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Thank you for your interest in joining the Creativity Coaching Association. Joining is not necessary for those who are seeking to find a coach. You may want to join if you are already a practicing coach or are seeking to become a creativity coach.

Join the Creativity Coaching Association

Join the Creativity Coaching Association

CCA is a professional organization for people interested in working with others on developing and enhancing artistic and personal creativity in any domain. If you already are or want to become a creativity coach, life coach, executive coach, business coach, writing or arts instructor, teacher, therapist, agent, manager, producer, becoming a member of the Association can enhance your reputation and help you attract clients.

The goals of CCA are, in brief, to help member coaches build their practices, connect with other coaches, provide members with an image of cohesion and professionalism, and publicize the profession of creativity coaching to the general public.

Your annual membership in the Creativity Coaching Association has numerous benefits, which will grow over time as we develop new programs and advantages for coach-members. At this time, your membership entitles you to the following benefits:

Customer Referrals

Gain new customers & referrals through the CCA online membership directory. A CCA standard template is provided for your convenience.

Member Newsletter

Member Newsletters increase knowledge through sharing best practices and newsworthy information in field of creativity through the Monthly CCA Newsletter.

Dedicated CCA Website

Dedicated CCA Website provides access for up-to-date CCA activities, members’ events and reference materials.

CCA Logo

CCA Logo adds value and additional credibility through affiliation with a recognized organization in professional field. The logo is available in color and in b/w formats. You can use it on your website, business cards and stationery.

Professional Development

Professional Development advanced through the completion of Creativity Coaching Association Coach Certification Program. You are eligible to continue your training in order to become a Certified Creativity Coach under the auspices of the Creativity Coaching Association. This will be online/telecourse training that does not require residency or in-person appearance. This certification is earned by fulfilling a range of requirements and classes that are conducted over the Internet and by phone. No in-person time is required. The program can be completed in approximately 12-18 months.

Improve Coaching Skills

Improve Coaching Skills through exclusive invitations to CCA sponsored professional creativity coaching courses/workshops.

Membership Perks

CCA Membership Plans

We intend to grow the Association and make it a vital resource for creativity coaches. Our commitment to members is that we are here to serve your business needs and to help you succeed in your practice.​

Creativity Coaching Association Membership
Creativity Coaching Association Membership
Creativity Coaching Association Membership

Alternatively, you can send a check for the correct amount of your membership (depending on how many years you want to pay for). Make your check payable to the Creativity Coaching Association and mail it to:


Creativity Coaching Association
c/o Heath Down
P.O. Box 523
Placerville, Colorado 81430


I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Heath Down 
President & CEO

Membership Plans
Alternative Payment Methods
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