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Barbara Millman Cole


Creativity as a way of life, Meaning through creativity, Moving Clients Forward, Self-Awareness

Business Name:

Move into Creativity Coaching


Northern California, California. United States



I believe creativity is a universal given. Any one can live a creative life. Whether we put obstacles in our own path or others hinder our growth, it is up to us to find a way around those limitations and move forward in a positive light.

Methods of Working:

I offer individual in-person coaching (location permitting), phone coaching and e-mail coaching.


Coaching is unlike therapy in that the client seeking help is already at a point of wanting change. As a coach, I help guide, show by example, and help you identify the direction in which you want to take your creative work. I encourage, I act as a sounding board and I ask questions to help you more fully discover what it is you are trying to accomplish. I do not do the work for you. Rather, through a process of helping you to be more aware of yourself as a creative person, I help find ways for you to learn to do the work yourself.


As a coach, I listen, encourage forward thinking, and help your begin on your creative path. My strength is in helping others reframe and/or process what is happening in their lives.


Find purpose, discover meaning and know the message you wish to share to gain inner balance and connect with others. True creativity begins with intention. Learn to hear the whisperings of your creative soul and trust in your intuition.


I provide guidance through my own writings on the stages in the process of creating, as well as through suggested related materials.


I follow international coaching standards in encouraging you to do the ground work necessary to help you form your own creative life.


Know why you want to create, so you can know what you want to create.


As a Creativity Coach I help you learn to self-motivate, organize and maintain a creative life. I model a proactive and positive attitude.


Through creativity coaching, you will find support, encouragement and progress.

Individual Services:

I tailor each coaching experience to the individual. My methods include exploring meaning through thought, intuition, and discussion; setting goals, making plans and organizing time; forming habits, becoming self aware and modifying self-talk.


I help you find ways to be conscious and be consistent so you can be creative. My goal is to teach you to become self-sufficient in whatever creative medium you work.


I have worked with artists from many disciplines and find my individually tailored coaching works for all.


Move into Creativity: A Path to Finding Ways to Realize Your Creative Dreams


This workshop is a three hour walk around a beautiful lake (in the East Bay outside San Francisco) to discover your creative path. Weather you have a project in mind, under way or not yet decided upon, this workshop will help you focus, explore and begin. Using writing, sketching and movement along with guided visualization, we will walk, talk and muse together. Discover your best attributes. Still your mind. Be present in mind, body and spirit. Tap into your intuitive visions.


Purpose, Meaning and Message: Know Why You Want to Create, so You can Know What you Want to Create


This is a 45 minute talk and discussion about finding your purpose, defining meaning in your work and forming your message to convey your ideas to others. Exploring your motives, or purpose, so you can know clearly why you want to create and what you want to say through that creation helps you to define and focus your meaning, which gives you direction in how to present your message. Three very similar words, but on three distinct levels – they have subtly different definitions.


Move into Creativity: Writing your story as memoir or fiction.


Eight week course on choosing what to write by asking yourself questions and going deep to find the story you are meant to tell. We all have stories, but the best stories are those that dive below the surface to reach the tale’s core essence where one finds its unique voice, yet universal appeal. Movement, guided visualization, meditation and metaphorical analogy are used to draw out individual’s memories and stories. (In development stage)


Training and Experience:

I am a writer, editor and creativity coach with a background in creative short fiction writing, feature story writing and anthropology. I am a member of the Creativity Coaching Association and a CCA certification candidate. Currently, I write articles for Creativity Calling (the CCA Newsletter), Brief Meditations for Avalon Newsletter, and Short Literary Fiction.


I am a life-long lover of the arts. From my earliest memories, I recall the joy of creating. Be it making mud pies, swimming in finger paint, or designing double-decker sandwiches, I love the act of building and sharing something that is all my own.


Rather than pursue an art degree, however, I studied Anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis and traveled for years with my Anthropologist husband. During these rootless times, I packed a dozen writing books which I had bought from the Washington University bookstore and began my journey as a writer. I wrote human interest articles for The Jakarta Post and edited the English edition of Suara Alam (Voice of Nature) Magazine for many years.


Children and transitions to Washington , D.C. , back to Indonesia and finally to San Francisco interrupted this journey, but did not stop it. I still write today, but my voice has changed. Now I write inspirational messages on creativity and memoir-based Short Literary Fiction, some of which have earned me awards.


Having had a natural affinity for helping others, a social talent as my sister calls it, I thought often of doing work where I could put my listening skills to good use. Life coaching caught my eye and in the process of researching programs, creativity coaching crossed my path. After listening to an inspiring two hour session on deep writing by Eric Maisel, I was hooked. "I thought, Here is the field where I can put my two great loves together."



Individual Coaching Rates:Individual Coaching Rates:

Contact for details.

I ask for a minimum commitment of 12 weeks to begin. Individual Coaching Rates:

I ask for a minimum commitment of 12 weeks to begin.

(My experience is that change occurs in a minimum 3-month time frame.)


I currently have openings for individual clients.

Additional Comments:

All communication between coach and client is confidential.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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