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Bonnie Perry

Business Name:

Awakening Wisdom and Whimsy



Cape Cod, Massachusetts. United States




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Each of us is Divinely Creative. By tapping into that creative part of ourselves, we not only produce works of art in all forms - "Official" and Unofficial," but also enhance the meaning and quality of our life as well as that of others. Creativity is innate and is can be fostered and nurtured with Love and through Spirit. Self-expression is a natural urge and a key element in creating a meaningful life and fulfilling life. By exploring the internal - our inner selves - we are able to express to the outer world in a meaningful, productive and joyous way. Getting the creative work done in a life-enhancing manner brings a natural joy.


Methods of Working:

Phone, Skype, In-person and Email. Skype creates a personal, visual experience. Email support and communication between calls is welcomed and encouraged.

Specializations:My passion is the Spiritual Dimension of Creativity. I have a Master's Degree in Transpersonal Studies with a focus in Creativity. I also am a certified practitioner of Integrated Imagery, a form of Past-Life Regression based on the theories of Carl Jung. I assist creators of all types in getting the work done in a life enhancing way - balancing Doing and Being.

Individual Services:

I consider myself a Mid-wife of Possibilities and joyfully collaborate with creators of all types in exploring and nurturing their creative lives. My goal is to meet each person where they are and to assist to them step-by-step in:
Gaining clarity about where they are and where they want to go
Enlivening their dreams and desires
Achieving results which nurture their personal and professional life
Overcome barriers to living their creative life fully
Improving time-management
Developing understanding and skills in marketing art
Create a meaningful and at the same time productive creative life
Creating in a way that nurtures their overall wellbeing



Calling in Your Muse -
Ignite and Nurture Your Creative Spark
Using Transformative Processes
Fishing Dreams for Inspiration -
Learn to tap into your dreams for material and inspiration.
Meditating to Enhance the Creative Process -
Develop a practice of quieting the mind
Integrated Imagery to Enliven Abilities -
Look into past lives to discover and enhance natural talents, gifts and abilities
Memory Divination for Creative Solutions -
Learn to use your own memories as means of discovery
The Magical Art of Manifesting -
Identifying and making dreams come true
Inspired Writing/ Inspired Creating -
Tap into your your Higher Self as a means of creating from the heart and soul



Calling in Your Muse -
Ignite and Nurture Your Creative Spark
Unleash Your Wild Woman -
Recognize the value of tapping into your Inner Wild Woman and Learn how to balance her in a way that nurtures your creative life
Let's Look Procrastination in the Eye-
How to get going and not fall into the time trap of procrastination



Nurturing Your Inner Life -
Using Meditation and Dreams to enhance your creativity



By request. Cape Cod is a lovely place.


Training and Experience:

My education:
Master's Degree in Transpersonal Studies with a focus in Creativity from Atlantic University
BA - Lesley University - Business Management
Certified - Integrated Imagery
Certified Hypnotherapist
20+ years in the Business World
Co-owner of Art Gallery
Glass Artist and Writer
Working toward certification in Creative Coaching with the CCA
Member of the Creative Coaching Association

PublicationsMy Sacred Journey to Avalon.
Other articles and poetry writing have been published in Venture Inward Magazine, the Tor, and



Please call or email me for details.
Monthly Packages are available.



I am currently taking on new clients and am available for workshops or presentations.


Additional Comments:

Imagination + Intuition = Insights and Illumination!

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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