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Brecia Kralovic-Logan


Craft & Fiber artists, Empty Nest Creative Emergence, Exploring Creative Self


Business Name:

pebble in the pond art studio



Santa Barbara, California. United States





(805) 896-3287


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I believe that creativity is an expression of our true self and that living from that centered place inside of us truly satisfies our soul. Our creative work is essential for creating connection, community and wholeness. I love to work with women who want to explore their passion, originality and natural development as a creative individual.

As a coach I offer a safe space in which I guide, encourage, support and celebrate your unfolding. I am committed to fostering and witnessing your process of turning inward to access your natural authentic knowing and claim your inner wisdom as a center point for a spirited, passionate and joyously creative life.


Methods of Working:

I work with people individually in person, by phone, and by email. I also offer coaching groups at my studio and by phone.

I offer creative art workshops that focus on developing creativity through fiber art techniques such as knitting, weaving, felting and basketry.



As a fiber artist, art educator and parent I have been fostering and witnessing the individual experience of the creative process in people of all ages for over 30 years. I specialize in helping artists who want to develop their full creative potential, and women who are newly exploring their creativity. Now that my own 3 children have gone off to college, I love to work with women who find themselves open to new creative possibilities after raising their families.


I love using fiber art techniques as a metaphor for creating wholeness, and adding color and texture in our lives. The rich language associated with working with our hands to create cloth, speaks to soul in a powerful way.


Individual Services:

In coaching, I listen deeply and compassionately to each individual. By asking powerful questions, I help them to clarify their creative intentions. We may use visualizations, guided imagery, awareness exercises, affirmations, journaling, art, directed self-talk, and gratitude practices. We may also work with time and space structuring and management, action plans, accountability and support systems.


I offer support, encouragement and guidance as my clients explore their own creative process and access their own inner wisdom. I help my clients to move toward manifesting the ideas that have been stirring inside of them, providing a safe space for them to stretch and grow and to celebrate their accomplishments.



Creative SPIRAL: Spirited, Passionate, Intuitive, Real, Authentic Living

This 5 week creativity workshop is designed to help you clarify your creative vision, set intentions centered in your unique spirit, bring awareness to limiting beliefs, structure your time and space for success, and manifest your goals. Includes individual coaching sessions and on going support groups.




Creative SPIRAL:

Spirited, Passionate, Intuitive, Real, Authentic Living
A quick taste of what the creative process involves.



Heart and Hands series- Exploring personal creative development through fiber arts. These classes are designed to support the creative process through working with your hands and listening to your heart. Take one class or the whole series. Individual coaching is included in the series package.


Creativity Deeply Felt-
Centering on Silk
Baskets Full of Dreams
Weaving Your Way
One Stitch at a Time

Creative Knitting- using your natural, authentic knowing to explore and discover your unique personal style.

This class uses creative knitting techniques to explore your individual passions and spirit.



Check my web site for upcoming one day creativity retreats at pebble in the pond art studio.


Training and Experience:

As a life long learner I have had the opportunity to study in a variety of settings. Here is a selection from my training background.


CCA Certified Creativity Coach
Meaning Coaching training with Dr. Eric Maisel
Graduate work in Depth Psychology, Pacifica Grad Institute
Adult Education Credential, Santa Barbara City College
Master’s degree in Special Education, University of San Diego
BA degree in Psychology


Extensive training in dance, and fiber art including course work in New York, London, Kyoto, Vancouver, and through out the United States with renown artists in their fields.

Over the years, I have had the joy and challenge of developing and administrating educational programs, several small businesses and a variety of community art programs.

I enjoyed 20 years as an artist in residence teaching creative movement/dance; 15 years developing Fiber Art curriculum and programs, and creating, teaching and exhibiting fiber art; and 22 years (and counting) raising 3 amazing individuals.

I’m a member of the Creativity Coaching Association, the Arts and Healing Network, the American Craft Council, The Handweavers Guild of America, The National Needlework Association, The Knitting Guild of America, The National Basketry Organization, and many other national and regional art organizations. Please visit my web site for a complete listing.



Walls and Windows, If Love Hurts a publication of the Domestic Violence Solutions Santa Barbara


As You Love Yourself…, Between Literary Review: The Divine Feminine, Pacifica Grad Institute



I offer a variety of coaching opportunities for individuals and groups. Please check my web site for a complete listing or contact me at



I currently have space available for individual coaching clients And for Creative SPIRAL workshop groups.


Additional Comments:

I have personally experienced the wonderful ways that being coached supports an evolving creative life. As a highly independent person I felt as though I should be able to create the life I aspired to live. I became a self-help expert- reading hundreds of wonderful books and achieving some very satisfying successes. When other successful women I knew began to recommend coaching, I was hesitant to jump on board. After all, my mantra was to live by my own natural authentic knowing and to look inward for guidance. I finally decided to work with a coach when I felt stuck and began to doubt my ability to move forward toward the vision I had created for myself. Coaching turned out to be a wonderful gift I gave myself. Coaching provided the support I needed to move beyond my self-doubt, to reclaim my own power for creating the life I want and to rekindle a deep connection with my own spirit.


Now as your coach, I offer you that kind of support. I know that you are the creator of your own life and am here to remind you to trust yourself and the connection you have with your own individual spirit. Claim your power to create the life that YOU want. I’d love to be of service.

Still have questions? See our Creativity Coach FAQ's
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