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Olga Gonithellis


Music, Performers, Performance Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Artists and mental health



New York, NY. United States


Web Site:



My goal is to embrace my clients' creative nature and help them use it as a powerful tool contributing to their self-esteem and emotional well-being. Having worked as a psychotherapist in a variety of settings I have helped clients work through symptoms of depression, anxiety, poor body image, relationship difficulties and substance abuse. I have experience diagnosing, assessing and treating psychiatric disorders and psychological problems. Having been a songwriter, musician and performer I have a first-hand experience of the obstacles that may arise during a creative journey, the anxiety of performing well and the challenges of a lifestyle that may clash with everyday demands. I hope to help clients feel better, become more productive and find fulfillment in their creative work.


Methods of Working:

I use Skype sessions, individual face-to-face sessions (in NYC), group sessions and workshops/presentations


Individual Services Offered:

Face to face or phone sessions can be very meaningful experiences and are essential in helping you develop insight into your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. During individual sessions we will focus on understanding your presenting problem, underlying causes, the skills and self-awareness tools to help you achieve your goals. You have the option of choosing a package or long-term individual counseling sessions with no set timeline.



I am available for workshops and presentations to large groups in the NYC area. Some examples of workshops center around the following topics:
1) Overcoming stage fright and performance anxiety
2) Developing and maintaining your artist identity
3) Finding meaning and fulfillment through your creative work
4) Understanding how depression and other mood disorders can affect your motivation and creativity


Training and Experience:

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a Masters in Clinical and Counseling Psychology, and have taken Eric Maisel's Advanced Creativity Coaching training course. I have also received a certificate in Performance Psychology: Optimizing Performance with Psychology through the Zur Institute for Continuing Education. I am a member of American Counseling Association, Creativity Coaching Association and Performing Arts Medicine Association.



Please contact me at the email shown above

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