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Creativity Calling

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the September issue of Creativity Calling!

Most folks are aware that it is a presidential election year here in the states.
The CCA newsletter is not, by any means, a forum for political opinions, yet I've had many conversations with folks around the world recently (via our wonderful Skype technology) who want to know how things are going right now in the USA. I generally admit there is some polarization and that keeping a heart-centered and positive attitude does indeed require intention and commitment. Some of the best conversations I've had this month were with CCA coaches discussing the beneficial roles we as artists/creatives can bring to the world in times like these---times of immense change and divisive attitudes.

I asked four coaches that I spoke with---Carrie Worthington, Gina Hogan Edwards, Rob Fortier, and Bonnie Perry---to write about their thoughts on this common subject: What role do we as artists/creatives share in the healing of the world, especially during turbulent times? There is consensus in the thoughts expressed this month so you will see a bit of repetition, but that is on purpose, as repetition can be a great teacher.

Will this time in history be looked back on as a time when old fears surfaced and were held high, then cleansed, bringing about positive change for all? Each of us is more powerful than we can imagine. Our own creative power can make a huge difference in our world, inspiring others to offer up their best. Enjoy this newsletter. We hope that our thoughts (and actions) will inspire you to focus on your individual creative offerings and how they contribute to the betterment of humanity.

Lastly, a reminder that none of us are ever alone---so in accomplishing your life's creative dreams, do remember that the CCA's creativity coaches exist in order to assist you. Creativity coaches help a person fully develop and embrace his/her gifts and talents and enjoy the process along one's journey. Please go to www.creativitycoachingassociation.com and check out who is available in the "find a coach" database of fantastic coaches---enjoy!

Thank you for subscribing to Creativity Calling. We appreciate you! Feel free to share this newsletter with your friends, family and colleagues. Continue to write us with your questions and areas of interest---we love your input!

All the very best,


Beverly Down

Beverly Down
President & CEO
Creativity Coaching Association

September 2016 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Calling All Creatives, By Carrie Worthington
  • Fear as Our Mirror, By Gina Hogan Edwards
  • The World Needs Your Creativity Now More Than Ever, By Rob Fortier
  • Art Heals---Move From Fear Towards Love and Beauty, By Bonnie Perry
  • New CCA Creativity Coaching Certification Tele-course Starts in October 2016
  • Tap into Our Database of Creativity Coaches

Calling All Creatives
By Carrie Worthington

Inspired by a conversation with Beverly Down

With every headline and media post it becomes more apparent that humanity is at a pivotal time. The goal of this article is not to impose a political view or agenda, but rather to evoke a deeply human response from the Creative Collective.

Throughout history, when events in our world did not make sense, humanity looked to the arts as a way to process and expose what is loud, incomprehensible, and chaotic.

As Creatives, these types of events signal our time to dig deep, bravely create and then share our work with the world. The work created will not only chronicle this point in history, but will also inspire, educate, and engage the masses caught up in the spin and spectacle.

This ancient responsibility requires creatives to trust in the importance of listening to, and sharing what is in their hearts. Now is the time to put self-doubt, fear and censorship aside. It is time to bravely explore and record the full spectrum of the human experience.

The priority of artistic contribution is vital in addressing and healing old wounds that are again resurfacing. Both Bev and I challenge you to step up! Step into what you are here to contribute!

Create! Create! Create!

~ Carrie Worthington is an Artist, Speaker, Instructor and CCA Member working towards certification. Visit her website at www.myartfulpursuits.com.

Fear as Our Mirror
By Gina Hogan Edwards

Many creatives carry within us the paradox of an intense drive to create and yet a choking resistance to doing the work. This paradox is a subversive, invasive interference that stifles our ability to share our gifts and to grow as artists.

No matter how it shows up or what we choose to label it, all resistance is fear. Acknowledging that we have fear makes us uncomfortable, so we pretend it does not exist. When we are not careful, we become caught in a spiral of resistance and stop creating, stop making meaning through our work. After a while, the drive to create bubbles up again. But just as old fears which need to heal are resurfacing in the United States, the fears that need to heal within us come up again. And again. Until we dare to face them.

How do we dare? After all, fear is a looking glass into ourselves and we might not like what we see.

Our bodies reveal our fears before our intellect does-stomach clinching, sweating, shortness of breath, tightness in the throat. These are signals that something is happening to bring fear to the surface, and we can use them to trigger ourselves to step back and ask questions: Why has fear chosen to show up in this moment? Who is involved? What are the circumstances? And the most important question: What choices do I have in this moment? For creatives, that question often boils down to: Do I create or not?

To hold up fear as a mirror, to examine what is there, to ask ourselves the hard questions, and then to step headlong into it moves us beyond it. This is the path past the resistance to revealing our true creative spirit. This is the gateway to making beauty and meaning for ourselves and others. Simply noticing fear empowers us to step away, objectively assess what is within us, and to acknowledge the choices we have that will allow us to grow as artists and humans.

We must face the mirror of fear in order to heal and grow. We must face it in order to create. We must face it so others get to engage with our art, find their own meaning and beauty through ours, and perhaps thereby they, too, can grow and heal.

~ Gina Hogan Edwards coaches authors on their creative journeys and is a CCA member working towards her creativity coaching certification. You can find her at www.AroundTheWritersTable.com.

The World Needs Your Creativity Now More Than Ever
By Rob Fortier

Sometimes it feels like there is just too much going on in the world. And by too much, I mean too much blaming and name-calling and negativity. And it's nearly impossible to get away from---it's on television, in the papers, and all over social media.

It feels as if, in many ways, the world is digging up old ways of thinking and negative patterns of behavior. Perhaps these behaviors are bubbling to the surface because there are fears that need to be addressed and hopefully healed.

As an artist, it's easy to go to the "there's nothing I can do" place, and that's simply not true. We need to participate in the healing. As creatives, every day we have an amazing opportunity to share our gifts and talents with others, and to make a statement on behalf of what's good and right with the world. When everything feels like a mess, the worst thing we can do is run and hide. Now is when the world needs our giving spirits the most. It needs our poetry, our art, our music, along with the powerful joy we create right along with it.

One sure-fire way to combat the negative is to stand up and embrace your creativity. Make someone smile. Lift someone's mood. Make someone feel alive for the next minute or hour or day. But most importantly, use your creativity for yourself. As an artist, it's important for you to stand in your truth, find your power, and shine, shine, shine for all the world to see. Start the healing with you. We can't change everything, but if we can have a positive impact on even just one person, we are sharing our gifts in the most amazing way. And the expression of our gifts will always be heard loud and clear over the rumble of negativity.

So go out and create! We need the power of the artist to set an example, and to be a beacon for goodness and healing in the world.

~ Rob Fortier, a CCA Certified Creativity Coach, known as the Marketing Escape Artist, specializes in helping entrepreneurs to create businesses they love exactly the way they want them. He can be reached via his website at RobFortier.com.

Art Heals---Move From Fear Towards Love and Beauty
By Bonnie Perry

Listening to the news or reading the newspaper paints a picture of turbulence and chaos. Fear seems to flood into our lives from all directions. What can artists and creators do to make a positive difference-to heal some of this upset?

Celebrate Uniqueness
Each of us has something valuable to add to our world. Each self-expression demonstrates the contributions that all creators can make. This provides the opportunity for others see, accept and value diversity. Art demonstrates that differences are not obstacles, but rather synergistic steppingstones upon which we can build well-rounded and vibrant future.

Bring Beauty
The awe inspired by a painting or the emotion tapped into or touched by a poem or song can help heal observers. Witnessing beauty soothes the soul and can shift thoughts towards the positive. Beauty can also be a distraction or temporary respite.

Clarify Ideas
As we are bombarded with chaos and complication, art and writing can illustrate and simplify the kernel of truth - cutting through the window dressing and helping us better understand our world.

Engage Hearts
Creative works of all sorts can allow us to open our emotions often closed by fear and turmoil of world events. A sanctuary for the emotions-calm, comfort and joy-can be experienced by witnessing art.

Open Minds
A new perspective can be discovered through sound or visuals. Our intellect can limit our comprehension especially when fear is in play. Ideas or emotions depicted by artists and creators can allow a fresh look and another way of processing information. Aha!

Art is heart and healing. Now, more than ever, our world needs us---artists and creators---to step forward and create. What gift can you give towards healing the world today? Write that poem, start that story, write music, sing, dance, paint. It all adds to tipping the scale from fear to love. Each bit matters. Now, more than ever, society needs our contributions.

~ Bonnie Perry, MA is a CCA Certified Creativity Coach and Past-Life Regressionist. Her specialty is igniting and nurturing creative sparks to produce art and enhance daily life in a holistic way - heart, mind and spirit. She lives in Sedona, AZ and Cape Cod, MA. Contact her at bonniep444@gmail.com. Visit www.bonnieperry.net.

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