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Creativity Coaching Online Certification Program

The Creativity Coaching Association is now offering a professional online Creativity Coaching Certification Program, through which anyone interested in creativity coaching can become certified under the auspices of the Creativity Coaching Association. This certification is earned by fulfilling a range of requirements and classes that are conducted over the Internet and by phone. No in-person time is required. The program can be completed in 12-18 months at a cost of approximately $2900.

This certification program has been developed to answer the needs of a growing creativity coaching profession. As more and more people enter the profession, it is clear that developing coaching standards provides increased confidence and professionalism among coaches as well assures the public that coaches have mastered their skills.

If you are interested in this program, please review the course requirements below. You can enroll in any course listed below by clicking on the Enroll link next to the course. Note also that you must declare candidacy at some point during the program. You can declare your candidacy in advance and save on the fees for some of the courses, or you can wait until you have taken some courses. But you MUST declare candidacy before taking the Supervised Coaching class. If you want to declare candidacy now, click below. Declare Candidacy Now |

Five Certification Requirements

See frequently asked questions further down on this page.


Note: All of these courses are available to any CCA member; you do not need to be in the certification program to take these courses. These four training courses do not need to be taken in the order listed below -- they can be taken in any order. You may declare your candidacy for certification before, during, or after taking these courses, though some courses have reduced fees for those who declare their candidacy for certification in advance of taking the class.

  1. Basic Coaching Training Course
    Eric's Maisel’s 16-week online Introduction to Creativity Training
    Class Fee: Basic course fee = $475. Next sessions begin on February 6, 2017, on June 5, 2017 and on September 18, 2017. (Pay Eric Maisel directly).
    Course Details and Enrollment information

  2. Advanced Creativity Coaching Training: Coaching Writers, Visual Artists, and Performers is a 16-week email-based training for coaches and other helping professionals who want to learn how to effectively coach writers, visual artists and performers. Participants learn the common challenges that writers, visual artists and performers face and how to effectively help them (and help themselves) meet those challenges. Class Fee: Advanced course fee = $475. Next sessions begin on February 6, 2017, on June 5, 2017 and on September 18. 2017. (Pay Eric Maisel directly).
    Course Details and Enrollment information

  3. Building the Coaching Relationship with Creative Clients - Begins Thursday, April 20, 2017, 1:00 - 2:00 PM, EST.
    Enroll Now |
    This teleclass focuses on the coaching skills useful for working with artist clients and the particular accountability and relationship issues encountered. The elements and stages of creativity are paired with specific coaching skills whether your prior experience has been as an artist, coach, therapist, or none of the above. Exercises for practice between sessions can be adapted to your own coaching of individuals or groups, and in various formats (e-mail, telephone, video, live). Click here for detailed course description further down on this page
    Instructor: This class is taught by Dolly Muzer, MA, LPC. She is a teacher, licensed psychotherapist and certified creativity coach.

    Schedule: The teleclass takes 8 weeks spread out over 9 weeks. The teleclass is on Thursdays with class dates of April 20, 27, May 4, 11, 18, 25, (off June 1) and June 8, 15, 2017. This class is being offered at 1:00-2:00 pm EST. You will be given a phoneline to call to participate in the telecourse.

    Class Fee: $500 (declared candidates) / $550 (others) plus your own telephone charges for the bridgeline calls.

  4. Business Planning and Success Strategies for Creativity Coaches - Begins Thursday September 21, 2017. 1:00-2:00 PM, EST
    Enroll Now|
    This is a combined online/teleclass course devoted to teaching candidates how to develop a successful coaching practice.The class is highly interactive, with participants sharing information and each person developing a personalized marketing plan for his or her own coaching practice. There will be homework assigned by e-mail each week after each teleclass. Participants will be expected to actively set business goals and complete specific ongoing assignments in order to meet the requirements for completion. Click here for detailed course description further down on this page

    Instructor: The class is taught Sharon Good, CC, owner of Good Life Coaching Inc. in New York City. Sharon has been a successful coach and teacher since 1997, with specialties in life, career and creativity coaching. She is the author of several books through her publishing company, Good Life Press.

    Schedule: This class will take place for 8 weeks. The class is on Thursdays, September 21, 28, October 5, 12, 19, 26 (no class Nov. 2), November 9, 16, 2017 (EST). You are given a phoneline to call to participate in the telecourse.

    Class Fee: $500 (declared candidates) / $550 (others) plus your own telephone charges for the bridgeline calls.


Enroll Now|
The candidate will work with Beverly R. Down, CCA President & CCA Certified Creativity Coach. Together we will discuss the candidate's coaching of clients in detail over 5 hours of time via phone calls to enhance the candidate's skills, coaching style and approaches with clients, as well as business building practices. Fee: $500

Enroll Now
The candidate will select five books from the approved reading list established by CCA of the most important books in creativity. For each book, the candidate will write a brief review and commentary focusing on how the book affects their coaching and thinking about creativity. The purpose of this requirement is to ensure the candidate is familiar with important literature on creativity and to broaden the candidate’s perspectives and knowledge. Fee: $250


The candidate will keep a record on the CCA-approved form (to be sent when you enroll in candidacy) indicating that the candidate has accomplished a minimum of 100 hours of client contact, which may include student coaching during the training classes. Email to obtain the official log form you must use to keep track of your coaching hours.


The candidate will sign a statement of ethics and business practices to which he or she will abide in practicing creativity coaching.

The Total cost of the program is $2900 for declared candidates, based on fees in 2015. This cost includes the declaration of candidacy fee, plus the two courses taught by Eric Maisel and the two CCA led courses, Building the Coaching Relationship with Creative Clients and  Business Planning and Success Strategies for Creativity Coaches, plus all other elements of the program. Enrollment and fees for Eric Maisel's classes are handled via his web site. All other enrollments and fees may be paid on the CCA Enrollment page.

Note: You may declare candidacy at any time before, during, or after taking the four courses, but candidacy must be declared before taking the Supervised Coaching course. Fees for the two advanced CCA led courses, Building the Coaching Relationship with Creative Clients and  Business Planning and Success Strategies for Creativity Coaches are discounted for declared candidates.

Membership Dues
The Candidate must remain an active paid member of CCA during the time in which he or she seeks certification.

Time Frame
Once a candidate declares candidacy, he or she must complete the remaining requirements within a period of two years.

Additional Benefits
Certified coaches will receive the following additional benefits:

  1. A special listing in the database of coaches available to the public on the CCA web site; these special listings will be reserved for Certified coaches.

  2. A promotional announcement of the candidate's business in the CCA newsletter in the month following their certification.

  3. The opportunity to offer Master Workshops to the public using the CCA web site for promoting your workshop and setting up the course via online and/or teleclass.

Detailed Course Descriptions

Building the Coaching Relationship with Creative Clients

Enroll Now

Taught by Dolly Muzer, MA, LPC

This teleclass focuses on the coaching skills useful for working with artist clients and the particular accountability and relationship issues encountered. The elements and stages of creativity are paired with specific coaching skills whether your prior experience has been as an artist, coach, therapist, or none of the above. Exercises for practice between sessions can be adapted to your own coaching of individuals or groups, and in various formats (e-mail, telephone, video, live).

Session notes are e-mailed out following each session and include reading and website resources. Participants do the exercises around their creative work as an artist or around creating a coaching practice. Interactive work is done with other class members.

How does this work on the phone? Easier than you might think.

Once everyone on the call checks in, the coach guides the discussion. Each person simply says their name before they start talking. Generally groups run between 5 and 10 people. We quickly learn to tell who is who by voice and when several people talk at once, the coach plays traffic director for a moment. Before long, the normal pattern of people who are interested in the same things and excited about what they are doing takes over; laughter and sharing of setbacks and milestones weave through the material covered. E-mail is used to communicate with the coach and encouraged among group members.

Course Description

The course consists of 5 modules with 9 sessions as follows:


Session 1.The Collaborative Relationship. Establishing trust and alliance is the first step to building a collaborative working relationship with clients. Coaching tools are introduced for deciding where coaching is to begin, distinguishing it from mentoring and therapy, and structuring the format of coaching sessions.

Session 2. Developing the Vision & Goals. Help your clients discover where they want to go. We will discuss when and how to help artists get specific about short-term goals. Several goal-setting models are presented and related to the coaching guideline of “don’t fix, don’t tell.” Best uses of open-ended and powerful questions are covered, as well as active listening skills for building confidence.

Session 3. Personality Types. This session presents different sensory styles (visual, auditory, etc.) and basic personality types (Myers-Briggs) as they affect an artist’s work. As coaches, you will learn your own styles, to heighten awareness of potential biases, and ways to adjust your styles to work with varied clients.

Session 4. Identifying and Maximizing Your Client’s Strengths. We look at using appreciative inquiry and reframing to help artists identify and build on their values and strengths, in both their general creativity and their specific medium. Resources from the field of positive psychology are considered as well as exceptions to this approach. Coaches’ styles of positive feedback are identified.

Session 5. Working with Resistance & Procrastination. Resistance is a common and normal part of the creative process, but can lead to anxiety and paralysis. Learn how to recognize it in your client and help them move out of procrastination and into productivity. Adapting skills used by people with attention deficit disorder is discussed as well as when to refer clients on to others.

Session 6. Audiences and Critics, inner and outer. This session explores how artists can transform criticism and negative self-talk into resiliency and renewed motivation. We look at how rituals for both acceptance and rejection can smooth out artists’ reactions. How coaches can use challenges and “interruptions” to refocus clients is detailed. Coaches’ handling of confidentiality and boundaries is reviewed as a model for how clients set boundaries.

Session 7. Connections & Support. Three types of relationships (Heroes, Mirrors & Twins) are essential for the artist to continue to strive creatively. These types of connections help to provide support, strength and courage to continue to face challenges of the creative process and reduce isolation. We will also explore balancing the coaching client relationships by setting limits and boundaries.

Session 8. Renewing the Vision. The importance of evaluating progress and success during the Coaching/Client Relationship. This session focuses on supporting clients into the unknown and helping them launch. We will also explore helping artists access dreams, spiritual support, artists’ journals and other intuitive guidance as a form of self-coaching.

About the Teacher

Dolly Muzer, MA, LPC, is a licensed psychotherapist, a teacher, and CCA certified creativity coach.  She is the owner of The Creative Pioneer in Colorado and currently specializes in life and creativity coaching. She is also a practicing visual artist.


Business Planning and Success Strategies for Creativity Coaches

Enroll Now

Taught by Sharon Good


Becoming a successful coaching professional with a specialty in creativity requires your own creative problem-solving and originality! Creativity coaching is still seen as a new profession and therefore you need to clearly communicate your talents in order to inspire clients to work with you. In this 2 month group teleclass coaching program, you will learn the building blocks for establishing a full or part-time practice in balance with your own creative projects and interests. You will learn to vision and attain your business goals and develop your own personal workstyle and marketing strategies that tap into your greatest strengths and facilitates new skill development.


Session One.

  • Introductions
  • Guidelines and Expectations for the Course
  • Assessment of the Individual Needs of Students to Customize Classes
  • Overview of Practice Building Process and Marketing Planning
  • Your Business as Creative Self-Expression
Session Two.
  • Sharing of Mission Statements
  • Marketing Challenges Specific to Coaches
  • Applying Your Strengths to Your Business
  • Business Start-Up, Business Plans, Practice Building and Time Management
Session Three
  • Branding Your Business
  • 30 Second Commercials for Networking
  • Identifying Your Target Market and Their Needs
  • Designing Programs to Resolve the Challenges of our Clients
  Session Four
  • Website Essentials I
  • Design and Goals
  • Merchant Accounts and Shopping Carts
  • Blogs and E-Zines
  • List-Building
  Session Five
  • Web Essentials II
  • Driving Traffic to Your Website
  • Social Media
  • Product Development
  Session Six
  • Preparing for Speaking, Workshops, Teleclasses, Webinars, Coaching Groups, Special Programs  
  Session Seven
  • Media
  • Print Options
  • Radio and Television Opportunities
  • Getting Booked
    • Media Web Pages and Press Kits
    • Relationships with Journalists
  • Podcasts  
  Session Eight
  • Networking
  • Promotion Options
  • Affiliate and Referral Marketing
  • Joint Ventures
  • Review of Marketing Plan
  • Action Steps for the Future


Sharon Good, BCC, ACC, is the owner of Good Life Coaching Inc., based in New York City. She has been coaching since 1997, with specialties in life, career, retirement and creativity coaching. She is the author of several books, including Creative Marketing Tools for Coaches and The Tortoise Workbook: Strategies for Getting Ahead at Your Own Pace, with Good Life Press, and Managing With A Heart, with Sourcebooks. Sharon has been training and mentoring coaches since 2004. She has a BA from Hofstra University, a certificate in Career Planning and Development from New York University’s School of Professional Studies, and coaching certifications from the Life Purpose Institute, Retirement Options, the Center for Credentialing and Education, and the International Coach Federation. She is a proud member of the Creativity Coaching Association.

The above description of requirements for the Creativity Coaching Certification Program is subject to change as needed to accommodate expanded course offerings and schedule flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Program

I am very interested in the Certification Program. Do I need to declare my candidacy right away?

No, you can take any of the formal classes and the Reading List element without declaring your candidacy. The classes are open to CCA member coaches at any time. You simply sign up for the classes and pay for each one as you go. For some classes, there is a discounted fee for people who have declared their candidacy though.

However, you must declare candidacy before doing the Supervised Coaching element, the Project element, and of course, the final interview component.

Can I take any class I want without being in the program?

Yes, the formal classes are open to CCA member coaches at any time.

Is there an order in which to take classes?

There is no sequence for taking the classes -- you may take the classes in any sequence that you want. To discuss the best plan for you, please email Bev Down at to discuss further.

Do courses I’ve taken with Eric Maisel in the past count toward certification?

Yes, if you’ve taken other courses with Eric in the past, such as the Introduction to Creativity or the Advanced Creativity Coaching course, these will count towards your certification.

Can you overlap classes, i.e., take more than one class at a time?

Yes, you can overlap classes. Because of the number of classes that we need to offer, it may inevitable that you will be finishing one class when another one starts. Please contact us at with any questions regarding timing of the classes.

What if I sign up for a class and it is cancelled?

If a class is cancelled for lack of minimum number of students, we will refund your fee or apply it to another class.

Will I receive a confirmation of registration?

Yes, we will email you once we have received your payment.

Is there a contact to discuss the courses, timing, projects, etc.?

Please send an email to about any questions you have on the CCA program.

Why is there a requirement that the program be completed within 2 years from the date of candidacy declaration?

The two year time frame is a guideline to help you stay motivated. We will be flexible if a candidate is earnestly trying to complete the certification but can't quite do it in two years because of personal, family, or other significant conflicts.

For the Reading element of the program, does the cost include the books or are they an additional purchase?

No, the cost of the reading portion does not include the books.

What is the goal of the Reading program and what are the study guides?

The reading program is intended to provide candidates with a solid background in the literature of creativity. Being familiar with a wide range of books on creativity will build your knowledge of creativity issues and vocabulary, as well as enhance your work as a coach. The study guides for each book you select are intended to draw your attention to various themes and vocabulary in the book and to provide questions for you to reflect on to develop your coaching.


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