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Alicia Dattner


Actors, All Creativity, Getting Unstuck, Lifestyle coaching, Recovery


Business Name:

Creative Heart Coaching


San Francisco, California. United States



Web Site:


You have a unique gift to offer the world. What if you have an idea of what that gift is, but don't know how to use it or trust it? In a unique process tailored to your goals, visions, and ideals, I can help you bridge the gap between possessing your gifts and talents and expressing them. 

I am called in this life to share what I have learned and applied to my own creative work. Fostering growth in others is a great honor and privilege. I believe each of us is imbued with gifts to share with humanity, and unlocking them brings us a powerful sense of appreciation, value, and connection.

Methods of Working:

I work in-person and by phone.

Individual Services:

My skills range from straight-up life coaching to guided visualization and internal "journeying." I work intuitively with each client, creating unique exercises appropriate to the context. We may talk, use breathwork, different modes of inquiry, movement-centered work, meditation, or acting methods. Each session is an exciting and powerful set of moments that will empower you to break through to your truest, most creative self.



[Laughter, Miracle Grow for the Soul] - [Transforming Your Life with Laughter and Living Your Dreams]

[The See-Saw Effect] - [Finding the Balance between Inner and Outer Work]

[The Human Comedy] - [Optimism and Perspective in Challenging Times]


[The Punchline ] – [A one-woman theatrical show about pursuing one's dreams. ] 

[Eat, Pray, Laugh ] – [ A one-woman theatrical show about traveling in India. ] 

[Money, Art, Sex... God! ] – [A humorous keynote speech about balance and spirituality. ] 

[Getting Stuff Done ] – [A hilarious and poignant parody of time-management seminars. ] 

[The Grand Cosmic Joke: How Humor Heals All Hurts ] – [ A one-woman show about the healing power of humor. ]

Classes:[Laughter Yoga] - [A power-hour of laughter, yogic breathing, and prana-building. Joyful laughter and relating to others!]

[Creativity, Spirituality, and Spirituality] - [A three-hour class that explores your vital energy, opens your well of creativity, and engages your spirit. Bring your artistic instrument for tuning!]


[Laughing Yourself into a New Life!] - [Re-create your "Story" from a place of love] 

[Ready, Set, Laugh!] - [Laugh yourself into a new level of consciousness, experience bliss and well-being, contact and make room for your "current" self from that state, and move back into your life with your heart and your joy.]

Training and Experience:

Alicia's background in interpersonal relations and creativity is extensive. She graduated from Hampshire College with a degree in filmmaking and screenwriting. She subsequently studied for four years in an intensive Progressive Method Acting group with the Rob Reece Actors' Workshop. 

Alicia's life coaching and courseleader training is through TCLT, with Guy Sengstock and Alexis Shepard. She is a graduate of The Arete Experience, The Spirit of Life Institute, and Authentic SF. She is also a member of the professional Association for Applied and Theraputic Humor. 

Alicia has produced award-winning films, lead a circus on a cross-country tour (really!), and recently written a parody of David Allen's book Getting Things Done (about time-management). A skilled performer and speaker, Alicia recently won "Best Female Solo Act" in the San Francisco Fringe Festival. She currently practices (quite imperfectly--which is why it's called a practice) meditation which she finds beneficial in every aspect of life



Publications "Getting Shit Done" - A comical yet inspirational parody of David Allen's cult time-management hit "Getting Things Done." 

"The Punchline" - The DVD of my one-woman-show about standup comedy, pursuing our dreams, and what gets in our way of our dreams. It's funny, poignant, sweet, and triumphant.

Pricing:"Getting Shit Done" is $12.00 from (or $6.00 to download the eBook and save trees) 

"The Punchline" DVD is $20.00


I currently have three spaces open for a weekly group that practices "Creativity, Spirituality, and Sexuality." I also hold weekly Laughter Yoga classes in San Francisco. Please inquire at

Additional Comments:

As an artist and comedian myself, I have direct experience pushing past creative blocks. In my creativity coaching practice, I help artists move beyond creative blocks and support them to access the well of creativity, uniting meaning and money. I support you to be your gift to the world.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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