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Jennifer McCord


Creative Process, Creativity, Facilitation, Publishing, Writing


Business Name:

Jennifer McCord Associates LLC



Lake Forest Park, Washington. United States







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Every writer finds a distinctive, individual path in the creative journey. Each author offers a unique voice to the story or idea and each finds an individual path to publication. As a Creativity Coach, my goal is to work with the author to help identify that voice, develop and understand the author’s creative style, life and perspective. The publishing process is complex and often intimidating to writers. I work with authors to keep their imagination flowing, regardless of the uncertain nature of the publishing process. I work with authors to set goals, make plans and commit to a daily schedule, to guide them as they write, help them past the creative hurdles, and the uncertainties of an unfamiliar venue--the publishing marketplace.


My creative coaching approach focuses on empowering writers to discover within themselves the tools, insights, and strength that will allow them to define and reach their creative writing goals. I work closely with clients to develop their own creativity, craft a powerful story, express their unique expertise, and build a rewarding writing career.



Working with writers and helping them to strengthen their creative voices as they write: enabling authors to gain insight and knowledge of their personal writing styles and processes.  To help writers with obstacles in their writing life and facilitating the creative writing to meet the writer’s goals.



You may request a free 30-minute session by phone or by email when: 
• You have read and fully answer the self-assessment questions for Coaching for Writers

• You are ready to take action The only advance preparation required is writing out your responses to the assessment questions below:


Quick Self-Assessment Questions: (to help me know you) The following self-assessment questions are designed to help me begin to know about your creative life, and to assist you to prepare for the next steps. By answering these questions about yourself and your writing, you will also begin to identify ways the coaching process can benefit you:

• What kind of writing are you passionate about? 
• What kind of writing gives you energy? 
• What writing is working well in your writing life? 
• Do you understand your creative process and behavior with regards to your writing life? 
• What factors cause you to doubt your writing and writing life? 
• Can you write about your first writing experience? What worked for you? What did not?

Training and Experience:

Publishing industry consultant, retail book selling, marketing and writer for over 25 years. CCA certified creativity coach.

BA from the University of Washington.

Pricing:please contact me at the email shown above

Availability:Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for phone coaching and e-mail creativity coaching is very flexible. Contact me via email.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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