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Mary-Alice D. Taylor


Intuitive, identify, obstacles, humor, advocate, sculptor

Business Name:

Gray Lion Consulting. LLC


Atlanta / Smyrna, Georgia




Web Site:


Creativity is our birthright as human beings; it sets us apart from the other creatures of land, sea and sky. Children arrive in the world full of wonder and imagination. For most of us, this spirit is labeled “child’s play” and set aside for left-brain pursuits at an early age. Most of us are also taught that decision-making is dualistic, i.e. this or that, black or white, which limits our possibilities. We also create obstacles by convincing ourselves that we have nothing of value to say or that indulging our imaginations is non-productive. These notions can apply to the seasoned professional as well as the novice.


Creativity coaching is an effective tool for unlocking our right-brains and unleashing a myriad of colors from which to choose. We are set free to boldly share our unique visions and thoughts with the world.


Methods of Working:

Individual work by phone, Skype and/or in person. Email is preferred as follow-up support for these three methods.



We live in a world of dualistic thinking: yes or no, black or white, good or bad. Since we are three-dimensional beings and not two-dimensional, I introduce the discipline of thinking in triads.  Rather than only considering the question of either/or, I introduce the possibility of either/or/foot stool. The third perspective lies not in between the obvious choices, but outside the two-dimensional scale. For example, a small plate can be balanced on two fingers with some effort and dexterity; however, introducing a third finger creates balance and stability. This concept is a useful tool for making choices, which has universal applications.


Individual Services Offered:

Each of us has different needs depending on our unique sensibilities and sensitivities, which require different courses of action. Employing empathic and intuitive listening, I efficiently identify obstacles seen and unseen. Once identified, I ask pertinent questions to help you develop your own answers and solutions. My mission is to walk behind you as you foster your courage to create and take action to attain your goals. This is accomplished with insight, gentle humor and cheerleading during your process.


Training and Experience:

Member: Creativity Coaching Association


BFA, sculpture
Taught youth and continuing education adult classes 
(drawing and sculpture)
Taught foundry class in the degree program
Graduate technical assistant
Participated in group, juried and one-person exhibitions
First runner-up: National competition: Maine State Viet Nam Memorial
Selected Commission: Design and creation of bronze details and installation   of gates at the National City Christian Church, Washington, DC


Ordained minister
Marriage and spiritual counselor
Correspondence course mentor
Served six years as Board of Trustees president of our 501(c))(3) church
Served six years as vice-president
Currently serving second nine year term on the Council of Elders
Contributing editor of church publications
Workshop presenter/facilitator


Proprietor:  Wren Rocks: Design, manufacture and sales of gemstone jewelry


Contributing editor of a quarterly Celtic studies journal


Grant writing: Creative consultant

Served three years on the GA GIA Alumni Assn. Board of Directors
Recipient of the GIA Alumni Leadership Award - Georgia



No charge for the first thirty-minute consultation. $60 US per hour with email follow-up. Three-month packages available. Please contact me for details.



I am self-employed and flexible. Please contact me.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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