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Charise M. Hoge


All Creativity, Dance, International Relocation, Performing Arts, Writing Process


Business Name:

A Portable Identity Coaching



Bethesda, Maryland. United States







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At heart, I am a dancer. I have built all of my endeavors on this foundation of who I am, with a belief in what I call the ‘inspired moment’. The inspired moment is where you are moved to some action out of trust that it is exactly where you must go, what you must do or express.


You are creating your path and may not see the end result but you know you’ll arrive there. The dancer has only her immediate expression and when she follows that then an entire choreography is revealed. As a coach, I encourage others to find inspired moments where you see who you are, your best possible self, and how that has impact on your world.


Methods of Working:

Phone, Skype, or In-Person.



Creative process in performing arts, writing, developing a yoga practice, living the mobile lifestyle, defining your path or endeavor.


Individual Services:

Individual coaching allows us to co-create a plan to maximize your potential, both personally and professionally. What you bring to coaching is your willingness to explore, discover, and take steps toward your goals. What I bring to coaching is my commitment to support, guide, and hold you accountable to your self.



Meet Your Muse: An Invitation to Kindle Your Creativity 4 part teleclass with co-leader Kate Kroska, fellow creativity coach and artist, to facilitate direct experience of your capacity for creativity through guided exercises, information, group discussion, and assigned tasks.



Identity and the Mobile Lifestyle A presentation on the effect of moving and living overseas on identity and how to take charge of change for a successful transition to life abroad.


Training and Experience:

I have trained in dance/movement therapy, social work, yoga teacher training, and coaching. I have a Master’s Degree in Dance/Movement Therapy from New York University and a Master’s in Social Work from University of Georgia. My work as a mental health counselor of expatriates while living overseas led to developing workshops for accompanying spouses and co-authoring a book with Debra Bryson, MSW, titled A Portable Identity: A Woman’s Guide to Maintaining a Sense of Self While Moving Overseas.


Between April 2007 and November 2008 I consulted with the Foreign Service as a presenter on the topic of “Identity and the Mobile Lifestyle” for new Foreign Service officers and spouses at the Overseas Briefing Center in Virginia. My coaching specialty is creativity which is fundamental to the ability to thrive in the mobile lifestyle, and ties in with my other professional endeavors in dance, yoga, and performing.


I am a SynergyYoga and middle eastern dance instructor in the Maryland/DC area. My professional dance performing experience includes the Ancient Rhythms Dance Company in residence at the DC Dance Collective, PATH modern dance company based in Baltimore, and Room to Move modern dance company based in Atlanta.


I maintain my license in social work and certification as a dance/movement therapist, and have completed training with Mentorcoach.



A Portable Identity: A Woman’s Guide to Maintaining a Sense of Self While Moving Overseas by Charise M. Hoge, MSW and Debra R. Bryson, MSW, 2005, Transition Press International.



Please contact me at the e-mail address shown above for pricing information.



Currently seeking participants for my teleclass Meet Your Muse and have space available for individual clients.

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