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Laura Hegfield


All Creativity, As a Spiritual Practice, Awareness, Getting Unstuck, Intuition


Business Name:

Shine the Divine



Amherst, New Hampshire. United States



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Every single one of us is infused with creativity. Divine Sparks are embedded in everyone and everything. As children we could see the splendor of being alive, we were aware of things we now dismiss, believing in our dreams and accessing our imaginations was not something we made time for, it was simply a way of being. It is my whole-hearted belief that: awareness-paying attention to the habits that inhibit our light from shining. clear vision-seeing where in our lives we are on the right path and celebrating this with gratitude. sacred listening-trusting our own intuition …are all steps that allow us to live in wholeness: body, mind, heart and soul. As your coach I will support you as you reveal your sacred spark and realize your creative dreams….breath by breath…moment by moment…step by step.


Methods of Working:

Phone sessions with e-mail support between sessions.



I am a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and Muse Group Leader, an authorized SoulCollage® Facilitator and certified Yoga & Jewish Spirituality Teacher with experience teaching mindfulness meditation and multi-media art classes with an emphasis on connecting creativity and spirituality. I am currently working toward dual certification as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner and PRYT Yoga Teacher. I am always seeking ways grow personally and enhance the services I provide for my clients. These varied skills allow me to be flexible in my approach with each client, tailoring sessions to the client’s unique and often changing needs.


Individual Services:

Here are some of the tools I offer clients: asking small questions and taking kaizen (small, continuous) steps, affirmations & comebacks, mindfulness meditation, mind-sculpting, guided imagery, SoulCollage®, inner-child dialogue, credit reports & gratitude logs, inspirational texts, intuitive painting/drawing, automatic writing, journaling (written and visual) and doodling.



A SoulCollage® Tea Party (for grown-ups)

Three hours of delightful company and creative exploration in the comfort of your own living room. The cost is $300 for up to 5 guests. This includes all the supplies you will need to make 5 cards each plus a free copy of SoulCollage® by Seena Frost for the host.


SoulCollage® Self-Discovery Playshops for Women’s Groups


This practice encourages sacred listening; at the core of SoulCollage® is the belief that everyone is in an expression of the Divine; therefore the wisdom of each member is a gift that will inform the spiritual growth of the whole group. As women, we know that joining together in an intimate circle enriches not only those present, but everyone in our lives we connect with beyond “the circle” as well.


Gathering Sparks Creativity Quest (AKA: Muse Group) Are you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed because you just have too many good ideas and don’t know where to begin...Or are you more likely to get a great start on a creative project and suddenly hit a wall that drains all of the energy out of you? Does a desire for perfection keep you from playing joyfully in your chosen artistic modality? Do you ever wonder why this happens to you and how you might change the patterns you seem to be stuck in? A Gathering Sparks Creativity Quest will provide the information, guidance and essential tools you need to understand the common pitfalls of the creative process by applying the principles of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching. You will learn how to effectively get back in the flow though interactive discussions as well as individual and group exercises. A three-hour introductory workshop will whet your creative appetite and ignite your imagination. A full ten-week quest will offer you a joyful, supportive circle of fellow sojourners and the structure that all free-spirited, rebellious creative folks need.



None at the moment



See Gathering Sparks Creativity Quest listed above.



All of the Playshops and Quests I offer can be expanded into a retreat format.


Training and Experience:

-Certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and Muse Group Leader -Authorized SoulCollage® Facilitator -Certified Yoga & Jewish Spirituality Teacher -Institute for Jewish Spirituality Educator, graduate - Philadelphia College of Textiles and Sciences, BS, Textile Design -Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner and PRYT Yoga Teacher (working toward certification) Write a statement about your training and credentials; you can include your degrees here



Publications Check out my blogs: My personal art and musings. A resource for creative ideas. http://soulcollageforjewishwomen.blogspot.comSoulCollage® through a Jewish woman’s perspective.



Contact me via e-mail for information and pricing of Coaching Packages, Playshops & Quests.



I am currently taking on new clients. I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Additional Comments:

e-mail me today for a free 30 minute coaching session. If you are interested in any of the playshops or quests I offer e-mail me and we can talk about how to bring this into your home, community center, house of worship or studio. Together we can explore the possibilities of half-day, full day or retreat options.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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