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In case you missed the Creativity Coaching Association's
special one day live Tele-Summit on May 8,'s not too late!
You can still hear the following 5 "taped conversations", by clicking on to the following links below!

These calls are the CCA's gift to you -- Enjoy!




"Catch the Creativity Wave: Success Strategies for Growing Creativity"

Hosted by the Creativity Coaching Association
Live conversations with Beverly Down, CCA President and the following Certified Coaches:

Note: Just click on to each individual call to receive the playback numbers and ability to
access the recorded calls.

Session #1)

Click here for play back numbers to hear the recorded call


Topic: Being a Creativity Steward is a Calling

with Beverly Down & Melissa Rosati


The sweet moments in life are when we are acknowledged for who we are and how we contribute to a making a difference in the service to others. Whether our time in this world is long or short is immaterial. As artists, creatives and coaches, we do not watch the clock, we tune into our creativity pulse. Our intentions reflect our ideals. Choices define our concept of time. Being a Creativity Steward is to recognize that in our concept of time, there is no ownership. There is only stewardship: care, nourishment and flow. Pass it on.


Melissa A. Rosati, CPCC is a CCA Member Coach dedicated to the study of Awe. Her publishing imprint, Red Lotus Studio Press, publishes short and long-form nonfiction and fiction in spirituality and personal development. Blog:

Session #2)

Click here for play back numbers to hear the recorded call


Topic: Self-Care with a Creative Flair

with Beverly Down & Nanette Saylor


Do you create with the intention of bringing joy to yourself and others only to find that self-imposed stress is blocking your progress and sabotaging your success? When life gets in the way, do you long for a solution that will inspire resilience and foster determination? Nurturing and replenishing your spirit through creative self-care is the answer. More than a healthy diet, restful sleep or occasional exercise alone, self-care for the creative entrepreneur involves nurturing the whole person - spiritually, emotionally and physically-each and every day. Creating rituals that work, one small step at a time, is a key component to sustainable creative success.


~ Nanette Saylor, CCA Certified Creativity Coach and Founder of Wise Well Women, guides creative women to harness their imaginative energy through self-care. Fueling personal and professional growth through her coaching program, "The 12 Baby Steps Foundation Formula", she inspires women to discover and embrace their unique gifts and to share them with passion.

Session #3)

Click here for play back numbers to hear the recorded call


Topic: The Power of Creative Collaboration/Connection

with Beverly Down & Susan Miller


Do you ever feel like you are alone in your creative work? or want someone to share your idea with and collaborate toward a common goal? The power of creative collaboration and connection can lead toward more inspired action, better focus, and more joy in your creative pursuit. We will discuss the benefits of having connection with other creative cohorts which includes support, encouragement, ideation, resources, collaborative project development and opportunities for new ventures. Get connected and find your creative mojo!

~ Susan Miller, PhD, LPCS of Lighted Path® Coaching & Art Studio is a CCA Certified Creativity Coach,  Certified Kaizen-Muse™Creativity Coach, Creative Entrepreneur Coach, Circle Coach with the Right Brain Business Plan® Mentorship Program, and Artist. With 30+ years of professional counseling/coaching experience, Susan offers individual/group coaching and creativity immersion workshops/retreats. 

Session #4)

Click here for play back numbers to hear the recorded call


Topic: When Opportunity Knocks - Be Sure to Answer

with Beverly Down and Doreen Poreba


When an opportunity comes along, how do you respond? With excitement, practically kicking the door down to open it, or with trepidation, afraid to see what's behind the door? Or perhaps you fall somewhere in between. During this conversation, you'll hear some real life stories about both missed and seized opportunities. You'll gain ideas about how to manifest, recognize and respond to opportunities that are presented to you. You'll also learn about active listening, the importance of asking the right questions, tuning in to what's behind any reluctance you may notice, and tips for making friends with taking risks.


~ Doreen Marcial Poreba is author of “Unlocking Your Creativity” and founder of The Creative Caboose, a division of The PR Czar® Inc. As a CCA certified creativity coach, she helps professionals and hobbyists achieve their dreams. An award-winning creative and business leader, she’s passionate about writing, photography, singing-songwriting and making music. and

Miranda Hersey

Session #5)

Click here for play back numbers to hear the recorded call


Topic: Building a Real-Life Creative Practice

with Beverly Down & Miranda Hersey


It's the ultimate creative dream: The days stretch before you in a glorious string, ripe with creative opportunity because you have nothing else to do and nowhere else to be. No job, no kids, no partner, no responsibilities-just you and your creative work. But then, of course, we wake up. For most of us, the best we can do is shoehorn creative practice into an overflowing life. How do we do that, exactly? And is struggling to maintain a regular creative practice always a good idea? Let's look at navigating creative work when life is full of competing demands.


~ Miranda Hersey is a writer, editor, CCA-certified creativity coach, and host of the blog Studio Mothers. As a business owner and mother of five, Miranda is passionate about helping others live deeply satisfying, creative lives. She lives on an island in the Puget Sound, happily overrun with books and animals.

Beverly Down 2010

~ Beverly Down is a CCA Certified Creativity Coach. Since April 2007, Beverly has been the CEO & President of the Creativity Coaching Association, combining her vision and dedication to the Human Potential with her love of artists & creative thinkers, and adding an emphasis in helping new coaches to create sustainable practices.


Along with teaching, training, supervising and certifying new creativity coaches worldwide, Beverly enjoys using her leadership position with the CCA in creating numerous important events and projects for promoting creativity, and the partnership between coaches and the lives of creative thinkers. and

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