hidden magic behind understanding and crafting a story that relates to their work and their life. Listeners will become clear on how storytelling may help them establish the connections they're searching for.

Hosted by Bev Down, President & CEO of the Creativity Coaching Association.
And Steve Harper

Steve Harper specializes in helping people write dramatic scripts and has coached artists of all kinds since 2008. Steve is a TV writer, playwright and actor and a graduate of Yale, The A.R.T. Institute at Harvard, the playwriting program at Juilliard and is a CCA certified coach. www.yourcreativelife.com

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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

--Mark Twain

Are you:

  • just starting out in exploring your creative desires?
  • a working artist who is stuck on a creative project?
  • looking for something new to juice up your creative work?
  • going into midlife and feeling that now is finally the time to do the art you always wanted to do?
  • already a known artist but interested in taking your success to the next level?

For any of these situations, why not hire a creativity coach? Check out our database of over 100 coaches who are ready to work with you and propel you forward. CCA-member coaches specialize in nearly 100 different specialties.

Find a coach here.

New CCA Coaching
Certification Courses

Life is not about finding yourself...
Life is about Creating yourself.
~ E.W. Wilcox

If you've been thinking about becoming a creativity coach, or adding creativity coaching to your existing life coaching, consulting, or therapy practice, we invite you to explore CCA's Certification Program. Our program includes a variety of basic and advanced coaching courses that can be done online or through telecourses in a reasonable period of time. The knowledge and skills you will develop in this program will serve your own work and open up opportunities for you to professionally coach others.

For details, please visit our Certification Program web page for a full explanation of the courses offered and requirements.


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