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Doreen Marcial Poreba, APR


I work with all areas of creativity, focusing on anyone who feels stuck or is simply ready for more expansion in his or her creative expression. This includes helping to develop one’s creative thinking skills.


Business Name:

Creative Caboose, a division of The PR Czar® Inc.



Stuart, Florida. United States







Web Site:



The Creative Caboose, a division of The PR Czar® Inc., believes every human being is creative. Through the process of creativity coaching and customized creativity workshops, I am devoted to empowering others to uncover, recover and discover their creativity, ultimately realizing their creative potential. My focus is on coaching both groups and individuals. This includes creative professionals, emerging artists, serious and recreational hobbyists, business people, entrepreneurs and anyone who feels stuck or desires to realize their full creative expression. I am professional — yet compassionate — in supporting, encouraging and guiding my clients on the creativity track and beyond! I help them bring their ideas alive, put them into action and motivate them to continue to thrive.


Methods of Working:

Phone, In person, Skype, FaceTime or Email – or a combination   



In addition to being a CCA certified creativity coach, I also am author of “Unlocking Your Creativity,” published by Alpha Books, a Penguin Random House Company. My book helps readers get past the barriers that keep them from being creative at work and in their daily life.

I’m also an award-winning, accredited public relations practitioner and professional photographer, freelance writer, public speaker, singer-songwriter and recording artist. Friends have often referred to me as a “Renaissance Woman,” due to my sense of adventure, individualism, and giving birth to multiple cultural interests — mainly writing, photography and music — but I have dabbled in many different artistic ventures along the way.

As a PR pro and photojournalist, I have more than 30 years of experience working on both sides of the media fence. In 1997, I founded The PR Czar® Inc. ( a full-service public relations firm in Stuart, Florida. This experience directly relates to coaching clients who wish to start their own businesses or need help marketing their existing business.

Among the biggest skills I learned as a news reporter (which launched my career) both for TV news and print publications, is the ability to listen carefully, process information quickly but thoroughly and ask powerful questions. These are all important skills for a creativity coach.

Rather than specialize in a particular niche, I have chosen to work with a broad base of clients — basically anyone who has a desire to create something new in his or her life who could benefit from the support of a coach. My approach is gentle and supportive, yet if you are the type of person who needs that extra push, you can also count on me as a creativity coach who will hold you accountable to the actions to which you agree to undertake.


Individual Services:

As the client, you always set the agenda for each session. As your creativity coach, I will listen intently first. Through a series of asking you powerful questions, you will discover answers for yourself. At times, I may offer suggestions or describe an exercise that you may do to help move you forward. It’s a true collaboration between you and me. No high stakes pressure!



Customized Creativity Workshops - I work with corporations, small businesses, governmental agencies, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations in developing customized creativity workshops. First, I meet with the lead person to discuss goals, key points and content. Then I prepare the workshop and discuss the details with the contact person. Workshops can be half-day or daylong. Prices vary, depending on the structure.


I also have developed a series of creativity workshops that are open to the general public. Check my website, for upcoming events.

Online Course:

I have partnered with one of the world's largest and most respected spiritual websites, For a nominal fee ($10, $25 or $40 - you pick the price) you can enroll in my multi-media eight-week course titled "Unlock Your Creativity with Spirituality.” Over the eight-week period, you will explore the relationship between creativity and spirituality while being guided to uncover, recover and discover your creative talents in a way that deepens your spirituality at the same time. You'll accomplish this through a series of creative explorations that include hands-on exercises, inspiring music, contemplation, daily observations, meditations, spiritual practices, and prayers that support your own unique expression of creativity. This course is for you whether you're feeling stuck or simply ready for expansion.


Speaking Engagement:

I can create a topic custom-tailored for your club or organization. Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Never Too Late: Finding & Acting Upon Your Creative Passions – inspiring older adults to act on their creative interests and why it’s never too late

  2. Taming Your Creative Censor – addresses one of the common blocks that can prevent artists from moving forward or reaching their full creative potential

  3. Time To Play — Using Your Inner Child to Tickle Your Creativity– intended for “stuck” artists of all types

  4. The Connection Between Spirituality and Creativity – How to tap into a deeper place to manifest your creative spirit

  5. When In Doubt … Create Even More– for the “doubting artist” – tips for creating even when confidence lags behind


Classes Offered:

Creativity classes based on my book, “Unlocking Your Creativity,” and Julia Cameron’s book, “The Artist’s Way”

Training and Experience:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Slippery Rock University

  • CCA Certified Creativity Coach and Member of the Creativity Coaching Association

  • Author of “Unlocking Your Creativity”

  • Accredited in Public Relations from the Florida Public Relations Association/Universal Accreditation Board

  • Award-winning public relations professional

  • Award-winning professional photographer/selected artist in juried art shows

  • 30+ years’ experience in PR and marketing

  • Entrepreneurial skills as a freelance writer and photographer and founder/president of my own PR business, The PR Czar® Inc.

  • Journalism experience (former TV reporter and currently a contributing magazine writer and photographer)

  • Editing experience

  • Workshop presenter

  • Public speaker

  • Videographer and producer

  • Experience consulting with small and large businesses, corporations, governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations and individuals

  • Innovator (created numerous community outreach and marketing programs in my PR biz)

  • Trained in customer relations

  • Leadership qualities (past president of nonprofit organizational boards and professional associations)

  • Founder/Singer-Songwriter of The Connected Souls Band

  • Co-leader of “Spiritual Coffee House,” a monthly music event at Unity of Stuart

  • Singer/Musician – Joyful Noise Band


I offer a complimentary 30-minute introductory phone session. After that, you may schedule one appointment or select a package that includes multiple monthly sessions. There is no minimum monthly commitment although I have found that clients derive the greatest benefit if they engage in the coaching process for eight to 12 weeks. This allows for continuity, commitment and an opportunity to form new, healthy habits. Sessions will last up to one hour. If you live locally and prefer to meet in person, that can be arranged. Various packages are available and rates depend on which one you choose. Please email or call me for further information.



I currently have openings weekdays and have been known to work weekends if that’s the only schedule that works. Please contact me to discuss a schedule that will work for you. I believe in being flexible if at all possible!


Additional Comments:

I am truly passionate about helping others realize their creative pursuits and dreams. I, myself, was a “closeted singer-songwriter-guitarist” for 28 years before finally emerging from my musical hiding place to perform publicly, which I now do on a regular basis. Had I known about creativity coaching, I know I would have connected with audiences much sooner! I would be honored to have you select me as your creativity coach to support you with your creative endeavors — whatever they might be!

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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