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Aurore Leigh Barrett


Business Planning & Marketing, Coach Actors-Writers-Musicians, Learning to Dress for Success, Living

Business Name:

Solid Gold Prosperity


Las Vegas, Nevada. United States




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Creativity is a very misunderstood word. Being creative is something that all human beings are – but most are unable to develop their creativity which would allow them to live a more open and fulfilled life. My goal. as a Creativity Coach, is to open the avenues within a client’s life and help them bring forth their “magic”.

Methods of Working:

Workshops, Seminars, One on One Training - through e-mail, telephone, or in-person.


I am a life coach, a mystic, writer, minister, healer, and spiritual director, having taught and counseled for over thirty years. During those years I have developed many programs to help people live their lives to the fullest, that is to live their life as life is intended to be lived. I am the author of several books of poetry and meditations, a creativity coach, a grief and bereavement counselor, and a Celtic Scholar. I am dedicated to supporting creative individuals, with busy lifestyles, to find their muse.

Individual Services:

Creativity affects every aspect of our lives. We are all born with the creativity gift but this gift is too often stifled by our parents or schools that want us to stay within the lines, instead moving out to develop our own way and our own “dreamz”. Frank Sinatra’s song - “My Way” - sums up my own life and my method of working. I help my clients learn to live their “dreamz” – to move toward a more creative productive life – and to learn how to set goals, organize, and create the enchanted and magical life they want for themselves.


CREATIVITY MUST HAVE PASSION - "Major life events can paralyze your creativity. If you uncover what's going on behind the 'big picture,' though, you can bring yourself back into being in the moment and loving your life." -Guillermo Cuellar

AGE IS ONLY IN THE MIND - “People who stop thinking and feeling young tend to be rigid in their approach to life and that’s not what creativity, growth, and personal development is all about.” - Richard Branson

CASE – Chairing and Speaking Effectively- Enhance Your Career and Build Your Business Through Public Speaking

STAR – Seminar Training and Results – “Successful people engage that creative part of their minds and ask, "Well, I wonder how else I can look at this problem? I wonder how else I could deal with this decision? I wonder what other possibilities I have there?"- -Jim Rohn

BBF - Business Break Forums – Learn how to build your business and network effectively.

STYLE – Dressing Well and Looking Great on a Budget – “Fix yourself up whenever you leave the house, if only out of politeness. Who knows, this may be the day you have a date with destiny, and it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny” – Coco Chanel

DREAMZ – There is power in dreaming – “It doesn’t cost anything to dream, so dream BIG! You get nowhere unless you create big dreams.” Donald Trump

CREATING A POSITIVE FAMILY – “Families that are happy and fulfilled, bring about children that will live productive and positive lives.” Aurore Leigh Barrett


Titles of a few of the most popular subjects: “Creativity Is Everywhere” 
“The Knocking You Hear is Only My Knees” 
Public Speaking “Find Your Passion” 
Living a Life of Joy “Journaling, a Positive Way to Create Your Life” 
“Creating a Positive Family

Training and Experience:

I have a Master of Divinity Degree and a PhD in Philosophy – Integrative Spirituality. My continuing education has been in the field of Creativity Coaching – various study programs with Eric Maisel; “The Oracle of the Talking Stick” Relationships, Communication and Intimacy Courses in the Lynn V. Andrews Mystery School; studied acting with Jeff Corey; and courses related to Celtic Studies, Spirituality/Meditation and Contemplative Prayer. Besides being a Creativity Coach, I am also a Grief and Marriage Counselor, and a Marketing/Business Planning Trainer.


Traditional Coaching Session are once a week for 45 to 60 minutes. More than once a week is possible if client feels this is necessary. Please contact me at the e-mail shown above – explaining why coaching is important to you, in what type of creativity you are involved, and how you would like the coaching to proceed – in person, e-mail, telephone, or?


I am available on an individual basis or for group workshops. Also, as a seminar speaker or keynote speaker.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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