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  • Is creativity coaching a form of therapy? Are coaches therapists?
    No, this type of creativity coaching is not therapy per se. In many ways, it is related to therapy in that, as coaches, we try to help you understand various aspects of your background that may influence your ability to achieve your goals, such as self-esteem, motivation, intellectual interests, and creative desires. However, unless otherwise stated, most creativity coaches are not trained as therapists and so the work that they do with you in this regard is strictly on a personal level, similar to what a knowledgeable friend might do with you in a deep discussion about your life. However, many creativity coaches bring an extensive knowledge to the coaching sessions regarding how a creative person's life story may have influenced their creative drive, profoundly affecting many elements of their ability to work and achieve goals. They are thus willing to talk about your past and what influence it may had on you, but you might consider that their goal is not to heal you as a therapist does but simply to help you gain a deeper perspective on how your past might influence your creative work.
  • Is creativity coaching the same as life coaching?
    No, not really. People who call themselves life coaches, or who have been certified as a life coach, utilize many of the same skills as a creativity coach to get to know and help you. However, life coaches are not as specifically trained or knowledgeable about working with artists, writers, and other creative professions as creativity coaches. As creativity coaches, we have been specially trained to deal with the issues that creative work often brings up: where to find ideas, how to decide what idea to work on, how to develop an idea, how to market creative work, how to find an artistic community, and so on. You may want to consult with a life coach, in addition to one of us, but if your issues are largely focused on enhancing and optimizing your creative work (writing, painting, screenwriting, poetry, pottery, dance, music, etc), then we are the type of coach you truly want.
  • Do creativity coaches specialize?
    Most creativity coaches are able to work with artists in all types of work, focusing on the "creative process" rather than the specific nature of your art. However, many coaches also specialize or have particular expertise, which can be a specific art -- such as writing, painting, or music -- or a specific aspect of creativity -- such as getting unstuck, self-esteem, dealing with your inner critic, and so on. On our Find a Coach Full Profile pages, you will see the top five issues that each coach specializes in.
  • Do creativity coaches act as "agents" to help me sell my work?"
    No, coaches are not agents or managers, and there are many differences. Our goal is to help you find your creative "vein of gold" as it is often called. We work with you to help you understand your creative urges, find your voice, and produce your best work. We do not get involved in getting your book published or representing you to a gallery or publishing house or producer. Yes, we may know some agents, producers, and gallery owners that we refer to you indirectly, but we do not legally represent you as an agent or manager does. We do not take a cut of your sales as agents or managers do.
  • Are creativity coaches certified?
    Yes, increasingly, coaches are certified by the Creativity Coaching Association. Click here for more details about the certification program if you are interested in becoming a certified coach.
  • What issues can coaches help me with?
    Coaches can help artists, writers, inventors, and many creative people explore their creative urges and achieve much more effective results. We work with you to help you learn how to discover new ideas inside yourself, how to work "deeply" and authentically rather than superficially, how to explore new techniques of working, how to begin a project with commitment, how to work and stay working even when your inside voice tells you to stop, how to overcome many of the common psychological and personal blocks that prevent you from doing your best work, and how to complete projects and prepare yourself to show them to the outside world. There's even more we can do for you, so please email us if you have specific questions about a concern or issue that you are facing and we will tell you how any of the many coaches who are members of our association can work with you to understand or overcome it.
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