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Denny Sila


Jazz Music, Child Prodigies


New York City, NY 



I am not a music teacher. I believe that Jazz music in particular is very much self-taught. I utilize many methods to help coach and mentor my mentees in developing a unique sound. I start by introducing concepts and techniques, and encouraging the person to practice them, to feel the music, and to figure out what works, for him/her – what s/he likes and what makes sense to him. I aim to show my mentees that being a jazz artist is a careful balance of freedom and responsibility, and that it is important to find the balance.

Methods of Working:




10 years of experience mentoring a multi-Grammy-nominated jazz piano prodigy. 

Individual Services Offered:

One-on-one coaching/mentoring 

Workshops Offered:


Talks Offered:


Classes Offered:


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Training and Experience:

10 years of experience mentoring a multi-Grammy-nominated jazz piano prodigy. 


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