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Creativity Calling

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the October issue of Creativity Calling! And...a hearty welcome to our new subscribers. To those who shared their thoughts and appreciation for the last newsletter, a special thank you. It was brimming with information we all needed to hear: Creatives must clear away negative energy and open the creative floodgates!

The Creativity Coaching Association newsletter is not a political forum, but with our election in the USA taking place in a week, negativity is at an all time high. Each of us is a part of the collective consciousness. So by focusing on what we do not want, we actually increase it---yikes! Growing up many of us weren't taught within our families how to transform this kind of energy, and so, our creative power---even today----is stifled, unclear or misused.

This month, as last, we're continuing along the same vein, with hopes that each of us will deeply feel and take action to do our part in transforming the energy that surrounds us. In truth, by choosing to matter...by refusing to point fingers at others, and instead, right wrongs within ourselves, this is how we shift the energy. Creativity and art add light and beauty to the world; it's what drives out darkness.

I've asked four coaches this month, Nanette Saylor, Jana Van der Veer, Patty Kline-Capaldo and Marj Penley, to share their thoughts on the following topic: How can creatives/artists begin stepping out in an intentional way to bring more light into our world?

Again, there will be some repetition and consensus of thought, but it is by design. We need the positive to stand up rather than being brought low by the negative.

Congratulations to Marj Penley, the newest CCA Certified Creativity Coach---we appreciate you up-leveling your coaching skills and competencies in order to assist and serve others!

And lastly, a shout out to ALL in the USA: Please vote, for we are privileged people to have this freedom.

We hope you enjoy the newsletter, and feel inspired to create like never before! Each of us matters, much more than we can know. We encourage you to forward this newsletter to friends, family and colleagues. As always, we covet your feedback, so keep sending the CCA your feedback and suggestions.

With light and love!


Beverly Down

Beverly Down
President & CEO
Creativity Coaching Association

October 2016 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Travel Your Path and Carry a Bright Light, by Nanette Saylor
  • The Power of Awe, by Jana Van der Veer
  • The World Needs Your Light, by Patty Kline-Capaldo
  • Congratulations to Marj Penley, CCA's Newest Certified Creativity Coach!
    Let's Dive into our Creativity, by Marj Penley
  • New CCA Creativity Coaching Certification Courses Start in January 2017!
  • Tap into Our Database of Creativity Coaches

Travel Your Path and Carry a Bright Light
by Nanette Saylor

As a creative, no matter what journeys you take, you are called to seek... driven to search beyond what you know, not only for yourself, but for the world at large. This potentiality, the path of the creative, can feel larger than life itself. It can be quite frightening. You ask yourself, "Can it be true, that this is my calling?" "Who am I to represent all that is good in our world? "How can I possibly know the way?".

You already do. You have been endowed with a natural guidance system. It lives in your creative core. Everything you are at your best lives here. This is your internal compass. When you follow this guidance system you are operating in alignment with all that is. Carrying a light when you travel, others may see it and join in, yet, you do not lead. "Who are you?", you ask. You are a creative being moving in alignment with your dreams in harmonious ways, for the good of all.

Yet, uncomfortable with bravery, you may move quietly, unheard and unseen. Instead of heading out boldly, you imagine future adventures, rather than experiencing them. Unsure of yourself, you may not speak. You notice yourself intrigued by others flaunting their greatness. You may be lured in by their words, as they challenge the status quo. These self-proclaimed "gurus", appearing strong in the face of danger, invite you to set aside your fears and push forward. You may be tempted by their calls: "Follow me. My way is right and good. Do as I say and all will be well. I am your strength."

Will you heed the call of the guru, succumbing to the promise of courage for this journey? Or, will you travel your way, moving in the direction of the trail marked only on your inner GPS? Will you use your creative essence to increase your strength?

When you follow your internal compass, there is only one way----your way. The answers you seek lie inside yourself. Can it be true that this is your calling? Yes, your role in the collective is clear. Don't follow the guru. Travel your path and carry a bright light.

~ Nanette Saylor is a CCA Certified Creativity Coach who supports women to redefine success, living happier and more fulfilled than ever before. Connect with her at wisewellwomen.com

The Power of Awe
by Jana Van der Veer

Recently there was an article in Parade Magazine on the healing power of awe. It mentioned several things that can inspire awe, such as nature and fine arts, architecture, music, and so on. These not only inspire awe, but that awe in turn can inspire art.

In these messy, turbulent times, when we can start to feel overwhelmed by everything going on in the world, it's good to remind ourselves of the power of awe in our lives. We need to take the time to go out in nature, or go to a museum to see great art, or travel to new places. These can be powerful spurs to our own creativity. And no matter how often other people have seen the same natural wonders, classic paintings, or heard a sublime piece of music, our own view is unique. It is a truth of creativity that the most personal becomes the most universal in its ability to inspire others. We need to allow ourselves to be amazed and awe-inspired in order to tap deeply into that well where the personal meets the universal, expressing our own deep truth.

Art tells the stories of our selves and also our culture, the stories we need to tell. Whether through biography or the mirror realm of fantasy, through music, sculpture, painting, architecture, or other creative forms, art helps us transform the negative into the positive, to build instead of destroy, to come together instead of being in conflict. It helps us see through another's eyes. It shines a light into the darkness and helps us make sense of the world. Expressing our creativity is not a selfish or meaningless act, but a powerful aid to healing ourselves and the world. So go ahead and allow yourself to feel awe at the amazing world around you, and find the courage to create and share that awe with others.

~ Jana Van der Veer is a CCA Certified Creativity Coach, with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing. She specializes in helping writers build habits to increase productivity and burst through blocks at www.janavanderveer.com.

The World Needs Your Light
by Patty Kline-Capaldo

In the past few years the world has lost an extraordinary number of musicians, artists, writers-creative spirits of all types, from Frank Sinatra to Prince, Maureen O'Hara to Alan Rickman, Maya Angelou to Colleen McCullough, and so many, many more. As each artistic light, one after another, went out, I sensed the world getting darker, as if a cloud were rolling in over the sun.

The recent swell of anxiety-inducing, polarizing hate speech, violence, and venom seems to me a testament to this encroaching darkness. Old prejudices have resurfaced. Fear, mistrust, and uncertainty run rampant. This darkness causes people to want to contract, to withdraw to within safe boundaries, old patterns, old belief systems, but what is needed is just the opposite.

It is precisely at times like these-and history is full of times like these-that the world needs creativity the most. Literature, art, music, creative thinking bring light to the world. Light brings warmth, and warmth causes expansion.

We all have a creative spark within us. Some burn brightly, others are a flickering candle, while others have been reduced to smoldering embers. Now is the time to fan the flame. The world needs our poetry, our stories, our art, our music, and the light we manifest through them. And so do we.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that." Unleashing creative passions, innovative thought, beauty, imagination, and joy into the world is a way to turn up the light and push back the darkness. I believe everyone holds that spark within them that can add to the world's enlightenment.

How often have you thought, "Someday I will write that novel, take a painting class, act on that innovative idea," or whatever creative inkling you've had? The time is now. The world needs your light.

~ Patty Kline-Capaldo is a writer, editor, and teacher who delights in igniting the creative spark in others. She is a CCA member working towards her creativity coaching certification.Visit her website at http://pattyklinecapaldo.com.

Congratulations to Marj Penley,
CCA's Newest Certified Creativity Coach!

Let's Dive into our Creativity
by Marj Penley

Genuine creativity, according to Anne Paris in her book, "Standing at Water's Edge", requires us to enter a state of immersion. We need to dive into a state of total absorption and engagement.

Total absorption and engagement, I guess, probably means we can't be watching TV shows or chatting with friends when we're trying to be creative. We do know that if we are totally immersed in water for more than a minute or so, we become frightened-afraid of drowning. Similarly, complete immersion in the creative state often brings up some fears and anxieties.

So we have a bit of a dilemma. We want to be creative but we're not too anxious to experience anxieties and fears.

Anne suggests we adopt an attitude of curiosity. "What will be generated from this experience? What will evolve? Where will it take me?" Curiosity can often help to dissolve those fears and anxieties.

It also can help to have a ritual to alleviate anxieties. We might light a scented candle or even do a few body stretches.

But probably most important for the immersion process is to have people who will be really caring and supportive, who will understand our doubts, fears, anxieties as well as our hopes and dreams.

Fortunately, I've had such support. When I was a student at the Art Institute of Chicago, a family friend, an artist herself, insisted I sit in front of a fire and spend a long time totally absorbed in the colors, the shapes and the movement of the flames. As a result of that immersion process, my painting won first prize.

I've also experienced much support as I've immersed myself in all the classes, reading and special groups related to becoming a certified coach in CCA.
I encourage everyone to immerse themselves in the creative process, getting all the caring, support and guidance they need!

~ Marj Penley, CCA Certified Creativity Coach as well as licensed therapist, encourages and supports immersion into creativity for both established artists and those beginning to be creative. You can contact Marj at kreativecoaching@frontier.com.

New CCA Creativity Coaching
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Life is not about finding yourself...
Life is about Creating yourself.
~ E.W. Wilcox

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