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Coach Louise


All Creativity, Getting Unstuck, Life Coaching, Self Esteem, Writers


Business Name:

Creativity Challenges



Vancouver Island. Canada


Web Site:


I reflectively "listen" via email to a client, follow her passion, and give gentle suggestions for self-nurture and self-esteem.  I help her choose a project to work on and to pace herself through the creativity process for that project. I enjoy coaching a client who wants toaccommodate limitations, such as health challenges, and to enhance her capabilities to create.


Methods of Working:

Email coaching, phone appointments, and in-person coaching. I prefer email coaching right now, but I'm open to phone appointments, and I plan to start in-person coaching during the summer of 2005.


My speciality is integrating creativity challenges with life challenges, especially health challenges. I also enjoy working on deeper levels with creativity wannabes or anyone who wants to nurture their inner child artist and various parts of themselves.


I'm here to help you nurture yourself and your inner artist child; separate your core identity from health identity; pace yourself with creativity projects; and fulfill your dreams in the midst of limitations.


Individual Services:

I offer creativity coaching via email and phone appointments. I also offer consultations on various health, advocacy, spirituality, and counseling issues



“Creativity Challenges for Persons with Chronic Illness (or other limitations)”


Training and Experience:

I have a BA in Religion and two years of graduate work in pastoral care and counseling, writing, health and wholeness,  applied theology and spirituality, and well as other interdisciplinary studies. 

I have a certificate in creativity coaching and I've finished the 32 weeks of basic and advanced training with Eric Maisel. I also have a certificate in pastoral counseling. Each certificate is based on extensive training, assignments, and experience with clients.


I offer support for integrating creativity challenges with life challenges, especially health challenges, since I have first-hand experience doing this for myself. I've had several chronic illnesses for 32 years.


I have facilitated groups in creativity recovery, health support, counseling, friendship, and prayer. I used to be a pastoral counselor and the coordinator of a counseling team. I've been the editor of an allergy newsletter.


I'm also a writer, visual artist, and teacher of workshops on creativity.


I enjoy creating poetry, essays, stories, novels, songs, screenplays, puzzles, greeting cards, charcoal portraits, pastel paintings, watercolor glass-stained like designs, and embossing on parchment paper.




An article “Creativity Challenges for Persons with Chronic Illness: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive” published in the Inspiring Creativity anthology.



Trial fees:

One month email coaching: $75.00

One phone appointment: $20


Suggested Packet: $400

You get four months email coaching plus four phone appointments for 30 min.  If you wish to start with the one month trial email coaching, you can apply the $75.00 to this packet later.


Regular fees:

One month email coaching: $150.00

Two months email coaching: $250.00

Three months email coaching: $325.00

Phone appointments: $40 for 30 minutes; $50 for 45 minutes.


Email me at the address above.



I have space available right now for three individual clients.


I am currently seeking 15 participants for my Creativity Challenges email workshop in June 2006. 


Additional Comments:

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