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Annie Baillargeon Fortin


1. Creativity, innovation and change 
2. writing and theater as tools for change 
3. Creative leadership

4. Creative coaching for entrepreneurs, people with an artistic or creative profile and small, innovative organizations


Business Name:

Annie Baillargeon Fortin


Montreal / Longueuil, Quebec (Canada)





Web Site:


For me, creativity is the way to feel more optimistic, human and alive.

Methods of Working:

Individual coaching (in person or online) 
Workshops (in person or online) 
More academic courses


I studied change processes and creativity during my master's degree. I teach at the University in these same fields. I am also a trainer for organizations and SMEs. I accompany entrepreneurs, craftspeople and any other person interested in creativity in their professional life or their personal, artistic projects.


Individual Services:

Workshops, coaching via discussions, theater or writing exercises



Creativity and Change Processes Creative 
Leadership Creative 
Processes for Artists

Classes Offered:
"Creativity and animation" 
"Change for social innovation"


Talks Offered:

For me, creativity should be seen as a way of life "



Reconnect with creativity Inclusion through theater / Reconnecting with creativity. The inclusion through theater:

CRéMIS review, vol 2, no2, spring 2009, p.33-35.

JEU Theater Review, no. 130, January 2009, p.148-151.


Training and Experience:

I have a Master's degree in Arts and Communication from UQAM. 
For the past five years, I have been teaching UQAM courses on creativity, animation, innovation and change. 

I also have a certificate in creative writing. I offer creative services to groups, individuals and small organizations who want to better understand their creativity, their processes, unlock the brakes and optimize their spontaneous use.



Contact me for more information



I have places available for people who work with their creative sense mainly, cultural organizations and entrepreneurs.

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