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Consuelo Meux, Ph.D


All Creativity/“Creatives in Suits” (Executives, Professionals, Leaders)/ Health & Wellness/Executive Coach/Leadership Coaching 


Business Name:

Leaders’ Lifestyle



Paso Robles, CA.







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As a systems expert, I assist my clients to capture a big picture view of any issue to see how pieces, steps, activities and strategies fit together over the long term. You will know where you are stuck and get support and strategies to achieve your most desired goals. 

I use a holistic/systems approach that begins with specific assessments to identify your actual coaching needs.  A personalized program is developed from there to best serve your needs and give structure to the coaching process.  Usually, all aspects of your life are addressed in the coaching process including health & wellness, relationships, professional, along with the creative process.


Methods of Working:


My coaching methods include:

  • Use of professional assessments

  • Interpretation of results to strategize the coaching

  • Clear start and completion dates for the coaching process

  • Variety of offerings to meet your individual or organizational needs.


I work with

  • Organizations & groups on premises.

  • Individuals by phone or in-person.   



My company, Leaders’ Lifestyle provides in-depth assistance in: 

  • Executive Mastermind Coaching

  • Life and Behavioral Coaching

  • Health and Wellness coaching

  • Corporate Wellness Programs

  • Organizational Development

  • Strategic Change and Planning 


Our coaching and programs are designed with a systems perspective that looks at the whole person or whole business and treats each situation as it is – unique. 
The coaching process works particularly well with those who are highly creative and find it difficult (or impossible) to fit into cookie-cutter solutions and pre-packaged programs.  You will have support to make real change at the individual and organizational levels. 


My coaching provides you with a comprehensive set of tools and insights to assist you to advance and create lasting improvements.  My specializations assist you to

  • communicate effectively so others listen

  • creatively build a collaborative support base 

  • understand the nuances of leadership

  • learn to look better and younger with more energy everyday

  • improve professional and personal relationships

  • engage, motivate and mobilize employees

  • set clear strategies, goals and plans

  • build the leadership capacity of you and your organization

  • understand behaviors that can derail a career


and much more.

Additional Areas of Expertise:

  • Creative idea development and implementation

  • Changing courses in life or profession voluntarily or not

  • Organization development, business development, cash flow models

  • Time management and goal accomplishment

  • Organization and business leadership and employee/supporter development

  • Team building and group development

  • Health, wellness and balanced living for the overwhelmed, overworked and under-supported.


I look forward to working with you and particular with “Creatives in Suits.” 



Break Through Barriers That Hold You Back.

Learn 4 No-Fail Strategies to Gain Confidence and Start Living a Creative, Productive, and More Prosperous Life – On Purpose 

Please see Website for dates and details.


Training and Experience:



  • Certified Creativity Coach

  • Certified Executive Mastermind Coach/Consultant

  • Certified Life and Cognitive Behavior Coach

  • Certified Health Coach (CMC, AADP)


Background & Experience   

  • Ph.D. Human & Organization Systems      

  • M.A. Organization Development  

  • M.S. Organization Behavior 

  • B.S. Marketing

  • University Faculty, Author, Speaker,  Entrepreneur

  • Former Peace Corps Volunteer,  Cameroon, West Africa



Yes I Can Succeed Online:

5-Easy Steps to Online Success (2009) 

How to Organize for Safety:

The Step-by-Step Guide to Emergency and Disaster Preparedness (2007) 

Books Chapters 

Centers of Conflict:

Identifying a Shared Vision to Alleviate Resistance to Change.  The Leadership Challenge Activities Book (2010) New York: John Wiley & Sons

Building a Creative Business:

Creativity Coaching to Assist the Launch of a Business Dream.  (2009) Creativity Coaching Success Stories. Creativity Coaching Ass.

Platinum Author;



Please visit the website for pricing information 



I am currently accepting new coaching clients. 

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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