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Denise A. Agnew


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Sierra Vista, Arizona United States







Creative Pen Coaching helps individuals define their creative goals as well as excavate around the blocks keeping them from accomplishing lifelong creativity. Many writers/artists are eager to create but encounter various forms of resistance toward fulfilling their artistic dreams. The Creative Pen Coaching focuses on empowering clients to overcome resistance and roadblocks so they might enhance their creative performance for the long term.


Methods of Working:

Email or by phone/Skype and in person for locals. Email and phone preferable.



Assisting authors in any genre with creative blocks and rediscovering creative passion. As the author of over 60 novels and over twenty years experience in the writing world, I’m qualified to help writers and other creative individuals navigate challenges to their creativity.


Individual Services:

I consider working with writers like an “excavation” where it can take a little digging to unearth the real reasons why they aren’t creating as often as they’d like or at all. I listen for clues that help me understand and assist the writer to find their own best path toward lifetime creativity.


Training and Experience:

Bachelor of Arts, Humanities 
(Human Communications Emphasis)

Bachelor of Science, Technical Management 
(Psychology minor)
Twenty years in the romance writing industry.
Fourteen years as a published author.
CCA Certified Creativity Coach.
Member of the Creative Coaching Association.



Full list of my published works at my website



Contact me at for more information.



Currently open for three clients at this time.


Additional Comments:

Discover the true meaning you want to create.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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